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  1. Chinander on His Defense

    I hope i'm wrong on this guy. What do I know. I thought the Strain guy was going to be great. GBR!!!
  2. I guess hiking down and up on a Donkey, wouldn't count as a hike. Haven't done that either, but i did look down at it. My wife has done the down to the bottom, camped and then hiked back up. I made sure no one used our room. GBR!!!
  3. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    Give them out before the first game, if they don't, then we all have a reason to worry. No damn STICKERS!! Leave that crap to OSU..... GBR!!!
  4. Florida offer

    We all seem to have our own ideas on this staff. I think Ruud was a perfect hire. Maybe being able to teach his craft and interact with the kids, is something we don't know yet.. We do know he knows how to play the position. The only concern I have with any of the coaches, is Chinandre. Time will tell. Would Frost have came without his whole staff, who knows. Urban Meyer said no to us over it, plus the other thing. GBR!!!
  5. LB Nick Henrich

    Is he a born and bred kid of Neb ??? I know sometimes you want to see other places, but he has two of the all time best Cornhuskers on staff. Hard to keep them back on the farm ,......... GBR!!!
  6. Tre Bryant back?

    We have some experience in the r/b position, and maybe some good ones coming in, but Bryant is a game changer. I don't think we have anyone else like him. What I've read on here says, he can't hold up with those knees. Hope that's not the case. I'm not sure how much he will play each game, but I think the coaches will be very careful with the amount of carries he gets this year. jmo GBR!!!
  7. LB Jackson Hannah [Nebraska Commit]

    Wow. This kid looks good... GBR!!!
  8. JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Watched his highlight film. Does it seem like he gets away with a lot of holds on those pan cake blocks, or blind side hits, Maybe they just don't call it as much in juco, but just saying, I don't think that will fly in the B1G. GBR!!!
  9. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Troy (Game 3) **

    UCF's D didn't impress me last year, as they gave up a lot of points to just about everyone they played. The notion that they scored so fast that the D was out there a lot, doesn't wash with me. I like it when the D gets the ball right back to the O, so they can score or take time off the clock and wear the other team down. Just spoiled by T O's teams I guess. GBR!!!
  10. Sheesh !!! been waiting for 47 years for the Cornhuskers to play in Tucson, and now it's still 13 years away. Don't know if ill make that one. GBR!!!
  11. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    Best of luck. Mr Ward GBR!!!
  12. We may be ready to play that series again, in a couple of years. Glad we didn't the last few years. Neb/Okl, UCLA/USC, OSU/Mich, Miami/FSU, Those were the games that caught the nations interest, when they played. Our's is gone now, and its not coming back, the way a lot of us remember it. I think in a few of years it may be Neb/OSU, that might have the same interest as we once had with Okl game. Yeah Wis is what a lot of fans on here think, should be our next rival, but beating them still doesn't get us the B1G title. Same for OSU beating Mich. Neb/OSU for all the marbles most years, the way it was in the Big 8 years with Okl, will build you a rival. jmo.... GBR!!!
  13. Bryan Brokop...

    Best of luck to the young man. GBR!!!
  14. Dennis Claridge, Epitome of Humility, Dies at 76

    I was lucky enough to see him play. I was in 4th grade then. My friend texted and told me he had passed away. I told him Claridge was the the one who started are great run. R. I. P Dennis GBR!!!