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  1. Nebraska Games without cable?

    I have PlayStation Vue and use an antenna for ABC. I get BTN, ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox for when we have PAC 12 games. I pay $35 a month but I think it is going up to $45 soon. Service is reliable and they have DVR.
  2. DT Calvin Avery [Illinois Commit]

    For some reason I still think he ends up in this class.
  3. WR Isaah Crocker

    I think we are going to take 5 WRs this class with the 4th or 5th being 2 of the following: Moore, Hall, and this guy. I think we may have some attrition next year with guys like Reed, Barnett, Anderson, and one Dlineman looking elsewhere.
  4. McKewon: The Great Nebraska Talent Debate

    I somewhat disagree with McKewon. The draft isn't just indicative of talent, but also how that talent is used. We had a number of players that weren't adequately utilized and some playing out position.
  5. RB Grahm Roberts

    Could we move him to FB?
  6. 2017 Front Seven Projections

    I've seen that being thrown around, just not the biggest fan. With the issues we had last year on the o-line, just don't like throwing away potential depth.
  7. 2017 Front Seven Projections

    Im sure Freedom would be more than fine at the LB position. He kind of reminds me of a Tamba Hali type. And he seems to do well. There is literally a 0% chance we are starting a 280 pound LB. Maybe his weight has changed but on the UNI website he is listed at 255. At that weight it maybe easier for him to shed 7-8 lbs than gain 20+ and keep his speed.
  8. 2017 Front Seven Projections

    I don't know. From my understanding the NT is one of the easiest positions to learn and play in as a true freshman. My only concern will be there conditioning.
  9. 2017 Front Seven Projections

    Nose Tackle 1) Damion Daniels ( potential '17 recruit) 2) Deontae Watts ( '17 recruit) 3) Carlos Davis or Khalil Davis Left D-Tackle 1) M. Stoltenberg 2) Peyton Newell 3) Daishon Neal 4) Ben Stille Right D-Tackle 1) Carlos Davis 2) Khalil Davis 3) Peyton Newell WLB 1) Freedom Akinmoladun 2) Sedrick King or AJ Natter 3) Collin Miller or Quayshon Alexander SLB 1) Marcus Newby 2) Tyrin Ferguson or Robert Barry 4) Luke Gifford Strong Side MLB 1) Chris Weber 2) Pernell Jefferson 3) Avery Roberts Weak Side MLB 1) Dedrick Young 2) Greg Simmons Thoughts? Or projections?
  10. OSU recruit posts '62-3' after Lindsey commits

    At least we scored.