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The Right-Wing Disinformation Machine

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53 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

But….but…but…. I thought our border was wide open with nobody stopping anyone from coming in. 


There is a record of incoming and got aways:dunno  I’m sure you were told that. 

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13 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

He is both right and wrong.   They would be uninsured past the amount of fdic protection if I’m not mistaken.  

Sure, but so is any other bank customer at any other bank with balances above those protected levels. Same thing with car insurance. You are only insured up to the limits of the policy. I wouldn't tell someone who had say $500,000 of liability they were "Uninsured". If they suffered a loss greater than that amount, they would be Under Insured. 

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2 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

It's pretty pathetic that those percentages are that low.  Last Friday, at my friday afternoon club full of Republicans, I brought up how Fox isn't looking so good.  Instantly, it was....at least they're not as bad as CNN.  :facepalm:



I don't think I've watched, or listened on XM, to either of them in a couple years now; but CNN is not even in the same zip code when it come to the dishonest s#!t that Fox pulls.

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