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  2. I know it's MSNBC but these videos of cops shooting at press and non-violent people on empty streets are pretty damn confusing: "Get out of here" "OK where do I go? I'm press here's my ID card" "hmmm better arrest him" "I'm press! I'm press!" "I don't care, get down" "OK" *pepper spray in the face* trigger warning - blood
  3. Yes he was approached and put on the ground before shots were fired.
  4. It's a terrible tragedy when an innocent person gets harmed in one of these deals. But also, people need to be aware these are not safe places to be when teargas and rubber bullets are being used. It might be time to go and come back another day to peacefully protest when that crap begins. And I like how you poo pop the destruction as covered by insurance. Like that cost is not born by anyone except filthy rich corporations. Here's a bit of knowledge, insurance companies don't pay for anything without collecting those funds from their policyholders. When their expenses increase so do premiums. It's not a victimless situation.
  5. Pretty close to it! It was by the gun shop on Merle Hay Road. The Merle Hay area was a mess last night!
  6. Haven't seen the video. Following along with reporters on twitter and they're saying the bar owner was backing away from the crowd and got jumped. Yes?
  7. ATH Daylan Carnell - Missouri Mavric,Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,runningblind
  8. All I'm going to say on the matter is that I disagree with you and this assertion.
  9. Everything you've said is true. What's also true is that law enforcement and businesses are many multiple times more powerful than individual citizens. Tracking and mentioning and complaining about bad actions on both 'sides' the exact same amount is not fair, but is unfairly/disproportionately focused on the citizenry. One person breaks a window. Bad action by a bad actor. What's the damage? A broken window covered by insurance, maybe some stolen property covered by insurance. Decent chance they'll get prosecuted and punished if caught on camera. A cop hits a non-violent kid in the eye with a rubber bullet. What's the damage? The kid is blind in one eye for the rest of their life, maybe in crippling debt, and that cop will never face any accountability for it. Edit: All of that still has nothing to say about understanding but not condoning the pent up anger of decades worth of no progress in justice, and also nothing to say about the amount of citizens looting/rioting being different than those actually protesting and standing for something. I don't want to see my city burn. Especially Atlanta of all places. But I know most of the people doing the burning are provocateurs of chaos who do not reflect or represent anyone but themselves.
  10. Who are those “in the back”? Who doesn’t understand this? I would posit everyone who has posted in this thread gets it. And for the people that don’t get it, they aren’t going to. We understand the need for the protests. We understand that it can’t be totally lawful and peaceful or it will once again get ignored. But dang, we sure don’t have to like or accept some of the destruction and it’s okay to want to see it limited.
  11. Insurance companies will insurance company... they'll probably at least try it.
  12. No way this dude isn’t the starting nickel next year if he comes in right.
  13. I purchase commercial insurance and have it explained to me yearly (and I slept at a Holiday Inn more than once). Riots and civil unrest are covered perils on my policy, and on most I believe. Coverage for terrorism requires a special rider. I used to exclude it because the chances were so slim but it is very cheap to add it so now I do. I don’t believe Trump blaming ANTIFA or labeling them a terrorist organization quite qualifies for these being deemed a terrorist event. I believe it would take an official proclamation of some sort for these riots to become uncovered events. His wild rantings on twitter etc. shouldn’t qualify it as terrorism. But at the end of the day it is going to cost somebody who it shouldn’t. Whether it’s directly the property owners or the insurance companies who will then increase premiums on specific policies and/or across the board, it still ends up costing society unnecessarily.
  14. Agree with a lot of this. I think it would be tough for him to crack the starting lineup this year but could work himself into some playing time on D and being a major special teams contributor year 1 and then potential starter the next 2 years.
  15. Covid comes through again for the Huskers
  16. Aksarben on fire and being shut down.  Village Pointe reportedly the next target.  Everyone be safe out there.

    1. knapplc


      "Aksarben?" There hasn't been an Aksarben in Omaha for years. That region is a shopping center and Baxter Arena. There are no news reports of fires there right now. Where are you seeing this?

  17. It's going to get downright nasty in the Old Market. Police are converging on The Hive to protect it.
  18. Omaha gearing up for the announcement in a few minutes.
  19. We used to scrape the neighbor's sheep pen every few years in the Fall once the garden was done. We'd fill dad's pickup, haul it over to the garden & spread it, then till it in. It'd sit under the snow all winter and be ready for planting in the Spring. It was a pretty... shitty business. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  20. 100% agree. IMO Don Klein is a good dude so I don't think he would make this decision lightly and is well aware of how it may be received.
  21. As someone who has handled one hell of a lot of manure in my day, manure needs to be spread out to dry in the sun. It then should break apart to be spread nicely. Also, if it's pure manure, I would think you would need to be pretty careful not to burn your yard by putting too much on. After it's dried, running a tiller over it wouldn't hurt.
  22. On Rivals, he was the overall 93rd best player in the 2018 class
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