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2019-2020 NBA

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13 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:







Spike better hope RJ learns to share the ball more in crunch time... just sayin.



Also this:


Popeyes already has a tie-in "Wingspan Box" for Zion Williamson




The famously well-portioned restaurant, in anticipation of Williamson’s arrival, has announced the release of the Wingspan Box. Unfortunately, it’ll be available at just a single Popeyes location, on Canal Street in New Orleans. But for the love of god, just look at this thing:




To mirror Williamson’s already-famed 6-foot-10 fingertip-to-fingertip wingspan, the box meets the same measurements, and includes 77 boneless wings, 11 portions of fries, and 11 biscuits, for just $74.69. If you’re a Popeyes person, this writer stands beside you, housing salty biscuits that each have a rough half-life of about 20 minutes. If you’re not, well, more Wingspan Box for the rest of us.



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Reading about what the Lakers did today...makes me really think Kawhi will be in Purple and Gold next season


its happening the office GIF


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I know this isn't directly NBA related but long time hs bball coach you may remember from the documentary Hoop Dreams has died.  Isiah Thomas's former hs coach.






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