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  1. with a name like Huskerbar.com it should include the largest Husker Alumni sponsored bars in Southern California, or AT LEAST ONE of the half dozen in the OC-LA area what a crock site
  2. you know when someone admittedly asks a stupid question, and by no means is this to be construed as a personal attack directed at the OP, I am compelled to counter with a stochastic and equally absurd statement. My statement is, there is a brownish crinkle ridge that needs your mucus coated tongue's massaging waggle, this area of my anatomy, which rhymes with the slang word "aint", once stimulated by your lizard lick tickle flicker will unleash the wisdom of a 1000 irritable bowel syndrome suffering midgets to provide you such answer. Or you could just stop asking stupid questions
  3. How do I say this without sounding mean.......If you get the sense Tyjon didn't put fourth the effort in the Football program, let's just say thinking about educational degrees are penultimate to taking a liquid poop after an all-night bender
  4. He played in Corona before transferring to Las Vegas B. Gorman- while in Corona I knew some folks at the high school level that basically said the kid had "issues" off the field- I think those issues followed him to Nebraska
  5. well which is it? recruiting stars athletes or players that love playing? we had plenty of California guys in the 90's and never broke into the top ten in recruiting but still won- BTW winning 8-9 games doesn't sound too bad right now
  6. Are we that fragile as a fan base to think SF isn't a good coach? The people getting the vapors about all of this probably live their lives day by day in their mom's basement
  7. from what I've read 75 % of these posts and opinions are from drunken, and/or over-reactive fools- come on, this schedule is terrible and everyone knew that going in- also what did you want SF and gang to say? hey this year we're going to just lose because I've got a bunch of clowns from the last coach (although he did and kind of said that) - and as far as what he inherited from Reilly yeah pretty close to the 0-12 team Frost had at UCF- here is the deal - despite the crap start. I say we end up with a better record than last year
  8. What does this have anything to do with anything that happened in the game today...?
  9. and to the stupid post and question about being worse than last year......WTF??? we have Frost they had Reilly ,,,, that fact alone should end that crap
  10. I learned the Irish have a pretty good offense because Michigan's defense is good and fast- I also learned that Michigan likes to use a lead blocker, weakside runs with pulling guards and centers, which absolutely confused and blew up our front 7
  11. Yep, like most legal threats and bluster, it has now become a negotiation, the PR on both sides is for show and leverage, the payout will not be whole but there will be some sort of $$ going to the Zips
  12. also contrast this with 80's and 90's linemen that actually cut-blocked by using the crab- technique very athletic moves and teams hated us for using that style blocking, but as we know it was very effective when done the right way
  13. when I look at that clip- Farmer looks about as athletic as an arthritic tree sloth- almost defies gravity in how slow he falls- in contrast the UCF clip shows lineman making contact and looking quick
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