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  2. Best arcade game?  I am torn but I think Mortal Kombat beats out Gauntlet and Cyberball.

  3. Young Grand Island Husker

    2021 G Hunter Sallis

    Four-star Hunter Sallis could be one of the best guards that Rivals.com has ever seen coming out of the Omaha area. A smooth scorer who can create off the dribble, knock down jumpers to keep defenders honest and finish in a variety of ways between the rim and 15 feet, Sallis is one of those dudes for who the game comes easy. Next up is for him to start finding teammates more regularly but he's got potential to be a high level college scorer. Creighton would love to keep him home and Nebraska would love to keep him in state. Drake, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State and Ole Miss are also in hot pursuit early. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/adidas-finale-saturday-elite-wing-harrison-ingram-leads-ygc36-to-title
  4. Moiraine

    Offseason Camaraderie

    This gives me the opportunity to say I looked him up a few days ago and he's a whopping 195 lbs according to OSU's roster.
  5. Salsa Red

    Offseason Camaraderie

    I think it's Gebbia....
  6. Today
  7. huKSer

    Last to post wins

    Hey mods - lock this thread NOW
  8. Scarlet Overkill

    best TV source to watch games?

    And feel the toxins enter your body
  9. C N Red

    Hunter Returns as Graduate Assistant

    I was wondering if this was coming. She was helping at summer camps this year when i took my daughter.
  10. Landlord

    New Board

    Jesus @Mavric, do we need a Marvel Phase 4 thread and threads for every single individual marvel phase 4 movie, and then calendar events for every single volleyball game (do people use or look at the huskerboard calendar?) cluttering up the new content page
  11. Hans Gruber

    Guy Thomas gone

    I think the whole "knowing someone else's offense" thing is essentially irrelevant now. Every team has access to all-22 game film. Every Power Five team has analysts that break everything down on film. Thomas may know some things, but they'd be things that Colorado's staff already knew much more about anyways.
  12. Mavric

    Huskers Italy Trip 2019

  13. Nebfanatic

    Guy Thomas gone

    Bingo. Frosts scheme exploits your weaknesses so unless your plan is to have no weaknesses defensively then you are going to have a hard time defending this offense.
  14. It makes the topic better, dumpo.
  15. December 2, 2002 is probably the date that sticks out most to me in terms of causing a lot of change. This was the date Bill Byrne handed in his letter or resignation. On one hand, it's hard to fault Pederson, TO, and Eichorst. They were simply hired as AD to fire the current football coach. On the other hand, it's hard not to fault them for the clowns they hired. It probably isn't fair to include TO, but he was hired as AD to can Callahan. It also isn't really fair to include Bo as one of the clowns as he did inherit a mess and changed the direction of the program even though he really wasn't a long term solution.
  16. Mavric

    Bubba Starling

  17. Mavric

    VB v Ohio State

    Devaney - time TBA
  18. Mavric

    VB v Maryland

    Devaney - time TBA
  19. Mavric

    VB @ Wisconsin

    in Madison
  20. Mavric

    VB @ Minnesota

    in Minneapolis - time TBA
  21. Mavric

    VB v Iowa

    Devaney - time TBA
  22. Mavric

    VB @ Michigan State

    in East Lansing - time TBA
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