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  1. Enjoying this gorgeous weather in San Juan Puerto Rico!  Cruise ship here I come!

    1. TonyStalloni


      Just get there or just leaving?  SJPR is a fun place.

  2. PIcking up some steam! 7-0 run! GBR!!
  3. It is depressing but we've already talked about this. Remember all those weeks we spent on the Scott Frost Megathread? We were saying things like: >I just want us to be competitive again! >I just want to see our players in good physical shape again. >Even if we only win 6 games the first year it's ok because we know it can only get better. This coaching staff is starting from basically the basement. The kids aren't in the best physical shape, they are now going to run a new offense, the are going to have to get used to an entirely (but very cool) new coaching staff. We have to support them where they are. They WILL get better but we have to be patient. Everyone would love to win 8 games this first season but if it doesn't happen we know that all is not lost. Let's stay true to the pledge we made to support this team. GBR!!!
  4. What they did by wearing those T-Shirts tonight (Hate Will Never Win) not only showed a great deal of maturity and class but it made a far greater impact than any boycott could. Well done!
  5. Huskers in the 2018 NFL Draft

    Ok. I missed that announcement. I knew he was going to medical school but hadn't heard he wasn't going to try for pro ball. Yes, he will make an amazing Doctor
  6. Huskers in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I was really surprised that Chris Weber wasn't invited to the Combine. Any insights as to why he wasn't chosen?
  7. Whew! That was too close for comfort!
  8. YEEEAAAAHHHHH! Love that technical on Pitino!
  9. I have a bad feeling about this game. Our boys just don't seem to be playing their game defensively.
  10. Looking good! Keep up the great work boys!
  11. This feels like a trap kind of game. I wish we were playing them at home. This could be a tricky game. Sometimes being off for so long is a blessing, sometimes a curse. HOWEVER! I wonder if these boys have a little chip on their shoulder after getting blasted by Minny last year? We shall see! GBR!