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  1. Biggest Concerns?

    My concern is not winning or losing as much, as seeing this staff make adjustments as the game progresses. I'm tired of seeing our former coaching staffs watch the score getting out of hand, and not making changes to the "scheme". You shouldn't have to wait till halftime, to make adjustments. I think the last three staffs were stubborn, and put to much of the blame on the players. I think we have the right guy, heading this rebuild. We should only get better as the year go's on. Only thing I see slowing the progress down, is injuries. GBR!!!
  2. I hope the best for him going forward, can't say that for the team he plays for thou....... Go Vikings !!! GBR!!!
  3. The Running Back Room

  4. Pelini to OSU

    I remember when some were worried that if Bo did well here, that OSU would come a callin. Now some want them to hire Bo. GBR!!!
  5. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Good news. Hopefully r/b position is taken care of. I think the starting r/b spot is Bryant's to lose. I don't get all the Bell talk, he didn't impress me in the spring game. Look like a good back, but not anywhere close to what Bryant brings to the field. Any way we should be better at that spot for this year. GBR!!!
  6. Texas should be on a up swing, but what I really want to watch is UCLA over the next two yrs. Would be fun to see NU/UCLA in a Rose Bowl playoff game. Fireworks galore. GBR!!!
  7. Wow lot of views on this hire. The word hire means he is back , and all the old dirt that can be dug up, seems not to matter to the majority on here. Hope he is here for a long time. Welcome back coach... GBR!!!
  8. Husker Dream Team ... On a Budget

    Gill Rozier Fryar 1982-ol 2009-dl Undefeated/Unbeatable with those two lines..... GBR!!!
  9. Chinander on His Defense

    Where did Diaco end up ? Did someone hire him ? Anyone think he will ever get a head coaching job again ? GBR!!!
  10. Chinander on His Defense

    It still all comes down to Defence. You can't say we will just out score everyone 60-57. Clemson proved it in the 2016 game against Ohio St. 31-0. They showed Defence still wins games. That shutout tells me it can still be done the way T O and McBride did it. I don't expect to see that type of D any time soon or maybe never again, but to read that can't be done again, doesn't hold water. We will be a better D this season and get better as these coaches get the players they need. I hope we are headed in the right direction. I'm willing to wait on it. GBR!!!
  11. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    They were calling for Tom's head also, early on..... 9 wins is just wishful thinking, I know. I just think by midway thru the season, we may just be starting to gel enough to upset one or two, that we are not supposed to. That's why I think 7 is maybe not out of reach. GBR!!!
  12. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    I don't expect anything. I do hope we win enough and are competitive in the loses, that we can see progress being made. That's all we can ask for at this point. I would hope it gets better. 9 wins would be great to watch, but 6/ 7 would also show we can expect a better program going forth. GBR!!!
  13. Chinander on His Defense

    I hope i'm wrong on this guy. What do I know. I thought the Strain guy was going to be great. GBR!!!