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  1. shyndy

    Blind QB poll

    For me it was really tough between 2 and 3 but really just the turnover difference. It’s still tough just from the stats bc you don’t see ypg and ypa, and is it fumbles or fumbles lost?
  2. shyndy

    Zac Taylor Odds-on Favorite for Browns Job

    Hoping Brohm gets added to that list lol
  3. Yes but we even if not we were a 8-4 every year team before that season
  4. shyndy

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I am not agreeing with him but I also think the notion of “job on the line” is ridiculous. That’s the real problem Refs don’t seem to be held accountable for much. Think of the worst officiating errors you have ever seen and what were the consequences? First off, there shouldn’t be conference officials. Secondly, it should be something that is highly scrutinized by a third party.
  5. shyndy

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    That’s fine for the plays where it’s not our guy getting outright tackled or held from behind when he’s beat. Watching the Wisconsin Michigan game last night was interesting. Refs weren’t calling much of anything in terms of holding and. PI on either team, and I saw lots of hits that I was expecting late hit/targetting calls and nothing.
  6. shyndy

    What did we learn today

    I actually know what people mean when they say this, but I want to point out that in both cases you are playing to win, they are just different strategies that can fulfill the same goal.
  7. shyndy

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I am not propagating this theory but the motive would be playoffs not that the big 10 really wants to dump Nebraska but that we lost our noncon games and the big needs teams that do better in noncon to be the better teams in conference to game the Strenght of Schedule and ensure they aren’t seen as a laughing stock ( which happened back when we first joined). This matters more now with the committee and the playoff selections. You don’t want to get stuck in that spot of being perceived as a lesser conference, getting left out of the playoff, and losing recruits bc of perceived weakness.
  8. shyndy

    What did we learn today

    Something like half of the players from the most highly rated class are not in Lincoln.
  9. shyndy

    What did we learn today

    I’m going to make a comment that will likely be unpopular here, but playing to win and playing not to lose are exactly the same thing.
  10. We would have gotten flagged for that block...
  11. I thought this was considered doping in most sports
  12. shyndy

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    One of my first experiences as a kid was going to a game where the other qbs were hurt and we had the Turmanator starting. Iirc we got good field position for the first offensive series and the play calling was something like FB trap, ISO, option, punt. Some old lady stands up behind me and yells “we need to get a new coach in a here to call the plays!” I can still hear her screechy frail voice in my head lol.
  13. shyndy

    Dirty Hit on Adrian Martinez?

    If our players are caught on camera twisting knees I would expect some kind of disciplinary action. I reaaaaalllly hate the whole “stuff happens in football.” It happens only because we shrug It off with comments like that. If players are held accountable for dirty actions like this it will stop or at least happen less. Hell I think it already happens less than say 20 years ago just because of having access to every play and more cameras and whatnot. Ultimately this is something th NCAA needs to start emphasizing since it puts players safety in limbo
  14. shyndy

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Yeah actually that looked kinda dirty
  15. Imho people are overdramatic about that game. It wasn’t some end of an era type thing. It was just a game at Boulder against a talented team that we lost. Wasn’t even over until pretty late bc our offense was doing well still too.