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  1. Huskers Still Considered a Blue-Blood Program

    Nick Bahe (so?) was talking about the fact that not one national news reporter or news outlet had anything bad to say about Scott Frost. In fact, the general consensus is that they are looking forward to Nebraska returning to nations prominence. GBR!
  2. I know most folks think that beauty pageants are a waste of time but we’re so proud of Miss Nebraska-Sarah Summers who won the Miss USA pageant. This was the first time a candidate from Nebraska has won. 

    This young woman is a graduate of my city’s high school and attended the elementary I taught in.   She was always the type of kid who helped others and is s great representation of our state.  


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      There is a Mr. USA but it's pretty new.

      There are also body building contests which I would say are somewhat similar, although they (the ones on steroids) look gross, not handsome.

  3. Solich - couple questions

    I know. He probably wouldn't have taken it but you never know. It's all water under the bridge now
  4. Solich - couple questions

    Didn't Tom's wife ask him to stop coaching as well? I remember TO saying something to that effect? Anyone remember? As far as indiscretions, I heard several ugly things at the time as well. But I blame Pedersen. I will always support the contention that had Frank been given one more year, and it was an awful one, then there would've been stronger grounds to dismiss him. Again, to me it was the WAY that Pedersen fired him. I would've rather heard that Frank had 'retired' or decided to resign instead of being 'fired'. I know that's just semantics but I think it would've set better with many fans, myself included. He just didn't deserve to be treated that way. (I'll get off my soapbox now.)
  5. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    Best wishes! Thank you for the gracious departure speech.
  6. Yes, one of 'us' as in a Husker player/coach.
  7. Ok he was 7-7 then 9-3 the very next year. I would’ve liked to have seen what he would have done the following season. If he would’ve lost big again then there would be greater grounds to dismiss him. 7-7 was his only bad year. The rest of the time he had respectable seasons. I guess if he would have refused to make any changes in staff it would’ve been easier for me to swallow his departure but the guy did everything that was asked of him. Fired men who were long time coaches but also good friends. He was loyal to Nebraska football for so long. I think there could’ve been a more dignified way of dismissing him than what was done.
  8. I think that many people thought it was time for a change but the way Frank was kicked to the curb was just cold, especially since he did what the administration had asked him to do. That’s no way to treat someone who had given so much to the program. Frank was one of us. He deserved to at least go with some dignity. Do you think he got a fair shake? Maybe he wasn’t going to be a great coach but I would have liked to have seen him given a fair chance.
  9. This was a hot topic on 1620 the Zone both during Sharp & Benning as well as Nick Bahe's (sp?) show. If you look at Frank's record in the 6 seasons he was here-Wow. Pretty darn good: He won the division three times, went to a national championship, won a conference championship, and coached a Heisman Trophy winner. His poorest season was 7-7 AND HE WAS FIRED? I remember hearing that Pederson (Pedersen) contacted Urban Meyer to offer him the Nebraska job and Meyer said, 'No way! You fired a coach who averaged at least 9 wins a season and you fired him?' That whole deal set a precedent in college football and was the undoing of Nebraska. I hope Frank can come back and can be recognized for the good things he did for Nebraska. He played here, he was an assistant coach for 19 years and coached here for 6 years. He deserves a little love in my opinion. (Yeah, I know there were other things going on that went towards Frank's demise but come on! He did everything Pedersen asked and was still kicked to the curb! Poor form!)
  10. An Election Day poll from Sam M.

    Me too. They were undefeated until that last game. I was in mourning for weeks after we lost that game!
  11. Happy Mother's Day! 

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      Happy Mother's Day to YOU!  :-)

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      Dilly Dilly

      Right back atcha!

  12. The Danger of Hype

    I think hype can be an exciting thing like when players are hyped, come to Nebraska and live up to their hype-(Tommy Frazier would be an example),but can also be an embarrassing thing. Think of all the players that have been hyped and flopped-Sam Keller/Harrison Beck would be examples. I've never been a fan of the hype of the 'star' system because I've seen it flop not only at Nebraska but at other schools as well. I would rather see a kid come in, play well and EARN some hype!/
  13. The Danger of Hype

    Here is the segment that I referenced in my original post: Game Time with Nick Bahe - May 8 Seg 11: The Lee Hype Got Out Of Control. http://www.1620thezone.com/GameTimePodcasts.aspx
  14. The Danger of Hype

    No this thread is about the danger of hype. Lee just happened to be used as an example. Think of all the other past players in Nebraska football history who were hyped up the wazzu and ended up big fat busts!
  15. The Danger of Hype

    If there had been no hype for Lee or Diaco do you think last year would’ve been easier to swallow?