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  1. Geez, if the Packers had lost that one, after yesterday.... 

  2. Alabama is about to lose and I can't even enjoy it.


    1. ladyhawke


      They DID lose. Ha!

  3. So today it's bad punting. It's different, I'll give them that.


    1. commando


      i wonder what new and exciting f#&% ups we will see next week?

  4. Not sure if I've seen a team leave 30 points on the field until today.

    Oh well, at least the defense is good.

  5. Check me if I'm wrong but when you cheat to improve your special teams, doesn't that mean that they, well, improve?

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Yesterday proved one of two things. Either that is a faulty notion or we did not cheat……or we suck at cheating too.

  6. Let's go volleyball!

    1. krc1995


      Was the medal ceremony broadcast? I stayed up an hour past the game but didn’t see it.  Jordan Larsen must be the greatest women’s volleyball player of all time. 

    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Cool to hear the broadcasters mention how Wong-Orantes was undoubtedly the best libero of the games, during the gold medal match. 

  7. Well, if Texas' whole thing is ruining conferences then I guess I can get aboard with this one.

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    2. ladyhawke


      Can you imagine how Arkansas fans feel about Texass joining the SEC? They were screwed over by Texass when they were in the SWC back in the 90’s 

        Texass is a cancer to college football. Coach Osborne has been vindicated. He knew having Texass join the then Big 8 would ruin the conference and they did.

      I hope they lose every game they play this fall. 

    3. commando


      i wish Texas all the best in their attempt to destroy the SEC.

    4. TonyStalloni


      If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, is Texas our friend or is the SEC?

  8. I was hoping for Spiders. Dang.

    1. chamrocck


      Cleveland being Cleveland. This is a pathetic name. :lol:

    2. commando


      i wonder if steamers made the top 10?

  9. We're recruiting Dominic Raiola's kid? Good God, I'm old.

    1. krc1995


      I know it! Thought the same. But he’s still always off- class 2024 I think. He’s matured very early. 

  10. Wandered into the baseball thread and immediately regretted it.

  11. Been fixing some broken Youtube links and added new ones for some 80s games (and late 70s) on the video page.

    1. admo


      @CheeseHusker  You done a great job, I appreciate it.  I caught a few of those games recently.  Those older recordings are awesome to watch.  I usually try to catch a replay once a month

  12. Am I the only person here not really happy for Suh?

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    2. CheeseHusker


      I suppose my bias as a Packer fan will show, but I can't really get past the nut-stomping incident and subsequent instances of questionable intent. So be it.


    3. ZRod


      He was just as nasty when he played here, but we loved him for it.

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      2 Huskers were key cogs in one of the best defensive performances is Super Bowl history, and that's awesome. 

  13. Congrats to Lavonte David, and nobody else.

    1. funhusker


      Not a Suh or Khalil Davis fan?

    2. CheeseHusker


      Oh, I forgot about Khalil. Yeah, that's fine.


      Suh's kinda lost me forever, unfortunately.

  14. Well at least I can watch them lose live instead of on replay.

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      That’s where I’m at @RedSavage. Can’t decide if if I’m disappointed, scared , stupid or what but since the time got moved back, I no longer have a viable excuse to not watch.

    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      @JJ Husker you could make a trip to the weed store and stock up for the holidays! 

    4. RedSavage


      @JJ HuskerGluttons for punishment I suppose

  15. Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash.

    Also, officiating.


  16. Come on B1G, you're killing me with these early kickoffs!

    4 am isn't exactly prime time viewing for me.


  17. Why am I cursed every year with watching defenses that trip over their own limp phalluses. College and pro.

    1. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      I thought some this weekend about the parallels between my college team and my pro team. 


      It bummed me out so I stopped thinking about it pretty quickly.

    2. Cdog923


      My college and pro teams couldn't be any further out at the opposite ends of the spectrum. 

  18. Gimmicky uniforms don't win football games.

    1. ladyhawke


      My husband said, “Black uniforms? We’re going to lose this game.”  He was right. 

    2. Redux


      Neither do traditional uniforms apparently 

  19. Scott, you're losing me bud.

    1. Decoy73


      He needs to string together 3 W's.  Then the perception does a 180.  But, yeah, something good needs to happen soon.

  20. I'm enjoying all the shade being thrown at Minnesota.

  21. Man... for a program that hasn't won anything in 20 years, we sure still seem to live rent free in a lot of people's heads.

  22. I think it's pretty clear now that the greater football world doesn't get Nebraska. We would rather go 0-10 if it meant the alternative option was not playing at all.

    Not the goal but the game.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Unfortunately some Nebraska fans don't seem to get that either. Getting slightly annoyed with those who are afraid to compete. It's a defeatist attitude that should not exist.

    2. BigRedBuster


      Husker fans are looking pretty pathetic right now.  I was slightly frustrated when I first saw the schedule.  But....get over it.  We will be playing football and every week is against someone good.  That should be exciting for the fans.  The whining has to stop.

    3. CheeseHusker


      Yep.... we were gonna play all these teams eventually; the order isn't really that big of a deal considering it is a weird situation for everybody. I actually think it could favor us.


  23. Ahh, we're the pariah of the college football world again... feels just like 1995. Sorta.

    1. Cdog923


      Ohio State is on our side, at least. 

    2. knapplc


      ESPN is giddily ripping on Nebraska. Rittenberg, Wilbon, Howard, all letting it fly.


      Here's how they reacted to Frost's statement:




      Here's how they reacted to Day's statement:



  24. I guess Nebraska has entered the transfer portal.

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