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  2. I'm bored (and drinking), so I'll expand on my post. Here is a good tweet from Chaz. Frost (OC) and Lubick (WR, Pass Game Coord.) had the Ducks in the National Championship. Leading receivers that season: Dwayne Stanford, 6'5 205lb - 43 rec, 639 yds Devon Allen, 6'0 185lb - 41 rec, 684 yds Darren Carrington, 6'2 205lb - 37 rec, 704 yds Not to mention how important TEs were in that offense with Frost/Lubick. 3 TEs caught passes for Oregon that season for almost 600yds of offense, all 3 are now playing/did play in the NFL. (6'5 250lbs, 6'6 245lbs, 6'4 250lbs). Oregon made a killing on speed, but don't be fooled into thinking that meant they sacrificed size.
  3. The protocols aren't intended to be foolproof means of preventing all cases. They're about aiming to minimize them, and about how cases should be handled when they're found. It ain't about competency at the smaller schools, it's mostly about money. Ohio State has an athletic department budget of over $109 million, while Bowling Green's is about $18 million in a good year. And right now BGSU is trying to cover an estimated $2 million shortfall, including cutting their baseball program in May - and that was before the major conference schools started cancelling games. Testing all of their student athletes on a weekly basis and implementing a detailed protocol just ain't in the budget for schools like that. Journal-Star article from late May that describes some parts of Nebraska's protocols: OWH article on Martinez and others getting back to campus: Supposedly the rest of the Big Ten schools have adopted the protocols developed by Nebraska. Again, much of this is about keeping things uniform.
  4. I think small speed worked well in the AAC and in recruiting Florida. It could work here. I think Lubick got here and reminded Scott that that wasn't what had them playing in a national title game when they were coaching together. I'd be excited to add another guy like Grimes.
  5. We must have pretty s#!tty bag men. /s
  6. Younger brother is a 2024 prospect (man, I keep feeling older) who is already picking up D1 offers. Oregon offered this week. They seem pretty close too. 2024 = will start 9th grade here in a month
  7. I watched the first series and then accidently stopped the video and then got busy with other things. Plan to try again tomorrow.
  8. The Ivy's had it easy...They don't make money off sports and frankly...the Harvard vs Yale game is the only one that gets talked about.
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  10. Very good point. If this is "best practices", then wouldn't all schools adopt these? This, I would think, would play into a legal expert's argument. If the Big 10 has strict protocols that ALL are following, how is it that Maryland and OhioSt had these cases? Bowling Green does not have the ability to follow the protocols? Bowling Green's medical staff is less competent than OhioSt's? They argue that the protocols will be followed but what of the travel? This league goes all the way from Lincoln to NJ. And they can insure that no one on the travel roster will contract the virus? The article that TOE linked to was very good. I especially liked: none of this is legal advice. While I am a lawyer in real life, I am also an idiot internet commenter. But as pointed out by TOE: force majeure clauses only apply if the game is literally unplayable.I’ll point out here that all of this reasoning goes out the window if and when the power conferences call off the entire season. Which is probably going to happen. I still contend this is just to lower us down slowly instead of pulling the rug out real fast like the Ivy League and traumatizing everyone. By the time the lawsuits get filed, the season will be cancelled thus negating the court action and being dismissed.
  11. It's going to be terrifying how fast Biden rolls back the sanctions and tariffs against China. I believe Trump is trying to get Russia included in next G7 to talk about action against China in regards to their outright lying over CCP virus. I've heard some disturbing things about the latest Biden policies. We should discuss those in detail. Biden took a far left turn and we should shine a light on them. LOL you must be talking about the '95 lawsuit against Citibank. As Larry Elder said "The good news is he won a settlement, the bad news is he won a settlement". Only 19 of the 186 people still own their home.
  12. bankrupting a business is 1 thing...bankrupting the United States is another. and trump has done both. MAGA!
  13. No season this year...send me your ticket money and I will make everyone some badass scrimshaw, that's my COVID built skill...that, and embellished skills of grandeur
  14. I think Trump wore the mask only because he was in a Hospital. Sure hope that he's not going to go full clown Biden.
  15. That research appears in agreement with Roland Fryer's research at Harvard. After Ferguson he wanted to find out how bad police racism was. To his surprise he couldn't find any proof of racism when it came to lethal force but some indications when it came to non-lethal force. Here's a video of him talking about the study.
  16. Has anyone named the "protocols" that they are supposedly worried about?
  17. Trump's foreign policy hasn't failed so your premise is wrong. He's actually won the argument because Biden is not campaigning on globalism and outsourcing. At least he's not boasting that that is what his AOC policies would engdenger. Obama never ran a business and didn't invite anyone who had into his government. There are Court records of Obama's 15 minutes of experience as a trial lawyer. They involve Obama's firm suing a bank because it didn't make enough high risk loans to minority borrowers. Pre-2008 that was considered the real problem.
  18. maga gave him a standing ovation when he managed to drink a glass of water
  19. Short article that talks a bit about the legal aspects of cancelling the out-of-conference games: https://www.anchorofgold.com/2020/7/10/21319579/anchor-drop-july-10-2020-lawsuits-are-coming
  20. somewhere Madison is apologizing to Mason
  21. I think he can be incredibly productive in college and in the NFL, I just wouldn't put 5 stars next to his name. 5 stars essentially have no athletic or body flaws. I can see him struggling his first year, and needing time to develop or find the right spot. The BIG would be the toughest league for him to get adjusted to.
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