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  1. Who should we hire

    Chip Kelly ran the damn ball. A lot. At a pace that defenses hated. We would be lucky to have him.
  2. Colorado State is doing a lot of good things. Definitely a smart marketing move to go with the state flag uniforms.
  3. Chris Del Conte was appointed TCU's director of intercollegiate athletics in October 2009. Since his arrival on campus, Del Conte has overseen a series of historic moments for TCU Athletics that include the Horned Frogs' July 1, 2012 entrance into the Big 12 Conference and over $300 million in construction projects that were all donor funded. The momentum around TCU is evident in its donor support. The 2017 fiscal year saw a new record-breaking Frog Club Annual Giving total of $13,231,727 with $31,876,783 in overall athletic giving. The three highest totals in overall athletic giving at TCU have come in the last four years. The partnership between TCU, Fort Worth and the Metroplex has never been stronger. In 2016, a sellout of football season tickets occurred for the fourth time in five seasons. During that time, in addition to football, baseball, men's basketball, women's basketball, soccer, men's tennis, track and field and volleyball have set either season ticket or attendance records. The Horned Frogs' success story extends to the classroom. In each of the last three semesters, dating back to Spring 2016, TCU student-athletes have posted the top-three cumulative grade-point averages in program history. In each case, it's been over a 3.0. In 2016-17, 120 student-athletes earned their degrees. Under Del Conte, five TCU head coaches (Gary Patterson, football; Jim Schlossnagle, baseball; Karen Monez, rifle; David Roditi, men's tennis; Haley Schoolfield, equestrian) have been named National Coach of the Year in their respective sports. During Del Conte's time on campus, two national team championships and five individual NCAA track and field titles have been won. In its opening five years of Big 12 play, TCU has captured conference team championships in football, baseball and men's tennis. Overall, 10 sports (baseball, women's basketball, football, women's golf, rifle, men's swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's tennis, women's indoor and outdoor track and field) have won conference titles under Del Conte, who has seen 17 of 21 sports represented in NCAA postseason play. Other milestones on the playing fields under Del Conte include the football program winning the 2011 Rose Bowl, as part of back-to-back appearances in a BCS game, and the baseball program reaching the College World Series in four consecutive seasons (2014-17) and five times in eight years. Men's basketball won the 2017 NIT Championship in its first season under Dixon. Del Conte was the recipient of a 2015 NACDA Under Armour AD of the Year Award and the 2010 Bobby Dodd Division I-A Athletic Director's Award. In February 2015, he was named to the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship Committee.
  4. T-C-U! T-C-U! Come on up, Del Conte!
  5. Shaking things up.  I like it.

  6. Who should we hire

    Scott Frost/Chip Kelly
  7. If Riley is let go, what's the staff?

    I've cooled on Coach Dub quite a bit myself. I, like many others, bought right into the hype, but he really hasn't produced results warranting the praise he gets for recruiting since he's been here.
  8. If Riley is let go, what's the staff?

    What if we reunited Chip Kelly and Scott Frost somehow? I would love to see us revert back to an option-based offense. Those two have proven to be pretty good with that style of offense. It's a pie-in-the-sky notion to float out there, but there you go. I don't hate the defensive staff. I think we can improve in some areas, but as a whole, I like the personnel we have on that side of the ball. The bigger question, in my opinion, is who would replace Shawn Eichorst?
  9. ***Northern Illinois Prediction Contest***

    NEB 42 NIU 24 Pass 288 Rush 171
  10. Let Us Pray

    we ask for a chance that's fair.
  11. Online Petition Black friday

    Once again, winning solves everything.
  12. Online Petition Black friday

    I don't care about Black Friday, despite it being played every year of my life. I'm with Maud. It's not Oklahoma or Colorado. They plan on rotating the final week opponent every few years. It will eventually be Nebraska-Wisconsin and Iowa-Minnesota for a few years. Thus, completing the quadrangle of hate. Think bigger picture on this.
  13. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    These journals give excellent perspective into the recruitment of a major high school football player. You have to give him a ton of credit for agreeing to do these for Land of 10. I have no idea where Bookie ends up. My gut tells me he will be a Blackshirt, but there is too much smoke to be certain of anything. All I know is that Bookie is the kind of person you want on your team, regardless of his athletic ability. I'll wish him well wherever he goes. He doesn't deserve the backlash he'll get if he flips to Clemson, Florida, Bama, etc.