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  1. You'd think one big advantage we have going for us is that we're significantly closer to his home. Lincoln isn't too bad of a drive from Oklahoma, but Oregon sure is.
  2. Any Chicago people know a good place I can watch this Blackhawks game tonight?

    1. NUance


      I guess none of our Chicago posters go to bars to watch. :shrug:

  3. 1. Oklahoma 2. Miami - can we just make this a yearly series? Last year's game atmosphere was awesome. 3. Texas 4. Notre Dame 5. Alabama
  4. If I told you the Big Ten would have 5 teams in the NCAA baseball tournament this year, but Nebraska wasn't one of them, how would you have reacted?

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    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      I would've plowed your mom.

    3. VectorVictor


      I would have said that we REALLY miss our hitting coach and need to look for a replacement ASAP.

    4. huKSer
  5. We have got get the bats going. Kubat pitched a gem today...
  6. Anyone know if I can stream the game on BTN2Go today at regular time?

    1. Saunders


      You should be able to.

    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      I did this last year.

  7. Ugh. We blew a 5-0 lead today against Maryland. Terps complete the sweep and we are now 3-3 in the Big Ten. Time to pick ourselves up and get back to work, boys. We can still win the Big Ten.

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Yeah Maryland has some top offensive team stats, good measuring stick for our pitching staff.

    3. corncraze


      I think our pitching is better than this weekend's performance though. It'd be nice to get another shot at them in the Big Ten Tournament, which is in neutral territory this year.

    4. HuskerNationNick


      Yeah for sure. Its a bummer we played them not to much longer after CS Fullerton and Texas. Not making excuses, but I agree, we are better on the mound than we were these past two days.

  8. You guys! Western Michigan is beating us in recruiting! UNACCEPTABLE! http://247sports.com/Bolt/Western-Michigan-in-rarefied-recruiting-air-36605582

  9. So do we root for Duke now or the Big Ten?

    1. Redux


      I hate Wisconsin

    2. Mavric


      I Hate Christian Laettner

  10. Know this will get mixed reactions, but I just accepted a one year position with the Chicago Bears!

  11. 1. Kentucky 2. Arizona 2. Gonzaga 5. Northern Iowa 7. Michigan State 11. BYU 12. SF Austin 13. UC Irvine 13. Harvard
  12. How many Husker fans go see Wisconsin in Omaha just to root against them?

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    2. Redux


      I bid $1 Bob

    3. GM_Tood


      I am going just to root against KU.

    4. NUance


      Not going to root against Wiscy. But I will probly ridicule them when they lose.

  13. Interesting... Looks like our new staff seems to value Staton more than Fyfe.
  14. We really are hitting the 500-mile radius hard. Seeing lots of Missouri, Kansas and Indiana offers. Wish I'd see more CO offers though!
  15. Cool fact: if we continue the streak, our 350th sellout will be against Oregon.

    1. NUance


      That IS pretty cool!

    2. huKSer


      Wait! I thought that since some games were not ATTENDANCED out, we don't have a SELL OUT streak? j/k off season boredom

  16. Tough few games coming up in Houston - Texas A&M, Hawai'i and then LSU.
  17. Yanks just missed on Moncada. Pull your head out of your @**, Cashman!

  18. Why are we so critical of Miles all of the sudden?! He is a tremendous coach and I for one am thrilled to have him as part of our program.

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    2. Minnesota_husker


      Why should Miles be above criticism when the team does bad? I am not suggesting he is a bad coach or should be fired, but we need to fix things.

    3. NUance



    4. huKSer


      Wait - Nebraska has a basketball team????

  19. Good CO should be a major priority of ours. Good talent base, little competition and our brand still carries a lot of weight there.
  20. Marrow is such a snake. We should have never brought him on in the first place...
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