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  1. I don't believe any Husker related football "this is going to be dope" jargon until I see it actually on the field against teams not named Nebraska.
  2. I don't understand how any Husker fan can see this, knowing our YEARS of laziness, and not think this is a good thing.
  3. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" #TheObiWanKenobiAbsolutes #isn't it ironic...don't ya think
  4. Death stares you straight in the face, it doesn't look to the side and duck face. IMPROVEMENT!!
  5. Bout as good as time as any to use a word I rarely use...."egads!!!"
  6. Ironically, I think the limited number let in (4) amplifies talent gaps, whereas more let in would have that play out on a more sensible scale
  7. Yeah, f#&% YOU skip bayless...you pos worm
  8. Exactly, I actually thought Harbaugh played the time pretty well
  9. Ummm..that was 100% targeting. We all have seen far less get called. I hate Michigan...but?
  10. I just hate how everything is up for immediate public opinion, I am guilty as charged for being a breeze of wind in those sails...it just sucks at the end of the day. Decisions are made on "what if" instead of "what happened". Not talking about the MJ situation in general, it's just another example of how we as people form a quick opinion without zero context/facts and the internet does the rest.
  11. Yes, because people in senior leadership roles are ALL upstanding citizens.
  12. OL is one of the hardest to build. You can have "big" dudes but technique is what separates the good from just being big...and good technique is not taught and applied in 9 months. This is why they need a recruiting bonanza for the top OL in the country, whether it be HS or transfers, sell the FAB 5 motto to them. If iam Rhule, iam hitting the OL transfer market hard.
  13. I believe because the defender made contact and hit the player to go slightly back and then out of bounds is why the clock did not stop. Offensive player has to have personal forward momentum when going out to stop clock
  14. Went with "Lando" not just because I appreciate the humor in it...but more so because Lando Calocantspellit seems like a cool dude.
  15. Frankly, the fact that people buy tickets and don't go speaks more to poor spending habits than awesomeness of streaks
  16. That's awesome (tickets are given away). I have no doubt that every Husker fan recognizes that the "sell out" streak means tickets sold not butts in the seat. My mine gripe is the national perspective that is communicated to non-Husker fans/recruits is that it implies its "butts in the seats". When we were winning I could go along with it as you may have 1 or 2k that don't show up...as we continue to lose and 5+k are not showing up and it is evident the stadium has plenty of seats open, than it becomes gimmicky.
  17. Good lord, we all get the difference. Reread my post, the "sell out" is marketed as " full capacity" to the public. Again every broadcast starts with a "x straight sell out crowd" with a camera pan of the crowd. What's prideful about all the tickets being "bought" due to the University and big boosters working together to ensure on paper the "crowd is technically full"
  18. It's complete crap...I don't know how anyone can sit here with a straight face and think the sell out streak holds anyother value than a sham of $ to make people think the stadium is at physical capacity. EVERY time on TV when they announce "x straight sellout" and they immediately pan to the stadium to show the crowd. Hence "sell out" implies to non Nebraska fans "full capacity." It would be more respected on my end, if they immediately panned to John C Moneybags in a suite. If this sham is going to continue atleast the tickets that were bought to "sell out" should be given away for free at the gate.
  19. I've learned my care for Nebraska football has reached Zoolander level.
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