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  2. Also a very fair point, but aside from the distinction of words where he didn't say he would vote for Trump, there's also, I think, an important note of the context of his words. This wasn't Rogan getting in front of reporters or doing press trying to make a statement - this was just him shooting the s#!t off the cuff with a friend/acquaintance. Maybe he meant it 100% literally. Maybe he was being hyperbolic in a conversation. I don't know for sure but that's not an unreasonable interpretation. Rogan's show is unscripted, unpolished, live and raw. He also doesn't give a s#!t about what media/public try to say about him, in the sense that he doesn't ever clarify remarks or apologize with PR, stuff like that. Now if he really genuinely meant it, I disagree and couldn't see how he would possibly be able to vote for Trump. I'd say that's wrong, flat out. But I couldn't say the same for people unwilling to participate at all and unwilling to vote for Biden. Day by day I keep thinking more about the possibility that if Biden wins (I don't think he can, truthfully) it will be a tepid uninspired four years and might open up the floodgates to a real totalitarian who is competent, sharp, and charismatic. If I was absolutely convinced of that happening, I would not vote, or in the slightest chance maybe vote for Trump because I think the long game of surviving four more years of s#!t would be the springboard into some truly remarkable and legitimate progress.
  3. The news story that the tweet is referencing: Tiger at Bronx Zoo in New York City tests positive for coronavirus
  4. Oh the govt was going to be taking over the hospitals, clinics, imaging sites and all the means of healthcare production also? I must have missed that part. Silly me.
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  6. From the same article. In light of the current WH occupant, how I wish we had GWB, Obama, or GHWB or even Clinton in office today.
  7. Actual socialism has no incentive at all, pretty much by definition. The exception is the rich who won't use it but instead by private healthcare.
  8. Why wouldn't you put this information out there?
  9. pretty sure trump said the virus would go away in april. didn't he say that?
  10. It is really baffling watching the defense of Kushner. At no point has he ever earned the benefit of the doubt. Why argue for it now?
  11. The people who are experts at this stuff, and they are in agreement from around the world, are trying to warn us about a situation similar to the Influenza Epidemic of 1918/1919 that killed 50 million people (out of a much smaller global population). If we're smart enough to learn from the past and use new science to defeat it, it won't mean was no big deal. It will mean the reaction saved lives. So let's keep it all in perspective and not blow it down into something less than it is. And from all I've seen, Team No Big Deal falls into a very political category.
  12. you do understand that shutting things down and putting on those mask is to prevent millions of more deaths...right? are you suggesting that millions of more deaths is the christian thing to do? "Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others" (Philippians 2:4)
  13. Am I understanding your point here to be that we shouldn't be treating this pandemic the way we are because other things kill lots of people?
  14. That guy [can't stomach it] ... won't watch it. I'd rather just look at the worldwide stats in the past three months and not get I to the politics ... there are many, many, many things that kill humans ... and we don't close down the world nor put masks on for. I'd prefer to just keep it all in perspective and not blow up this virus into more than it is. Yawn ... [in comparison to the more important data numbers]
  15. Putting this in this thread an not the Space thread because I don't think it's real. It's a pretty good fake, though. The YouTube account that posted this was created a couple of days ago. There are a ton of replies that aren't being responded to. The guy's description (translated from French) is: Check out the 34 second mark. It seems like the "atmospheric disturbance" just shuts off. So that's another knock against this being real. Another is that it's basically a clip of what appears to be this guy setting up, catching exactly what he's looking for, then taking the camera down without saying anything. You'd think he would react more to capturing this.
  16. Ya, hopefully the number gets to the 2 -3.5 million projected, right? ... that will allow for some political points to some side
  17. @The Dude There's a bit of code after that link that isn't visible until you go to twitter on a desktop. I erased it. Try this: https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1246816324363276295
  18. I agree that the public option plans present flaws. They are certainly not perfect. And clearly M4A is popular with people. As is public option, actually. Improving healthcare is popular. We agree on a lot of goals. If I could snap my fingers and make single-payer happen, would I do it? Absolutely. Especially if I could sidestep the massive upheaval to our current system (e.g., phasing out entire segments of the economy, millions of people transitioning out of their current jobs in insurance, etc.). If I could go back in time and start America from scratch with a single-payer system before we ever embarked on a doomed path of employer-sponsored insurance, I would. But I can't. And I don't share your optimism something as radical as M4A - if we're being honest, it proposes the furthest left healthcare system of anywhere in the world, considering things like blanket bans on private insurance, no copays/deductibles, hard caps on medication prices - could ever get implemented in our system. There's just no roadmap through the Senate for this bill in its current form. At best I think it gets watered down to public-option territory, which I'm already fine with. Improving healthcare with a public option, even if it is flawed, is better than the status quo.
  19. And Bernie supporters wonder why the voters they needed to court were turned off by them and their candidate. Such a mystery.
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