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  1. STL Husker

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    It seems like every week to week QB injury is handled this way by every school.
  2. STL Husker

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    I must have missed his "chance" he got from Riley. He was a 60% passer while receiving very few practice reps from what I heard about Riley's practice structure. 30 attempts doesn't seem like enough to be able to judge his production.
  3. STL Husker

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    POB's decision was beneficial to both him and the team. I'm not going to crap on him for that.
  4. I hope Pickering carries on our streak of good kickers.  We have made 82% of our field goals since '05 but our worst year was Drew Brown's first season.  That makes me nervous in a season that I think we will have some tight games.

  5. STL Husker

    CB Tiawan Mullen [Indiana Commit]

    I don't think this was the worst thing recruiting-wise. They got to feel the energy of the stadium and didn't have to sit through a boring blow-out (a nail-biter wouldn't have been a great result either). They still got to hang around and talk with the other recruits and even possibly had more time with the coaches. I don't know how many recruits actually care about seeing a game against Akron. Colorado or Michigan St. might be different, but I don't think the game has a major impact on the visit unless it is getting national attention.
  6. 2:17:00 is proof that time travel exists and it didn't just feel like Taylor Martinez was around for a decade, he really was!
  7. STL Husker

    Will Memorial ever sell beer?

    Well that escalated quickly.
  8. Chinander said there will be no more than 11 Blackshirts.  That should make some people happy.

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    2. NUance


      Tell that to Buddy Ryan.  

    3. theknife



      He said it could be more

    4. admo


      Good thing it's 11.  Because one more would draw a penalty flag

  9. I really can't blame Gebbia. If he was thinking about transferring he couldn't waste any time. It may not be the best "team player" move, but you also don't want a guy around who is hoping for the starter to fail or to get hurt. He gave it his all and just got beat out. Good luck to him wherever he lands.
  10. STL Husker

    Duck - R position

  11. STL Husker

    Post-Practice Presser - August 20

    When everyone does their job, there won't be any tackles for the DB's to have to make on the back end. Or maybe he's talking about the DB's making the offense miss so many tackles after interceptions! I'm full on drunk on kool-aid!
  12. I would have told my son the same thing. I just want to forget the past 8 years and move on.
  13. STL Husker

    Grant Wistrom and Jason Peter talk to the team

    I just saw that Steve Warren also talked to the team. As a fan this sounds great, but the players even know who these guys are? In a way, this almost seems like old men trying to re-live their golden years. As a guy in his 30s, I've heard of Warren, but he's not one of those players that much is said about. Until recently, most of us didn't exactly have a positive view of Jason Peters. I heard how he was stuck in the past and only talked about how great he was. Wistrom at least had a substantial NFL career, but I wonder if any players remember that, let alone his Nebraska career. Every school in the country can have great players come back and talk, but it doesn't mean much if the players can't relate. I think it would be more effective to have Suh come in and talk to the team, but I wonder what kind of connection Frost has with him. Suh was dominating at Nebraska at a time when the current players would remember. He is also still playing, making a ton of money, and has a name that is expanding outside of football. I assume that would grab the attention of college kids.
  14. STL Husker

    Biggest Concerns?

    My biggest concern is that there are too many fans with expectations that are too high and they won't be patient enough with the turnaround.
  15. STL Husker

    Re-Watching Games from Last year

    I am just thankful that Riley and Frost put their programs in a position to end up where things are now. I'm not even mad at Riley, he was 50% of the reason why Frost is here today. Riley probably had as many positive results as possible to still be fired in year 3, just enough time for Frost to finish his internship at UCF.