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  1. knapplc

    Dedrick Mills

    I assume we're talking about the new season of Stranger Things?
  2. knapplc

    B1G Media Day

    Erin is always good for these little off-beat anecdotes. I like reading her stuff.
  3. knapplc

    Top Gun: Maverick

    I had the GI Joe F-14. Coolest toy I owned as a kid.
  4. @Mavric I understand your Status from yesterday now. My Twitter just changed over. It's awful.

    1. Mavric


      A couple things are nice.  I like how new Tweets are loaded - similar to mobile but mobile is still a bit better.


      But it's busy.  And I don't understand why it doesn't save settings from one session to the next.  Latest tweets, text size, etc. all have to be reset every time.  Annoying.

    2. Mavric


      And the occasional weird jump when scrolling is really annoying.

  5. knapplc

    Top Gun: Maverick

    The last shot is an F-14 Tomcat, right? Swing wings, just like in the original. All the other planes in the trailer are F-18s, I believe.
  6. knapplc

    B1G Media Day

    Hondo is good people. Frost, on Iowa:
  7. Is there evidence on that or is it Colorado players/coaches/fans talking about it? I mean, you have film of Husker fans chanting stuff like that, that's pretty irrefutable. But if it's just CU-related people saying these things, I have no confidence in that.
  8. It's relevant in that Aunese didn't register with our fans. The only way we knew he was a thing was that CU was using his illness/death as a rallying cry for the season. Again, none of that means that the graffiti didn't happen, or that some jackwagon(s) in the stands chanted "Sal is dead, Go Big Red" during a CU game. What's really weird is that, for a relatively tame incident or two, we're still talking about it 30 years later. There's stuff 10x worse than this said at games throughout the country every weekend. Why is this still a thing?
  9. I'm older than you. I never heard anything like this in the stadium, and I sat in the student section when this allegedly happened. It's also interesting how the story evolved. First it was a sign on an overpass on the Interstate. Then it was graffiti, not a sign. Then there was another one in Omaha. Then it was chanted in the stadium. Then it was on a hat.
  10. knapplc

    Huskers in 2019....

    I would imagine this includes face value of the ticket plus the "donation" amount for the seat.
  11. The weirdest thing about this is that Sal Aunese was 100% ineffective against Nebraska. Husker fans would have no reason to gloat at his demise. This allegedly happened in 1990. Aunese hadn't been their starting quarterback in the two previous years, and Colorado had only beaten us once during Aunese's career - and that was with Darian Hagan at QB. When Aunese started against Nebraska in 1988 he went 1-11 for 43 yards and no TDs. Nebraska beat Colorado 7-0 in that game. He's not someone Nebraska fans would care about. That's Eric Bienemy or Darian Hagan - those guys did all the damage to us those few years.