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Fourth quarter rally on our hands for the Heisman?

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Folks, I hesitate to get any hopes up and have them dashed (like so many times these past few seasons), but I am RIGHT NOW betting it ALL on RED that SSSSUUUUUHHHHHH is about to pull a one man upset of the Hypesman Trophy and shock the world of college football into their senses forever!


Stiffarmtrophy.com is planning to make their final projection sometime Friday (Saturday morning at the latest if it stays so statistically close), but right now they have Suh and Gerhart tied for second and both closely within the statistical margin of error of overtaking Ingram for the lead!


My BOLD prediction at this point:


Stiffarmtrophy.com will project Ingram to win, but Suh will shock the college football world and pull off one of the most monumental upsets in college football history on Saturday night (paving the way for future pure defensive players and/or players not on BCS championship contending teams to win the Hypesman in the future-- and making this the first time in the eight years of stiffarmtrophy.com projections that they got it wrong).


Why am I betting the whole hog and the farm on this?


1) Because the race is so statistically close right now on stiffarmtrophy.com (possibly resulting in the closest 3 way race for the HT in a long time, maybe ever).

2) Because it looks to me like whoever wrote the official press release subconsciously screwed up and wrote that Suh "will be" the fourth Husker to win the HT. The press release was corrected to say "would be" within 24 hours after it was released, but it was too late. (If true, I can only imagine the DEFCON 5 alert that went out to the writer, editors, website content manager, project manager, etc. when they realized that they inadvertently leaked the winner on the official website press release announcing the finalists!).


Is it possible that we've got a fourth quarter rally on our hands for the Heisman?

I can almost hear the TV game announcers screaming in excitement as the final seconds tick away on a fourth and goal as SUH lines up ALONE against an offense that includes Ingram AND Gerhart AND McCoy AND Tee-Boy;




"The snap is to McCoy in the shotgun. He drops back. Oh no, here comes Suh right up the middle (fighting a triple team hold, no flags)! McCoy's in trouble! Suh has a hand on him (three lineman still hanging on him)! Suh swats away the triple team, grabs McCoy and throws him behind his back into the arms of Tee-Boy! Suh launches like a lion toward Tee-Boy, who cries to Geezuz and runs toward the sideline with McCoy crying and screaming on his back with the ball still in his hands. Suh is closing on them them fast, growling and snorting loudly "BCS! BCS!" He grabs McCoy by the jockstrap with his little finger as McCoy shites himself and jumps into the arms of Ingram on a reverse! Suh launches Tee-Boy out of bounds and stripped naked into the ESPN booth as he gets a firm grip on McCoy's nutsack with the thumb and index finger of his mighty right hand (refs somehow miss this blatant foul, and McCoy will never bear offspring as a result). McCoy screams like a girl and coughs up the ball! Ball's loose!! Ingram tries to pick it up-- he's got it! Suh's got a hand on him. Two hands. Ingram is running in place! Suh picks Ingram up and does a reverse overhead body slam-- ball's loose! Fumble! It bounces toward Gerhart! McCoy is now naked with Tebow in the ESPN booth! Suh pops up off of Ingram-- Ingram isn't moving! Ball's in the end zone! Gerhart and Suh dive toward each other and the ball and COLLIDE violently!!!


A nuclear sized explosion blinds everyone and sends a massive shock wave in all directions and a giant mushroom cloud thundering toward heaven! The official game clock explodes as it strikes all zeros, never to be reset again! The audience, both teams/refs/ESPN are stunned and staggered, straining to see through the fog of the BCS biased officiating in a desperate attempt to determine the final outcome. The blinding light subsides and the smoke clears as a dark figure emerges from ground zero... It, it looks like... it's... oh my God... Gerhart is holding Suhs' golden scrotum in his hands like it's the Holy Grail, Suh is holding the game ball in one hand, the Heisman-Nagurski-Outland-Lombari-Bednarik Trophies in the other, smiling like a true champion and nodding affirmatively to Bo and Carl and the team on the sidelines (and TO in the box and Devaney in heaven). The stadium and the world erupt into bedlam and chaos as the rest of the Blackshirt defense leads the team charge on to the field! The Blackshirts and Suh devour the corpses of Gerhart, Ingram, McCoy and Tee-Boy and toss their bones into the crowd of ignorant media and masses! Suh raps the Husker fight song as he ascends into heaven, promising to return one last time in the very near future to firmly renew the dominance of the Big Red forever and ever (or as long as Bo and/or TO are alive and the global warming resistant hybrid corn still grows on prairie plains of Nubberland...)


