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  2. That's all I said. The /r/cfb mods are just dumb as hell
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  4. Wow, what a haymaker from Lindy Li's twitter. She even has 4,000 followers so color me in impressed with this impressive bit of news.
  5. Updated: Sanders +150 Bloomie +180 Trump is -210 to be reelected.
  6. Youre spot on. This country has moved so far to the right the “center” is where Mitt Romney is. Left wing is considered where Nancy Pelosi is even though in every other country she would be in the conservative party. Raising the minimum wage is considered radical in this country. The overton window needs to move back to the left so the “center“ is actually a combination between the two parties.
  7. Alright fellas, step away from the urinal..this pissin' contest is over
  8. Bernie is hardly radical and if he seems like a "crazy choice" it's because of just how far gone this country already is. He may have some cult-like followers (nowhere near the MAGA level), but at least it's in support of a platform that is entirely based on improving our quality of life instead of white nationalism. You're not going to fear for your safety if you happen upon a pro-Bernie demonstration. Can't say the same about the group of white nationalists.
  9. Not sure whats better. Nuclear war or a politician traveling to Russia to promote peace while at the same time acknowledging they have a nice transportation and some nice cultural sites? Someone help me out. Btw some republicans went on that “honeymoon” also. Must have been awkward for him and his wife...
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  11. I really don’t believe this is a coaching issue. Despite the struggles, when this team is on, they look so much more well coached than any Miles team.
  12. That was a classic. Can't remember exactly what he said but he said it once (in a status reply) and then immediately doubled down on it. Respect.
  13. Miles lost good players routinely and his game plan was to lean on a couple guys. The cupboard was bare for this year. Hoiberg threw together this team in a hurry. I thought they would get pounded by every BIG team but they surprisingly played some very good teams close. I don't think we can judge this coaching staff until the end of next season, as expected.
  14. More might come out, but that description by Li is a lie for this video. Has it ever been wrong to point out Cuba's healthcare system is better than ours when it is? In my opinion it's more meaningful to point out when an inferior or poorer country is better at something important than we are. He's talking about transportation systems and the arts, not way of life in general. There isn't anything in his above comments that needs to be defended. I've been to places run by dictators that had some nice things about them, including things they're better at than the U.S. That doesn't mean I want the U.S. to be a dictatorship.
  15. For solar + storage: Already more price competitive than gas peaker plants and is cost competitive for short term storage (<6 hours), but combined cycle gas plants better than longer term storage. LCOS Summary chart:
  16. https://twitter.com/Husker_Baseball/status/1229126320665264128?s=19
  17. Lazard Levelized Cost of Energy and Levelized Cost of Storage 2019 report TL;DR: Utility scale solar now cheaper than any fossil fuel for new installations. Building new solar competitive with already built fossil fuel plants. LCOE Summary chart:
  18. Why can’t we have a President that doesn’t love Russia?
  19. Might of been just saw it on twitter and was impressed
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