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  1. Nice "forst" post! Welcome to the board! No issues with your post. I think what he meant to say was "Frost".
  2. Took this from Nick Verlaney's blog over at ShownTheRedCard.com. Read the rest of the story here feel free to be part of this discussion: http://showntheredca...rogram-1072012/
  3. Haha, makes me want to go re-watch the game to find the "un-ties" lol. Who does that????
  4. Video from crash and audio from the 9-1-1 call made by Suh: http://www.kgw.com/video/featured-videos/Suh-calls-9-1-1-about-his-crash-135052718.html
  5. Copy of the original & amended police reports: http://images.bimedi...t-kgw120511.pdf
  6. if you're talking about starters not coming back next year then this list is kinda misleading, the two players I underlined played a lot early in the season but their PT was practically non existent once conference play started, Toussaint took over for Shaw and Hopkins took over for McColgen once he got out of the early season doghouse (he was suspended for the season opener and fumbled on the 1 yard line against ND), the number should actually be 4, the three losses on the DL will hurt the most imo, Woolfolk pretty much split time with Thomas Gordon at safety, I preferred Gordon because he was a turnover magnet compared to Woolfolk, we basically have 8 returning starters on defense so the number on defense should probably be 3... next year our defense will probably be just about the same as this year because the improvement from the back 7 will be offset by the losses of our top 3 defensive linemen and we are thin there right now, ee improved a lot on defense this year so I'll take it, it's much better than last year, 2010 total defense...110th (450 ypg)...> this year 16th (317 ypg)...2010 scoring defense...108th (35 ppg)...> this year 9th (17 ppg)... I didn't know that, thanks for the input. Yeah, your defense has drastically improved this season. I re-watched the Michigan vs Ohio State game last night and the D line was pretty good overall. Just might be our toughest game of the year and it's in Lincoln!
  7. We have a chance at a 10 win season... In a brand new conference. The only reason to be disappointed is the Northwestern game IMO.
  8. Another good point. I don't think any huskers would qualify there. I can definitely see some Penn State and Ohio State players leaving early, maybe Wiscy too.
  9. I'm right there with you. Possibly 11. How do you feel about Wiscy next year? Basically I see this whole year as a development time.... on defense. Now on offense that's a good point. Haha, it was too good of a topic to pass on. I like hearing different perspectives. Oh we have the talent. Just haven't seen it in action yet. The Tat-Gate/Tressel Cover Up thingy. Yes we will. It will be interesting to see what happens on the D-Line, specifically at the DT position. Thanks, Had a little bit of time at work for a little Husker research. Hmmmmm. Marrow. I forgot about him lol.
  10. Many are saying next year will be just as tough as this year for us. Similar rough schedule, Urban Meyer's takeover at tOSU, Player transfer rumors, "Pelini on hot seat rumors", "Pelini leaving for ______ rumors"... BLAH BLAH BLAH etc... We lose 3 All-Americans on defense..... I just don't see it as big of an issue as everyone is making it out to be. Yeah, you could argue by saying losing Lavonte David is equivalent to losing 2 or 3 players, although the way he came in and accomplished what he did as a 6 ft 210 lb JuCo linebacker in the short amount of time he was given gives me confidence we will find a replacement for him. At the beginning of the year I remember Pelini saying he was confident in his defense and for once he felt we've built a trustworthy 2-deep of depth and I would agree. They are still