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  1. But...but...but.....our recruiting ranking......we are better than____________(fill in the blank with MN, IA, NW, WI)........we have AM 3.5.....all we continue to do is hope and dream and maybe, just maybe, the pieces fall into place. In all reality, we are no different than any other NE team in the past X number of years until we prove it on the field. It used to mean something when you said NE/Lincoln/Memorial Stadium.....now, not so much, just chasing phantoms from the past as college football left us in the dust
  2. Can’t argue with any of those points. Lots of ?’s on every team, but very glaring in Lincoln especially going into year #3 of the Golden Child’s regime. O line will be our strength and after that, I really can’t hang my hat on a group, probably DB’s
  3. All in all, regardless of how the games are listed or who's feelings were hurt, we are going to be dogs in a lot of our games and big dogs against anyone who is top 20. Spin it how you want
  4. I have a Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis system in my house. LOVE THEM BOTH !
  5. Not shut down, but are allowed to work from home. All travel has been shut down until May and many meetings/conferences were postponed and put on hold right now. My wife has pretty much had to lay off all her part-time staff and here hourly managers are going to see reduced hours as well. The economic impact of this is going to linger for quite some time.
  6. First presser of year......Hype will be going full bore. Pass the pitchers....Oh Yeah !
  7. The posts which say “8+ wins “ are a hoot. We better be 7-0 going into our last 5 to even get a sniff at 8 wins. As several others have said, we need better play in many areas and depth is still going to be an issue at some key spots on the roster. I don’t want to see failure, but reality and past optimism is saying 6-6 would be a great season. I sure hope for better, but the hype train needs a reality check.
  8. but, but , but....look at our recruiting rankings Seriously, you have to develop young talent. If guys were that good and that good right out of HS, they are probably not showing up on our rosters anyway. In year 3 to not have anyone at WR is a bad situation. Hoping (and praying) some true freshmen step up and step in is KooL Aid tainted glasses talking. What about our TE's ? I thought this offense was supposed to utilize the TE's and I have yet to really see it. We have a boat load of them, but never really used them. Austin Allen in the slot is a match up problem for most LB's but we don't go to it. Might have to stop trying to pound that square peg into the round hole and figure out how to utilize what we do have better than we have. But, I'm no coach and Im sure the staff has it all figured out already. Could make for an interesting Spring Game to have the same 4 guys playing on both offensive groups.
  9. a head coach has to be a CEO. He needs to know and have the pulse of everything that is going on, as it is his team. Right now, I don't think Scott does that. IMO, he defers way too much especially on D and Special Teams. Trusting your coaches is huge and knowing they are teaching what you want/need is also huge. It is too much to try and do it yourself, but you need to have the pulse of all areas of the program, not just the offense in his case. Maybe in time, but so far I'd say he has a lot of room to grow.
  10. Sure, gotta love "coach speak". BTW, if you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Yes, please, do go on
  11. well, not on twitter at all and my initial post got a "like", so that is a quorum. FWIW, why is that so dumb? How many times was he hung out to dry by his QB throwing to God only knows where?
  12. Probably left when he realized that there was NOT going to be an open QB competition this spring and knew his body could not take another beating from a QB trowing passes everywhere but on target.....just a speculation, but does make sense
  13. IF the rumors of how he hurt himself trying to show-off during "fan day" are true, that is how he got hurt and it was a pretty serious injury. A labrum injury, especially for a kicker, is not good.
  14. But......but......but......some states it is legal, so that should make it all fine and dandy
  15. Lots of potential rabbit holes here, many already brought up. The total cost to go to college is easily $100K + for 4-5 years, especially taking into account out of state tuition. For any athlete, leaving after 4-5 years with no debt and a degree is HUGE! Absolutely huge! If athletes want to go out and profit off their name and likeness, so be it. Don’t require any school to do more than they already do.
  16. The train I was referring to was the rest of college football. That is about all I can say or I'll get more warning points
  17. Stay positive, next year we will be better right? Stay positive, as our schedule is more favorable next year right? Stay positive, Scotty played for Nebraska. Stay positive, our recruiting classes have more stars next to guys' names than before. Stay positive....... Much of that all is quite sad. Worrying about our schedule??? How un-Nebraska is that? Until we go out there with the attitude that every game is ours to win (Wiscy comes to mind in our division) we are going to be and stay lil brother to the men in the B1G. We are a LONG ways off. 6 wins this year and a toilet bowl would be a huge step forward. People need to realize the train we are trying to catch left a long time ago. We may/may not ever get back to it.
  18. The title of the thread, with the subject being plural, was what caught my eye. If we have multiple players drafted, I’d be utterly surprised.
  19. Fair enough. I was thinking of the era of 2000 to present with my statement, but you are correct.
  20. You make a valid point, but he was not given the time Pelini was either and definitely brought in way more talent to NU if you are hanging your hat on recruiting rankings.
  21. Some of very best recruiting classes we ever had at NU were from the Callahan era, correct? Did that equate to anything then, no not really, so why will it automatically equate to anything now? Callahan gets a lot of grief, mainly due to his loyalty to Cosgrove, but in all honesty, he was the best coach we have had at NU since Osborne and that includes Scotty Frosty. He recruited like crazy with a staff that knew what they wanted to do, especially on offense. If he had dumped Cosgrove, he could very well still be here as HC. We have an uphill climb with a green staff who are still trying to figure out if they should zig or zag. Ego's aside, the chore is not insurmountable, but we are the little brother of college football not only in our own conference, but in the nation. A good year for NU going forward would be to finish in the top half of the conference. That is not giving up, that is reality.
  22. I'd say he is more than just an "assistant" with the title of "associate head coach" and more than likely "coach in waiting" He is one of the best young coaches in the country. Again, someone has to be first and we have the funds to do it. Why not solidify the program for years to come by not only locking in Hildebrand, but also make it worth the while of other coaches to come and stay. Jaylen is an up and comer too, why would you want to leave NE to be a head coach somewhere else if the $$ and environment is perfect?
  23. As bad as our special teams have been (on bad teams to boot), it would be refreshing to see a dedication to trying to win that phase of the game and if Sean is the guy, I am all for it. Im guessing he and Bill talked football on more than one occasion.....just spit balling that idea.
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