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  1. The Huskers are an average high school team. They don’t belong on the same field as teams like Michigan or Georgia. if you are down 4 TDs, why still call run plays that have not worked all game?
  2. The Huskers looked better in the second half but you can’t expect to win with three interceptions and a fumble. Still concerned that the offensive is not good enough to control the clock with the run game. Overall, I still don’t like a three man defensive front line but they did better thanI expected.
  3. This O Line cannot get the job done. The D Line is not good enough either. Iowa wins. This team has exceeded my expectations since they have 3 wins. I only expected 2 wins. We need a new head coach but I expect Mickey wil get the nod. Trev will get crucified if he does not keep the “first black head coach of any team” in Nebraska history. Too much politics to ignore.
  4. Callahan and Petersen destroyed Nebraska football and culture. Fans with annual championship expectations fueled the fires too. Remember, we fired two 9-win coaches because they did not measure up. Solich went on to a successful career at Ohio. Pelini might have mellowed out if his brother was. It around as a bad influence. the Huskers are a doormat now and it will take time with an exceptional HC and trike outstanding assistants working hard for several seasons. Five star recruits are not dreaming of coming to Lincoln. We will have to develop good local talent and lesser star recruits, teaching fundamentals, stressing strength & conditioning, and MOTIVATING them.
  5. He panics under pressure. He must have done okay in High school to get a scholarship. I think his coaching and development in Lincoln is minimal. I would bet that Purdy has not had much full speed tackle action in practice before and during the season. The coaching in Lincoln is insufficient for Purdy and others.
  6. Any body think we will win any of the last three games? I think that we will lose all three. I also think that it cost Mickey the head coach job for next year. I would not like to see him go due the circumstances brought about the Scoot Frost tenure. But- the losing season doormat reputation must be changed. A new coach staff, with or without Mickey, may needed for a fresh start.
  7. My theory/ if the offense was able to sustain drives ending in scoring, our opponents would never have the time to run 100+ offensive plays.
  8. I am going out on a limb- IF we beat Purdue, we go on to beat Minnesota, Iowa and maybe Wisconsin. The impossible dream- Bowl eligible!
  9. The Announcers bragged up on the fan base and their support. TV cameras scanning the stands showed a lot of empty seats in the third quarter. Then they stated not all games this year are sold out. The wealthy boosters will buy them out to keep the steak alive.
  10. Very little will change until competent experienced coaches are hired to teach and develop fundamentals and techniques and develop competent s hemes. l don’t like Joseph taking the blame. Someone taught him to not throw the players under the bus- good leadership but not truth after just six days. We were simply outclassed by a better team by a highly skilled and organized coaching staff. We won’t be good for at least a year or two and success won’t come from this group of coaches. I think we will be lucky to win two games this year and fortunate if we can retain our best players. Until I see the players showing fundamentals and conditioning, I all have no faith in these coaches.
  11. I don’t see a winning season or bowl game this year and most likely a new coach and assistants next year. BIG QUESTION: How many of our good players will be lost next year? The
  12. They have big problems- not just the DTs. This is a long rebuild.
  13. I heard one of commentators say on an open mike that Meyers wife wouldn’t say yes- she likes Florida.
  14. Frost’s firing leaves the staff short one coach now. Does Mickey Joseph hire someone before the end of this season? If he does, what role or responsibilities should the assistant work in?
  15. True. He has not taken Wyoming Dow though- mixed bag of winning and losing seasons. His record is better than Frost and he has to re recruit for Wyoming- much harder than for Lincoln. My point was that he built the North Dakota State winning ways. Mickey Joseph may be a great coach but has been a head coach for one year without any evidence of building a football machine. I hope that Mickey gets the job done and builds something for the future.
