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  1. Washington can torch former AG Bruning and by association Davison on his way out if he so chooses. That’ll probably come to light anyways when his Nebraska AD-assigned attorney suddenly bails on him mid case. so that’ll be super good for everyone I think. Can probably replace him with a corn fed North Platte kid anyways.
  2. He's been gone like 3 days. Frost is too busy playing virtual golf with Davison to make a statement.
  3. Martinez heading to Alabama where a Heisman-candidate talent such as himself actually belongs. Washington heading to prison. Everything is fine.
  4. Every coach we’ve had for 15 years has sucked. Makes it easy.
  5. How was Fleck’s head so dry through the game? Was it just wax? Does he spray water repellent on it? So many questions.
  6. Guess where these go. Fleck hitting the next level.
  7. Cough Joe Ganz vs Sam Keller cough. Coaches can can and will play favorites. It’s uncommon. But not unheard of.
  8. Nothing like a moist game of ballfoot to break in a backup walk on QB.
  9. 1-0 if you look at the last week alone. f#&%ing playoff bound baby
  10. Remember when one of our safeties straight up trucked a Northwestern receiver running a slant while the ball was in the air, letting us pick it off? No call. Me too.
  11. I, too, shoot free throws under my a$$ facing the opposite direction.
  12. I’m guessing the ball, but I’m not a video scientist such as yourself
  13. Haha like we didn’t win the $$$$$ game. okay. Live under a rock. Enjoy.
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