young and developing which means they can only get better. Nebraska has 6 starters graduating after this year. Kinnie doesn't count as he didn't start many games and unfortunately isn't a big loss for us. Nebraska (2 Offense, 4 Defense) OT Jamarcus Hardrick, C Mike Caputo, S Austin Cassidy, CB Alfonzo Dennard, LB Lavonte David, DT Jered Crick Now look at the rest of the conference: Ohio State (4 Offense, 0 Defense) (Head Coaching Change after recruiting scandal) RB Dan Herron, C Michael Brewster, OT Mike Adams, OT J.B. Shugarts Penn State (7 Offense, 6 Defense) (Head Coaching change after sex abuse scandal) WR Derek Moye, FB Joe Suhey, OT Quinn Barham, OG Johnnie Troutman, OG DeOn'Tae Pannell, OT Chima Okoli, TE Andrew Sczcerba, DE Jack Crawford, CB D'Anton Lynn, CB Chaz Powell, S Nick Sukay, S Drew Astorino, DT Devon Still Wisconsin (7 Offense, 5 Defense, 2 Special Teams) QB Russell Wilson, G Kevin Zeitler, FB Bradie Ewing, K Philip Welch, P Brad Nortman, WR Nick Toon, TE Jake Byrne, T Jake Ogelsby, G Kevin Zeitler, DE Louis Nzegwu, DT Patrick Butrym, LB Kevin Claxton, CB Antonio Fenelus, S Aaron Henry Michigan State (6 Offense, 1 Defense) QB Kirk Cousins, FB Todd Anderson, WR B.J. Cunningham, WR Keshawn Martin, G Joel Forman, S Trenton Robinson, QB/WR Keith Nichol* Michigan (6 Offense, 4 Defense, 1 Special Teams) (2nd year Head Coach) C David Molk, RB Michael Shaw, FB John McColgen, WR Junior Hemmingway, TE Kevin Koger, OT Mark Huyge, DE Will Heininger, DT Mike Martin, DT Ryan Van Bergen, CB Troy Woofork, LS Tom Pomarico Illinois (4 Offense, 3 Defense, 1 Special Teams) OT Jeff Allen, K Derek Dimke, RB Jason Ford, WR A.J. Jenkins, G Jack Cornell, LB Trulon Henry, LB Ian Thomas, CB Tavon Wilson Northwestern (6 Offense, 6 Defense) QB Dan Persa, DE Vince Browne, RB Jacob Schmidt, WR Jeremy Ebert, HB Drake Dunsmore, OT Al Netter, G Ben Burkett, DT Mike Mafuli, DT Jack DiNardo, CB Jordan Mabin, CB Jaravin Matthews, S Brian Peters Iowa (3 Offense, 6 Defense, 1 Special Teams) CB Shaun Prater, WR Marvin McNutt, OT Markus Zusevics, G Adam Gettis, DE Broderick Binns, DT Mike Daniels, DT Thomas Nardo, LB Tyler Nielsen, S Jordan Bernstine, P Eric Guthrie Minnesota (7 Offense, 6 Defense) (Second Year Head Coach) RB Duane Bennett, WR Da'Jon McKnight, FB Eric Lair, TE Colin McGarry, G Chris Bunders, G Ryan Orton, C Ryan Wynn, DT Anthony Jacobs, DT Brandon Kirksey, LB Gary Tinsley, CB Troy Staudermire, S Shady Salamon, S Kim Royston Indiana (3 Offense, 2 Defense, 3 Special Teams) (Second Year Head Coach) TE Max Dedmond, OT Andrew McDonald, OT Justin Pagan, LB Leon Beckum, LB Jeff Thomas, LS John Finch, K Carson Wiggs, PR W. Gravesande Purdue (3 Offense, 4 Defense) WR Justin Siller, OT Dennis Kelly, G Nick Mondek, DE Gerald Gooden, LB Joe Holland, S Albert Evans, S Logan Link IMO, I think Nebraska has an advantage over every team in the B1G when it comes to returning starters. Throw in the fact that our bench players are getting more and more hungry for playing time. Our Redshirt Sophomore QB is starting to develop as a game manager and with the amount of playing time he has gotten this year, can you imagine him next year!? And that Rex Burkhead guy. I know he wants to win more than anyone. Having him as a leader/role model to all of the younger players will only ignite the fire even more. Everyone will want to emulate the way he played the game with a "Never Give Up" attitude. The only other B1G school with more returning starters than us will be Ohio State... But will they be able to keep their heads high after a disappointing 6-6 regular season and a new head coach? It won't be a cakewalk for us but from the way it looks to me, we should be more optimistic of our team... I foresee great results next year. 2nd times a charm?
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