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  1. Changes to the Nebraska brand

    Switch back to the Big 12...
  2. Is Scott Frost the ONLY Answer?

    Campbell just signed an extension so you can take him off the list.
  3. Is Scott Frost the ONLY Answer?

    Yep...to poach Campbell it'll cost you 10 million just to start...then you have to add in maybe 2.5 million more for his salary...plus a like amount of money for his staff...looking at 15 million right there. Then you have to add in what's left of Riley's contract and his staff...along with whatever is left from the Pelini contract...oh, and that AD you just got rid of and the new salary that your new AD commands over and above the fired guy.... How you paying for that? Maybe with declining ticket prices and merchandise sales? You want to risk bankrupting the athletic department on Campbell? More power to you I guess...
  4. Is Scott Frost the ONLY Answer?

    Why would Campbell want to go from ISU to Nebraska? The fans love him, the AD loves him, his players love him, he has a boatload of talent...his talent...coming back for next year. He's already coaching in a Power 5 conference and building a program HIS way with HIS players. You really think he'd consider leaving that behind to start over with a program that's in shambles and a team of players who pretty much mailed it in after finding out that winning wasn't automatic just because the had 5 stars out of high school? If Nebraska can't get Frost, you better lower your expectations on who Plan B might be because, like it or not, Nebraska really can't be considered a dream job for a head football coach anymore.
  5. What did we learn? - Iowa

    I learned that Scott Frost will probably run away from any Husker offer after that performance. Better get ready to welcome Coach Kingsberry to your football family...
  6. What's most important to you?

    Receivers who can block...
  7. hawkeyes game

    Iowa is regressing. Ought to be an easy win....for somebody.
  8. How bad?

    I think it will be a close game...I expect Penn State to rest their starters so they'll be ready for that big Maryland game next week. You always have a chance when the other team is looking ahead to the next game.
  9. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Just had our third QB throw our third TD pass. Hey! Is your game over? What happened? I was watching a football game and must have missed it?
  10. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    The ISU game is getting good...you all should switch over. Some real hitting going on.
  11. A decision could be made sooner than we thought

    Campbell says that since you got his first name wrong, you can take him off your list and add Mack Brown and Barry Switzer.
  12. Perfect Example

    Meh...read to thread title and figured it was about me.
  13. What did we learn?....Northwestern

    I learned these things... Whoever is in charge of start times is an idiot. Who came up with the bright idea of having Nebraska, ISU and Iowa all starting at 2:30? On Saturday, I just want to watch football...not have to make decisions and stuff. West Virgina fans are the worst fans in the Big 12. Laser pointers and morons with coonskin caps contradict the laws of nature. If you stand too close to your Iowa State wind sock while having a cigarette on your porch when the wind is blowing, it will inevitably blow your way, become entangled with your head and go up in flames like a torch. My dog likes beer Other than that...nothing.
  14. Need some help here...

    Not yet. I need to fire my face and hire Scott Frost.
  15. Need some help here...

    What a crappy day... Iowa State loses. Nebraska loses. Iowa wins. and now this dipsh*t...