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  1. JD Spielman named Freshman All-American

    Congratulations JD! Can you imagine how great this kid will grow to be under our new coach! This kid is a winner for sure!
  2. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    I love all the suggestions so far. What I would add is: >Establishment of relationships between coaches and players AND between players and players. Since the coaching staff is already a cohesive unit, they can concentrate on bringing this team together as a team and not just a few star players. Teach them the importance of looking out for the guy in either side of them and being committed to the team overall. >Coaching this team with regards to football fundamentals >Establishing discipline! No more sloppy playing or those endless 'delay of game' or 'personal foul' penalties. >Making sure these players know the plays! Our boys looked so lost so much of the time this year especially on defense. If we can get the above going during the first year we will win game or at least be competive.
  3. Suh just tackled Rex!  Patriots vs Dolphins!  It's funny when former Huskers play against each other!

    1. Dewiz


      Did you catch the shove after the whistle was blown?

    2. ladyhawke


      No. What happened?  Rex just scored! :D

  4. The Student Becomes the Teacher

    May the Frost be with you-Always!
  5. A friend of mine has a friend who created this picture. I thought it was great! Thanks Charlie!
  6. They must have heard us complaining! http://www.espn.com/college-sports/
  7. No kidding! Doesn’t matter-we have The Ace! Bill Moos is da bomb!
  8. What is your favorite Husker play of all-time?

    My hubby feels the same way! Lol
  9. Couldn't tell it by ESPN. They make me sick! If you go on their websit the have a big picture of Kentucky as the losers and a little picture of Nebraska winning in 4 sets! I hope the Huskers win it all!
  10. What is your favorite Husker play of all-time?

    My husband shared that his favorite game was Johnnie Rogers last game when the Huskers played against Notre Dame. He said it was so great to watch Nebraska torch Notre Dame!
  11. Nebraska Ladies Volleyball defeats Kentucky 3-1!  Going to Kansas City! Kansas City here we come!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. funhusker


      Should be close enough for a lot of red to turn out.  Hell, there was a lot of red in Kentucky today :)

    3. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Seems like everytime i tune into Husker volleyball, they don't do so well.  I thought maybe my jinx was over, so i turned back to it for the 3rd set.  I promise to never watch Husker volleyball ever again (unless it's a replay)

    4. ladyhawke


      Dilly Dilly the same thing seems to happen to me too!  But I watched the 4th set and we wo! GBR!

  12. Post Scott Frost Megathread Withdrawals

    It's true! Wahhhhhh!
  13. Reaction to Frost Hire Thread

    I thought his request to the media was more of an expression of his boundaries where his family is concerned. He was firm in his request and that's ok. We're all protective of our families.