  16. I have been hearing identity or similar issues for over five decades now. I think it largely is red herring- you can’t come up with name and the problem is solved. The team has to be sound on both sides of the ball and in all areas of the game. It has to start with the coaches demanding conditioning, techniques and standards. Next both lines have to be developed that can control and dominate the LOS. The offenses and defenses come next- schemes and talent. Special teams are mandatory. You must dominate in ball control and field position. Our problem has always been in the run, pass or dual threat identity. A championship team may be more successful in running or passing BUT they are competent and competitive in both. I can remember Osborne’s teams being dominate in running against weak and average teams and the stall out against top 29 teams because their passing game was not respected. Remember when Solich’s teams were basically Crouch left, Crouch right, Crouch again. We did not have a real passing game threat despite having stars that went on to the NFL as receivers or dual threats. Not many QB stars at Nebraska ever went on to be stars in the NFL. We need an offense that can make long drives on the ground backed up with a good passing threat (that is respected)featuring a road grader line. We need a defense that can stop the run for three yards or less, put pressure on the QB and DBs can play close without flags. The special teams need provide good field position. It will take time for competent and skilled coaches to develop this kind of team. Their identity is being a kick a$$ competitor. I heard Green Bay described in their hey-day as a team that only ran about a dozen plays. But, they ran those plays better than any anyone else and ran over defenses. IMO, it all starts with both lines.
  17. Bohl played for the Huskers and was their DC before Solich fired him. Bohl then wound up at North Dakota State where he built a FCS dynasty finishing with three consecutive FCS championships. He also grew up in Lincoln so he knows the Big Red Traditions developed by Devaney and Osbourne.
  18. 1. North Dakota State Coach 2. James Madison Coach 3. Appalachian State Coach 4. Urban Meyer 5. Craig Bohl
  19. I truly believe that Marvin Sanders was the best DB coach we ever had at NU.
  20. I agree totally with your last post. The coaches may make changes and make some progress over the next 9 games. If they don’t get rehired, their work will get lost in the coaching changes next year. Devaney was a success in one year with the old players and his coaches. Bill Jennings was a good recruiter but no head coach. I remember Devaney got an ovation when he called a pass play on 3rd down instead the usual run 3 and punt. Today’s situation is different but I think Joseph has a situation where he can get improvements. On another topic, Urban Meyer may not be a saint but neither was Devaney. Devaney got results using his lovable character and humor mixed with some kick a$$ standards. Meyers tendency to quit and move one a lot worries me most. We should look at some FCS coaches with 5-10 year success record- up and comers like the North Dakota State coach. I want Joseph to succeed but he needs to make this team his fast and that means Chin must go IMO.
  21. Disagree. The assistants will do as much as they can to stay in football- no one will hire them to their staff if they are labeled quitters. The players will give everything except for the losers. They want to move up to starter status so they look good in the portal, still have a chance for the pros, and most are competitors with pride. They will respond to the new coach if he is positive. Pelini got it done. He was a great coach with a unruly mouth and a childish brother.
  22. I thought Frost would be fired after this loss but not until after 1 Oct 23 to save the $7.5 million. I was concerned about having a lame duck acting coach for the rest of the year BUT after learning that fans were chanting Fire Frost while the coach and team were on the field— Trev Alberts really had no choice anymore. I am sure there were discussions behind the scenes but the time had come. I am sad for Scott and his family and the assistants to follow. They did not want this failure but it was apparent there would be no improvement coming. Mickey Joseph has a big task to pull the team together and make some necessary changes. I want him to succeed. We need to put a brake on our expectations. You can’t change some 20 years of problems to be fixed in one week or one season. There aren’t many Devaneys out there like in 1962.
  23. I want Coach Mickey to do good but he won’t get different results this year without a defense! Chin and his assistants need to be replaced- Chin now!!!!!! we generally do week enough to win in the offense but the defense generally never does. We need ball control with long drives and the defense get several three & outs for a good team. I can’t see six days turning this dead team into a competitor for Oklahoma. Oklahoma 77. Nebraska 3
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