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  1. I don't know if I agree or not, but just because there are people who pensions have worked for doesn't negate the assertion of pensions being the worst/second worst form of retirement planning compared to other plans.
  2. Landlord

    Trump's America

    We don't have open borders.
  3. Landlord

    Gun Control

    More or less secure than picking up any gun in the world and shooting it? Also, to the bold, how much time would it take to find a fingerprint on a safe and be able to transfer it to a medium you could effectively use?
  4. Landlord

    Gun Control

    I would posit that the responsible use of assault weapons is one where private citizens can't have them.
  5. Landlord

    New tunnel walk theme? #offseason

    Not a 'bad' song just not memorable in any way.
  6. Landlord

    Gun Control

    I haven't read the bill, but along these lines if you are a citizen who has children there should be an extra hoop of effort to determine your responsibility in purchasing a gun. As in, preventing children from accessing firearms that their parents own accidentally. Too many cases of toddlers or pre-teen children accidentally committing suicide or shooting someone because of a lapse or a freak accident on the part of their parents. If you have kids, demonstrating some type of mental and operational competency and abiding by a certain set of ownership paramaters (ie you can't buy a gun without also buying a safe for it or something? idk) is something I'd be on board with. I agree with your assertion. But I also hold the assertion that 100% of the people who want to own these types of weapons don't have any good reason to. I can also be a responsible owner of cocaine and methamphetamines but that's not really an argument in favor of actually owning them. As far as protection against a tyrannical government...eh. If a government gets to that point no amount of citizen weaponry will really help. But anyways. RE: this last point - if not a ban on assault firearms, then at least a ban on modifications and loophole exploiting products that effectively power up non assault weapons, and at least a stricter purchasing and screening process on assault weapons?
  7. Landlord

    Harrison Beck

    edit: nm
  8. Landlord

    Harrison Beck

    The intention to be funny is 100% intentional. The nature of exactly how it's funny is maybe like 75/25 intentional vs non-intentional but still hilarious.
  9. Sorry I should have put a sarcasm tag on my post
  10. Well putting an officiating bias and conspiracy aside, the players should have just played mistake free football they've got nobody to blame but themselves.
  11. Landlord

    Huskers in 2019....

    The stereotype is very well earned
  12. Landlord

    Immigration Ban

    ....climate change is a national emergency it's a global emergency. RIGHT NOW. isn't there a reddit sub about cases where someone's rhetorical reactionary take to something is actually true and would be awesome if people believed it? lol
  13. Landlord

    Harrison Beck

  14. Landlord

    The Republican Utopia

    That particular way of saying 'I told you so' doesn't really sound anything like I told you so. It sounds more like, "Hey, I understand why you made that decision and you weren't alone - a lot of good people were fooled and taken advantage of it wasn't just you. Here's some helpful ways to be on the lookout against people trying to manipulate and use you like that so you can be more mindful in the future. We're all in this together we've gotta look out for each other."
  15. Landlord

    The Republican Utopia

    You're 100% right. This is the entire point of the political left. Their utility is to be watchful and vigilant against heirarchies becoming calcified in ways that hurt groups. Farmers and coal miners and the like should absolutely be included in that considering the current state of the world.