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  1. I'm hoping this topic looks silly at the end of November, but it's worth asking about. We're 2-1 on the season. We NEED to get to a bowl game this year. The premise of this thread is that a 6-6 season won't guarantee a bowl bid. We need seven wins. That said, where are the other five wins on the schedule? How hard will it be to get there? Or if this is crazy-pants talk, tell me we've got this in the bag. For the record, based on the first 1/4 of the season, I see it panning out like this: Illinois - Win Ohio State - Loss Northwestern - Win Minnesota - Win Indiana - Win Purdue - Win Wisconsin - Loss Maryland - Win Iowa - Loss I have pretty good confidence picking wins for: Illinois, Minnesota, and Indiana. Illinois being the most confident, with Minnesota and Indiana being basically "pretty sure." I think we out-talent these teams enough that unless we royally screw up, we're not going to lose. I have pretty good confidence picking losses against: Ohio State, Wisconsin & Iowa. The Buckeyes just have too much talent, and Day has gotten their ducks in a row after last year's curious malaise under Urban. I think Wisconsin & Iowa are still just too good at what they do, too good at playing error-free ball, and too good at finishing games for me to be confident in a win. But I'm less confident we'll lose to these two than to Ohio State. That leaves Northwestern, Purdue and Maryland. I think we can beat all of these teams - should beat them. But nothing is ever easy against Northwestern, and we've lost to them three of the last four years. With Purdue, I'm just more confident in what Brohm is doing there than I am with what Fleck is doing at Minnesota, and that gives me pause. Plus with it being a road game just before Wisconsin, maybe we overlook them. Still, we have a Bye between Purdue & Wisconsin, so maybe that's an unwarranted fear. With Maryland, I just don't know what we're going to see. I don't know how they score 60+ points against two early victims, then lose to Temple. Which team do we see? I think we win, but this is also a potential look-ahead game to Iowa, who comes to Lincoln just six days after this game. So, basically, I have five wins in the bag - the two we already have, plus Illinois, Minnesota & Indiana. Maybe a couple more from Northwestern, Purdue & Maryland. I think we're going bowling. It's a question of who we beat to get there.
  2. knapplc

    The Democrat Utopia

    What the actual hell?
  3. Was the board down for anyone else for a second there?

    1. commando


      same here.  said the domain had expired when i tried logging in earlier today

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Probably just a glitch in the ad matrix.

  4. I mean, my god, that Americans are legit going to vote for this guy again shows that there is a huge portion of our country that is absolutely brainwashed.
  5. This is why the office of the Vice President exists. Trump can step aside, Pence can step in, and if there's nothing to the prosecution, Trump gets back on the job.
  6. knapplc

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    In your self-righteous arrogance you just completely skipped over the best Big Ten rivalry we have - The Battle for NU, with Northwestern, featuring the most fun and competitive games on our conference slate. For shame, sir! For shame!
  7. knapplc

    The Democrat Utopia

    I mean... it's really easy to NOT run a drug den out of your home. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I feel like if you were taking this topic seriously you'd be posting NIN.
  9. knapplc

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    Iowa Player guy thinks it's a rivalry.
  10. The problem isn't just Trump. The GOP has sold its soul. If you don't vote a straight-line Democrat ticket these next elections, you're making things worse.
  11. knapplc


    Bumping this to talk about the results of "keep the red out." It was always a ploy to get Husker fans to come to Boulder. And it worked.
  12. knapplc

    Kicking Game

  13. knapplc

    #1 Huskers vs #2 Stanford

    Kubik is a next-level talent. She belongs at this level. She just needs experience. This may not be our year. Stanford looks really, really good. But I wouldn't want to face this Nebraska team in the tournament. December is a long way away.