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  1. Wait wait so your using a coach that had already won a national title and one that was actively being courted by 2 NFL teams as your reference to Rhule? They aren't even close in comparison and it's hilarious that you think the situations are similar. Rhule would suck, but you can go and try to convince yourself the store brand tissues are as good as Kleenex.
  2. Can't wait for the explanation of Rhule is going to turn this around. Hiring fired guys doesn't work very well. Do not care if it's freon the NFL or not. No he's not the next Pete Carroll.
  3. Well they are going to the win west so they will be fine
  4. How absolutely incompetent the coaches are after they put Tommi Hill back on the field. And how incredibly awful thre rest of the players at that position are if that is who you are starting.
  5. Frost was a way bigger butthole then Bo ever was. At least he had accountability.
  6. Ya this same story is all over only with different coaches and or university reps. I was at bowling last night and heard the same thing with 2 different coaches, and it was the exact same. Went to state to recruit, got drunk, player didn't come. Was in Scott, in Arizona, with a margherita, with Raolia. Or was Rudd in .. blah with blah. It's like that game clue, Was Scotty in the closet at country club, with a knife! From your brother through a mother, I'm sure there was about 5 more degrees in there but sure bud. No one cares if you don't have any reason not to believe. The question is if you really should.
  7. Lol this is the exact same story told with 6 different coaches with 6 different recruits in 6 different states. That is why I know it's BS. It's like telephone where the state, coach, name of recruit, and alcohol of choice change but the story is the same. Systematic problems maybe do exist but this is laughable.
  8. I think this is more of along the lines of if you don't want to talk to frat boy Davison then you don't have too. Any of Frosts support people can be dismissed at any time.
  9. These threads are so dumb with people thinking that this is even remotely possible. These should be deleted
  10. His accuracy are because he isn't that good. He also already reinjured the hand. People need to come to grips with the fact that he is a mediocre quarterback that was replaced for a freshman at a different school. Unless he beats Oklahoma then he's great and I take back everything.
  11. They have the better head coach
  12. Everything you wrote here is controllable by Scott Frost
  13. I made no statement either way on how I feel. Frost should have been fired last year. I just found it hilarious on how you just randomly pulled this entire thing out of thin air. Watch I can do it to. Ervin will be the number 2 back and ascend to number one by the Oklahoma game. The defense will be in the top 10 in passing efficiency in the nation based off of what I saw on the Twitter. I am glad you can read though. I wouldn't have come to that conclusion on a text message board. They probably will suck. Frost isn't a good coach so far and turning it into a success is borderline impossible. The odds are in the favor of them being terrible.
  14. Dude you didn't get to watch it. That is an incredibly in depth opinion for something based on what coaches say after and tictok videos from the scrimmage.
  15. Well it already has after they gave away tickets last year to make it a "sell out "
  16. 6 - 6 and Frost should absolutely be fired the day after the season. He will be playing in a 75 percent stadium at that point
  17. Our coaches evaluation techniques have been incredibly under whelming, their hit ratio is beyond terrible. The record shows that, and no we weren't better then our record.
  18. Better linemen in the big ten. And no he is not good enough.
  19. Yep read it wrong, but my explanation still stands just the opposite. I must have read switched those in my brain
  20. Minus money you have to bet 140 to win 100. So you lay 140, payput is 240. Plus is opposite so lay 100 to win 500. So 100 would pay you back 600. So they are saying it's more likely Nebraska will have 7 wins then 8 wins so you have to pay a "premium" of that to make that bet. You get a premium on the over as they deem that is the lesser scenario. Nebraska wins 10 games is 5-1 odds bet. Which in my opinion is horrible odds and wouldn't lay a dime on that. A 5-1 horse in any horse race has a better chance to win then Nebraska winning 10 games.
  21. I'm sure they won't hit on the most sophisticated PED program in the entire country.
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