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  1. Impact of Poor Performance on Recruiting

    I'm watching Big Red Wrap Up and Bookie was on via phone call. When asked if he was still coming to NU he said he didn't know but Shawn Callahan seems to think Bookie will end up here. We can only hope.
  2. Man!  Big Red Wrap Up is smoking tonight.  People are just telling it like it is. O-Line is the big issue as well as qb performance.  Jay Moore was giving insights too. Wow. If you didn't catch it at 7 it will be on again at 11

    1. teachercd


      They are lighting people up!  Much like...

    2. suh_fan93


      Wish I could see this show.  Just curious as to what they're saying.  

    3. teachercd


      Check it out online...NET or Big Red Wrap Up...just google is and you should get it

  3. Some Positives

    >I thought the defense played better >Proud of our boys that they didn't give up >Loved seeing Ozigbo on the field >I'm pretty much over my flu!
  4. What happen to NU swag?

    Yes, they are just kids. That Gifford kid is my hero right now. He is one of those boys that has the Nebraska spirit (Because he is a Nebraska kid!). I'm hoping to see some change this weekend too! I wish that Coach Riley would be more flexible with his substitutes. When one player is off for the day, put in another. There's no shame in that. I would like to see more leadership from the boys on the sidelines though. Man, back in the day those Husker players rarely sat down!
  5. I was so sorry to read this! He is an amazing player! http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/broncos-defensive-end-jared-crick-reportedly-headed-for-back-surgery/article_3c0ba120-9a23-11e7-9314-d3c88ca0c3eb.html
  6. What happen to NU swag?

    Glad to see we are kindred spirits! (I hope you weren't offended by my come back. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I just miss our team. You sound like you were here during the Glory Days as well. I think we tend to 'live there' in our heads sometimes, I know I'm guilty of that.) I guess I think that having won as many national championships in our past history sets us apart from many of the other programs in college football. There are several 'blue chip' programs and I include Nebraska in that number even though right now it doesn't seem like we are, but there are also many programs that would love to have what we have. Anyway, good discussion. That's why I'm a member of the HB! GO BIG RED!
  7. Why do some posters feel that they need to post on a topic that they don't even like? Just don't respond if you aren't interested instead of crapping on everyone else's interest. Blah!

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    2. ladyhawke


      I just need to chill out.  I've seen this type of thing before on HB.  When things calm down a little we will see less of this kind of thing!  Thanks all! :)

    3. teachercd


      It is almost over...soon enough it will be a ton of threads about who was spotted at the airport.

    4. ladyhawke


      LoL teach!  So true! So true! Or we'll be hearing the latest from the guy that cleans the pool or aquarium for Shawn Eichorst! 

  8. What happen to NU swag?

    Think a minute about that statement. Then consider this: consider how important Husker football is to this state. We ARE different than other programs if only because of our history. I for one, and I may be the only one who feels this way, will NEVER stop acting like we are different.
  9. What happen to NU swag?

    Wow. That just makes my heart hurt. I guess I know there are boys from here in Nebraska that would give their right arm to play for the Huskers. They would fight their tails off too. So sad.
  10. What happen to NU swag?

    I agree. Man, I miss those days when our boys would come out on the field and totally decimate the opponent. I see sparks of that now but they are so fleeting.
  11. What happen to NU swag?

    How do you think that energy is cultivated? Right now that Gifford kid is my hero. He may not be the best player but he's got a Husker Heart. However, it takes a whole team of that kind of heart to light a fire. I think Diaco is doing that for the defense. But who is doing this for the offense?
  12. What happen to NU swag?

    I heard one of the local sports radio station folks talking about how there isn't any 'swag' on the sidelines from the players like there used to be. That lead to them asking how much of the recent losses are on the players themselves? (Please don't shoot the messenger!) I miss how the players used to always be on their feet, encouraging each other, getting in each other's faces when a play went bad. How they would try to get the crowd involved. Is this all on the coaches? I know we have a young team in many positions and switching their positions back and forth can't be easy but what do you all think? 90% on coaches 10% on players? Or are our boys at the mercy of these coaches? I miss the Husker 'Fire'.
  13. Somebody post a train wreck picture please!
  14. What does MR need to do to earn back your TRUST?

    Headley! It's so good to read you again! You always crack me up!