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  1. He's listed as number 1 on the depth chart.
  2. Wasn't Wandale listed at the top of the depth chart today?
  3. Just going to put out a suggestion that folks chill on calling the kid dumb or making fun of his grades. We get that it's an issue.
  4. Because you don't build a program by acting impulsively and focusing on one season at a time. There's a concept called delay discounting, which is essentially a way of looking at how big of a difference in reward do you need to push back when you would receive it. The easiest way to look at it is is time x money. So would you prefer a dollar now or 10 dollars next week. You can manipulate both the time and money components of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_preference or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_gratification So for lack of a better index, think of
  5. I'm talking without any specific knowledge, but this could be one of the problems with recruiting winners. Some people like winning more than they like competing. A lot of these kids may know how to win, but they don't necessarily know how to lose. Depending on the message these kids have received about winning and losing, it makes sense that some of them are phoning it in. My specialty isn't in sports psychology, but looking at their training and dissertations, I have some reservations about our sports psychologists. We pay a lot of attention to our strength program, but I think gains could b
  6. Grant application in. Way too much work for such a small one. 

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      That’s what she said.

    2. macroboy


      What's worse is when you get the grant and then realize you said you'd do way too much stuff for such a small amount of money.

  7. I'm not great at evaluating line play, so this is more of me synthesizing what I read and combining that with the eye test. My understanding is that ideally M. Farniok would move to a guard position. I'm with you though, there doesn't seem to be depth and the guys that I remember being excited about when Riley was around don't seem to have panned out.
  8. You're probably right here. That's my bad. I think Turner C. is likely our LT of the future.
  9. I think there's still some math out there. If everything falls perfectly, we're still not out of the B1G west yet. That means it is possible that we have 7 more games. Assuming the tFR are better than what we have, that means you're probably looking at them playing against Wisconsin, Iowa, B1G and Bowl. As things get mathamatically taken off the table, I imagine seeing more fluidity. It's also possible that WI is just penned in as a loss in which case you might see some action against weaker opponents with better lines in order to ensure wins. If I'm a coach, I've got to imagine t
  10. I'll also follow-up and say, I'm all for shuffling up etc, but I'm anti burning any red-shirts. HCSF is playing a game where he can't be so bad that we lose support or become apathetic, but he has to be doing everything he can to play for the future. IMO Wandale is playing now because he wouldn't have come here if we didn't play him. We're doing everything we can to not burn redshirts.
  11. I'm right there with you and have been saying this since fairly early in the season. Right now our line is young, undersized, and playing out of position. Our line: Jaimes: 6'5" 250 Nixon: 6'4" 260 Jurgens: 6'4" 245 Wilson: 6'3" 295 Farniok: 6'6" 310 Here's what we have in the wings(out of HS): Benhart: 6'9" 287 Michael Lynn: 6'6" 291 Brent Banks: 6'7" 265 Matthew Anderson: 6'6" 260 Jimmy Fritzsche 6'7" 240 Corcoran (in theory) 6'6" 280 You think our staff didn't realize that we weren't in a good place
  12. Eesh, thanks for the correction. I'm getting old and time's getting away from me. That's my bad yall.
  13. 247 had him as a first rounder as well. Not a bad way to get the streak started back up again, but I don't love the thought of anyone on the team leaving early right now. Edit: I'm dumb, he's a senior
  14. I have a hard time how anyone could watch the game and blame AM. Thanks for posting some of these tweets.
  15. For games like this, I remind myself of what the coaches and AD were saying before the season. The language I remember hearing was about making a bowl, I think they're pretty honest with themselves and where the team is at. That said, I think this all needs to be taken in context. Look at our 2 deep. How many of those guys are transfers or Tr/rFR/SO? On offense: 3 of 6 WR, 3/12 linemen, our top 2 qb, our top 2 RB. On the whole O, we have 2 seniors in the two deep and they play at the same position, Noa and Mike Williams. On D, it's a little better. 1/6 linemen, 3/8 LB
  16. Alright folks, I just cleaned up three pages worth of people arguing at an individual level and only vaguely staying on topic. If you want to argue about personal characteristics or what is flawed with one another, take it to the shed. This topic is going to stay on Mo.
  17. This was the exact same conclusion I came to. I think that in looking at our team, it is very possible that if the OL develops over the course of the season and we're not hit hard by injuries we have a chance at only losing to tOSU. I'm curious how our DL sets up against Wisconsin's OL.
  18. Crew cuts for everyone! No individual identity, just football playing robots.
  19. Area code gate has started!

    1. Huskerzoo


      But it's worth 4 questions in a press conference: 


    2. hskrfan4life
    3. Redux


      I for one, am pissed

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  20. The line play is rough. If you have the heart for it, rewatch our games so far and focus just on the OL. IMO if you do this, you'll see why the offense isn't doing what's needed. To add to that, we then end up taxing our D. Given enough reps, the D is going to make mistakes, that's what happened against CU in my opinion.
  21. Alright, so first thing first. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to being handy. I've managed to figure out a few things over time, but realistically it's not a strength. I just bought a house and I'm putting together closet organizers. The one my wife and I bought came with a shelf that we have to cut down to size. The original board is 48x14 (https://closetmaid.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/closetmaid-us/closetstorage/woodclosetorganizers/selectivestopshelf#mc_tab_1) I need to get it down to about 21x14. I unfortunately suck at fine motor skills, so I don't know if my hacksa
  22. Seriously Mav, you gotta remind us that missing out on Bookie sucked? Boo this man.

    1. Husker Poyer
    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Mav, I figured that was the case. One word wrecked it. :D

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Imagine that. Diaco would have ruined him in Lincoln, ruined him at OU, and is “thriving” in Grinch’s defense? Go figure 

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  23. I was ok with the rushing game. I'm with you, I'm not fully understanding Mills role in the offense. He doesn't seem to have the vision I would want. I feel like he'll get us 3 yards and call it a day. For me the problem seems to be that if JD goes quiet, the passing game disappears. I'm not sure where to go from here, but I think it's going to be a long season if we are stubborn about sticking with Mills and no one else steps up at WR.
  24. Would love for this to be the start of a nice little revenge tour. Just want to see the foot on the throat the whole game.
  25. If status updates are going away, it would seem I'm going to have to start posting in threads. See you all on the flip side. 

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