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  1. I have not seen the videos. But apparently others who have are not so convinced this was clearly self-defense.
  2. They need to release every piece of video evidence, and any audio, they have RIGHT NOW before people get their ire up.
  3. Haven't seen the video. Following along with reporters on twitter and they're saying the bar owner was backing away from the crowd and got jumped. Yes?
  4. Omaha gearing up for the announcement in a few minutes.
  5. We used to scrape the neighbor's sheep pen every few years in the Fall once the garden was done. We'd fill dad's pickup, haul it over to the garden & spread it, then till it in. It'd sit under the snow all winter and be ready for planting in the Spring. It was a pretty... shitty business. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Buckle up, Omaha. This may incite some anger if true. I'm hearing this from other sources as well, not just from the twitter.
  7. He doesn't want calm. He wants the country to burn so he can institute martial law, suspend elections, and hold on to power.
  8. If these two tweets, a month apart, aren't enough to convince you that Trump is a White Supremacist, or at least hugely sympathetic toward them, you're actively trying not to see it. May 1: June 1:
  9. Oh, he gets someone to pull a Tienanmen Square incident here on American soil and he is definitely done!
  10. And where do you think Trump is getting these ideas? Hmmmm.....
  11. And then there's Trump, not understanding how America works. At all. I wonder how long he's spending outside his bunker for this call?
  12. This is a weird video. Protesters and Police are hanging out, no issues, and this person starts hammering at the sidewalk to break it into throwable chunks. The other protesters then tackle this person and deliver them to police. You have to ask yourself why otherwise good people are turning to riots over and over in various cities. I think a lot of it is just dumbassery, but some of it is outside parties intending to turn peaceful protests into riots.
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