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  1. JUCO LB Will Honas

    I can’t be the only one that has your posts show up like this, right?
  2. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    That may be, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have him on the roster.
  3. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    I’d love to see us head over to IWCC now.
  4. 5 Unique Frost Shirts ... any ideas of your own?

    I’m making one that says Scotty DOES Know
  5. WR Jacob Copeland

    Whoever is on the right has a keen fashion sense. Straight fire.
  6. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    Just a play on a Taylor Martinez quote about his brother. I guess it fell flat.
  7. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    I guarantee Martinez is probably the fastest player in college football. That’s how fast Wilson is.
  8. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    Uggghh. That’s what I mean. In the case of Penn State vs Ohio State. Ohio State vs. Alabama. You know, the topic of the thread?
  9. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    That would be speculation though. If team B hasn’t played the top three teams, we don’t truly know who’s better. Team B would have beat a team that beat the top three teams. That’s a pretty darn big win on the resume. Head-to-head should be the deciding factor.
  10. LB Eriq Gilyard [Central Florida Commit]

    Not telling him he’s leaving isn’t the same as telling him he’s staying. Maybe the kid felt like the fact that he was still recruiting to UCF when he was set on NU was lying? I know omission can be lying, but that wouldn’t be the case there.
  11. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    Team B. They won the head-to-head, and won the division.
  12. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    Best team by the eye test is subjective. Best team by results on the field is not. I choose to go by the latter.
  13. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    Other than the fact that Penn State won the division, the conference, and beat Ohio State head-to-head, I guess I can admit Ohio State had a better resume. Not that any of that should count for anything. If you’re not the best team in your conference, you’re not the best team in the country. That’s for damn sure if you can’t win your division.
  14. Returning talent level

    “Hello, Mr. Burrow. This is Scott Frost. It’s time to come home.”
  15. ATH Garrett Snodgrass [Nebraska Commit]

    Jesus. I feel hella old. I remember when he was born and his dad (our science teacher) wrote his name on the board. His mom was my track coach too. If Garrett ends up a Husker legend, you can be damn sure my grandkids will hear “I ever tell you how Garrett Snodgrass’ mom called me the Broganator? Oh, I did, you say? Well, let me tell you about it again!”