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  1. Curious about the media

    To the bolded yes, quite a lot compared to our division schools and only exceeded by the more elite programs/ more prestigious programs out there. The staff handled it very well during UCF's run of success last year. To the Italicized, The national media have their own guys and they will do their own leg work but can sometimes use material from local writers, i see this often as its generally a win for both parties. I answered your third question in my first sentence. To address your final sentence, yes there is a ton of press despite our down turn. As others have pointed out the huskers are the only major football brand in town and have been hyper successful at that, when combined with the fiscally loyal nature of its fan base you have a very lucrative team for media entities and they are all fighting for a bigger piece of the pie of a very profitable pie. Funny enough, huskers sports coverage has probably been why the Omaha and Lincoln newspapers continue to be successful while most other regional newspapers continue to struggle.
  2. This quote seems deliberately taken out of context to cause a s**t storm of anger from Nebraska fans. On a personal level i wanna feel offended and all but i'm just too old to care.
  3. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    after reading through all this, a simple defeat would be disappointing. Im kinda wanting us to massacre them so urb has some more heart issues. He needs too go.
  4. Thats true. But for this generation of coaches, and the next generation they are teaching, this is what they know. And worse it has been successful for a good number of them so this culture wont just disappear because some people said its bad all of a sudden. And as this is a success driven industry they will continue to do what they know works because it puts food on the table for them and their families. These things change with time, and i'm sure it will. And the sport will be better for it.
  5. Precisely, this is why there is still so much of it going on. i imagine it will die or evolve with time. But our program and many others where built with that model so i find it hard to look down on anyone else for using it. And yea jerry is the best
  6. This is for Teachercd to respond too but i'll also throw this out for consideration that Bob Devaney would be "seeing how this works". He nearly got into a fist fight with jerry murtaugh at one point, and some of the other stories you can read about his reign reveal lots of profanity and intimidation and a treatment of players that we would deem unacceptable but is still in use today. But as the result shows this method of coaching can be very effective when done correctly, making an incredibly tough and resilient team that can survive anything. And built our program. However on the flip side if done incorrectly it can lead to an epic implosion or other fall flat on face performances. For instance UCF under o'leary also used this style and it worked until his final year when injuries and other misfortunes piled up and the team quit on him to go 0-12.
  7. Primeknit A1 uniforms

    omg can we please? loved the throw backs of these we wore some years ago.
  8. Pelini to OSU

    Osborne even.
  9. Pelini to OSU

    probably helps when you don't have perlman and his creeps looking over your shoulder trying to get you fired over every mistake. (of which there was plenty)
  10. Fall Camp

    the tre bryant news is excellent, our RB spot will be deep
  11. Huskers Dropping Dimes This Year

    yup for two years now. no ones judging. XD
  12. good to have ron back, great coach, even better man. I'm going to assume with no facts what so ever that scott is keeping him in the wings in the event we lose someone.
  13. Star Wars Episode IX

    as bad as these last couple movies were i am bracing for something awful
  14. Dont kill me for this, but....

    When you look at the chip Kelley coaching tree these guys typically field offenses that score quickly, and aggressive defenses that sometimes give up big points. They dig deep into their bench to keep guys fresh but even then by the end of the game you still have a gassed defense. I don't want to call it a high risk, high reward, style of play but it's definitely pushing that line and heavily strains the opposing team as it tries to keep up and in so doing makes mistakes all the more critical.
  15. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    I thought I remembered him having a strong spring game? Or was it just a lucky spring game and I missed the bad plays?