Have faith, fellow children of the Corn (you too Larry the Cable Guy). Trust and believe. Miracles happen and legends are born and you are bearing witness to the power of the House of Spears and the Palace of Pellini to raise the Big Red Phoenix from the ashes and return the world to a simpler time made of smart, disciplined, passionate, physical, smash mouth football and a trail of bloodied, wounded, humbled opponents in our crimson and cream wake... Amen


P.S. - God just spoke to me and he confirmed that Suh is the chosen one. Believe and you shall receive....

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Watching Mike and Mike right now. With Mel Kiper, all three are touting Suh big time. Nothing but GREAT things said about him.


Even if you are not a Huskers fan, it's hard not to like the guy. I am very impressed with how well he is handling all the interviews. He is representing himself, his family, and the university very nicely! What is more refreshing is that he actually speaks english. I am so tired of seeing young players conducting interviews and you have a hard time understanding what the hell they are actually saying. SUUUHHHHHHHHHHH! :bonez

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Oh, Husker Nation! Hast thou been beaten down for so long that thou doth not believe in Miracles? OK, I understand, but wait... A new day is dawning in the world. One where people begin to see the folly of man's past ways and make the leap of faith toward change. A playoff is coming soon, and this is the year that the majority of Hypesman voters realize that they have indeed lost their way and also now understand how much DEFENSE can NDOMINATE a football game and a Heisman leading offensive candidate and all of his supporting cast....


Believe or DIE...

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Believe or DIE...



Okay, I was laughing at you/with you before, now I'm just plain scared. :ohnoes


No worries Kara, your smile is your salvation. Besides, my power to smote you into a pillar of dust was lost when I stopped believing in Santa Claus (Suh, however, never believed in SC but can still turn you into a pillar of salt by just looking at you). Thus, you will live long and witness the miracle transformation that is taking place in the Hallowed Halls of Huskerdom, but only if you join me and have faith that the ball is finally going to start bouncing our way starting on Saturday night and continuing for generations to come....

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Thats alright Seattle red. If you're right you can tell all the doubters out their to eat it. There comes a satisfaction from showing people up that are so pessimistically sure of themselves. So good luck to you on that.


On the other hand if your wrong you look foolish and naive. *shurg* Thats ok though, we all find ourselves in that spot at some point or another.


I for one don't know whats going to happen on Saturday. I think Suh has a chance, not a great chance, but a long shots chance at pulling the upset. I hope he does, but even if he doesn't I'm happy for him and proud that he is a Cornhusker. He's made a hell of a run and without a single doubt in my mind deserves the Heisman trophy. :nanalama


A special thanks to Chris Fowler for taking shots at Colt McCoy while Suh accepted his awards. :)


A very special thanks to Ndmukong Suh for hinting at the fact and reminding the nation that Nebraska got utterly screwed in the BIG XII Championship game. :cowbell:

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At last, just a little bit of love from HuskerMoon! A small step, but the tide may be turning. Let me try again to help you all believe, just one more time, that Suh WILL win the HT on Saturday. Follow this trend and fill in the blank at the end.


Two weeks ago, none of us realistically thought Suh would be invited to NY for the HT, yet he was invited.


After the CCG, we began to believe that he could be invited, but didn't have a snowballs chance in hell to actually win. With more ballots than any previous year tabulated, stiffarmtrophy.com is predicting that he is within the statistical margin of error (ok, barely, but damn!) to actually win this thing and destroy the bias and hype forever.


And now, with the probability of him actually winning it a very real scientific possibility with less than 48 hours to show time, the winner of the 2009 Heisman Trophy goes to __________?


Now, do you see a trend here? Do you feel the huge momentum change in the game? Do you not see that Bo, Suh and company have fought hard and long to get Suh within a very long but make-able Alex Henery-like field goal range, with no time outs left but plenty of time on the clock. Are you packing up and leaving the stadium now, or are you gonna stay until the end and not worry about your F****** feelings getting hurt if the ball hits the upright instead of just barely clearing it?



Holy Tee-Boy, am I the only one left in Husker Nation who chooses to hope, to believe, in the impossible come from behind 4th quarter upset with Suh and company on the virtual Heisman field?


God it's going to be lonely in Suhs' magical kingdom without you guys, but I'll try my best to convince him to forgive you all, grant you free access into the House of Spears, and pretend it never happened...

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