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  1. Looking on the NextDoor App I saw a guy that picks up dog poop...7.25 a week for one dog.  Do those companies end up making decent cash?

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Depends if it's Chihuahuas or Basset Hounds I suppose.

    2. Pedro Guerrero

      Pedro Guerrero

      Does that cover old poop that is already in the yard?

    3. GSG


      We closed on our house yesterday and decided to take some stuff over last night and let the dog run around. We're driving into the neighborhood and my GF says "I hope these people don't use the NextDoor app. I heard it's just a way to bully your neighbors."


      All I could think about was whether or not $7.25 a week was a good deal for picking up dog poop! :lol: