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  1. I f#&%ing love the idea of rows of corn
  2. Until we can get our Husker vision 20/20...we should wait
  3. Lol...I went the entire week thinking for some reason our game was tonight Literally was on BTN, like ""WTF!?"
  4. Well, I don't know.....Abraham Lincoln was a big supporter of the internet being a library of truth.
  5. I think we have 60% chance to win home games...50% at Purdue, 10% at Michigan and 40% at Iowa
  6. That happens...dudes excel in HS, get high ratings and then get to college and life starts happening
  7. Did not realize we have 500 TE's
  8. Solid post. Nothing I personally disagree with. I think a University and fan base can take a little baggage with a coach provided the person is not a complete embarrassment nationally.
  9. I agree with your historical point of being a Husker fan.. but fact of the matter is that we wont , and no school for general purposes, go from middle of the road to playoff team in 1 year after a HC change...there is generally a 8-4 that follows a 5-7/6-6 campaign and possibly a 9-3/8-4 in the 2nd year after that...so a fan needs to understand progression towards satisfaction...not "we should win cause of Tom Osborne!!!." Basically, we should all embrace the process. Nebraska fans should (not talking about anyone on this forum, just a general point) appreciate hard work and focus over immediate gratification.
  10. Time and place...you don't think the guy who replaces Saban and if they were to go 9-3, 8-4 for the next couple years would not be on the "hot seat" in Alabama? And Bo...he obviously did not replace a "Saban"...but dude was off hinges and would have eventually done some increasingly negative s#!t
  11. One thing I would like to see offensively is more RB screens to start off the game...we know our OL sucks, but you don't need to know right away
  12. He started doing quick options (shallow drags) with level routes to combo that...you don't stop running plays (know your not remotely saying that, little hyperbole on my part) if your OL sucks. If a team knows you won't run routes deeper than 5 yards and a 3 step drop, your screwed (run and pass)
  13. The moment Frost was fired every coach on staff became "interim".
  14. Hadn't seen that quote. It's perfect. That's the true sign of "let him do what he was hired for" culture...and more importantly a HC that is not trying to make this opportunity about him specifically, although he wants to make his mark for sure, but more about us (coaches) and trusting them to "work through it". That's a coach.
  15. Not being an apologist...just saying that with all the s#!t we have been through, an interim OC for the last 3 games, who is actually making some adjustments in game, and ultimately helps the team win games should not be a "let's find faults NOW!!!" focus. If he is gone next year, which is more likely than not, than great...but the team is winning (for now) at a pace that is unheard of relative to the past couple years.And I for one am just playing with house money right now as a fan.
  16. Honestly, not understanding the overall negativity towards Whipple...yeah, definetly some play calls that you wonder about....but at end of the day an offense with a s#!tty OL is going to have these days and we made enough adjustments to make it work. Not saying the guy is it for our OC, but it wasn't like he was head in the sand and didn't try to adjust...shallow routes was a great example of him saying, "ok, let's take that for now"
  17. I assumed a moose is a friendly animal..horses are cool, amirite?
  18. Yeah, so expand your pool of people with "HC experience: required."
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