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  1. 1940s Americans lived with rationing, gas punch cards, rubber shortages, copper drives, victory gardens, blackouts, loss of sports, and a dozen other privations. 2020 America is asked to wash their hands, stay at home and wear a mask when social distancing isn't feasible. One of those generations took to those strictures with a will. The other is us. We are not sacrificing. We are selfishly demanding our comforts and entertainment.
  2. Unwilling to make sacrifices that previous generations have made. Demonstrated by the whinging in this very thread, and the ignorant pushback against something as simple as wearing masks over their faces, among other examples. Sacrifices other countries with far lower death tolls have, with far greater civic compliance.
  3. See me in P&R. I'm your Huckleberry.
  4. Go do some research about what everyday Americans did to win World War II. America is soft. Get some perspective.
  5. Hi. Funny story. Quoting you is not a "straw man."
  6. So you want to destroy Husker football and all it stands for, correct?
  7. Why do you constantly strawman opinions you disagree with?
  8. And some kind old Mod here told everyone to chill out and give the new folks a chance to acclimate. That seemed to turn out OK for some.
  9. A mix called "ampho" which, as I understand, is supposed to be more powerful. So maybe this was less explodey because it lacked a catalyst? Spitballing, because I have no idea.
  10. Full disclosure. That's my sockpuppet for when I feel a little wordy.
  11. A genteel society can only handle hair "so" perfect. He achieved a level of coif that surpassed acceptable levels. He had to go.
  12. Yo can pry that trophy out of my cold, dead hands.
  13. I joined when Bill Callahan was shredding this joint. I lived through the wifi days and the Purge of 2015. I went up against FLU and Benard. You got this, n00b.
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