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  1. Trump Foreign Policy

    Not so strong from Trump. I thought this made one weak? Apologizer-in-chief:
  2. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    In other news, Ron Johnson, one fourth of the quartet pitching this turdburger with his name already on it, is a moron with his head lodged firmly up... somewhere. Koch Bros money is a hell of a drug.
  3. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Wow, he really got RNC to foot his legal bills. Unreal. I assumed they'd tell him to pound sand. Even with a Romney at the helm, guess they couldn't find the spine. I'd wonder how his voters would react to being told they donated to cover his legal problems. But I'd imagine they'd either just love it or call it fake news.
  4. Dems Rebuild

    Calling Warren a 3rd way Dem on the basis of one bill is kind of hyperbolic, isn't it? Not that I think we need an increase in defense spending or anything...
  5. Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    Wow. You can't make this stuff up. It's an odd day in America when the word of the President of the United States has lost all currency. Personally, that is where I'm at. When I see tweets or headlines about something Trump or anyone in his administration have said, my eyes glaze over and I don't even finish reading. I've gotten to the point where I can't even be bothered to finish reading. I just don't care what any of them have to say anymore because they've so badly devalued their words. I'd guess Kelly knows on some level that our international political capital is evaporating. Somewhat ironic that Trump was elected in part because he stumped angrily about how the rest of the world was laughing at us.
  6. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Considering Mueller is actively investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, I would think pardoning Manafort reflexively would be a bad move. Maybe we really are in nothing matters land. Who knows? I hope not.
  7. Immigration Ban

    Stephen Miller is such a disgusting, creepy human being.
  8. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    Block grants are not a good thing, folks. It would allow these conservatives to go home and say they helped inject freedom & choice into your healthcare. They'll probably even say they helped make our HC system more sustainable & save the government a ton of money. But until we get a serious effort to address the underlying reason healthcare costs are climbing out of control, they're merely kicking the can down the road. In this instance, they'd be doing it by putting millions of American heads on the chopping block.
  9. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    I think it's increasingly difficult to see Capito & Portman as willing to vote no against this bill after they voted in favor of the initial repeal & replace bill & the skinny repeal. I don't know how one trusts Capito when she says she's holding out because of what their bill does to Americans on Medicaid and still votes for 2 of 3 equally atrocious bills. Portman has already thumbed his governor's eye multiple times on HC, so what's one more? Kasich, by the way, is blasting this go around too: Alexander is a bonafide healthcare wonk, but he clings to his conservative vision pretty tightly and is a major critic of the ACA. I have to think if push came to shove he'd opt for a bad conservative repeal, even in lieu of the regular process, over leaving the ACA standing. Gardner is intriguing to me. CO is increasingly blue - he stands to own this vote in a big way if he gives this a thumbs up. One can hope it would lose him his seat. Plus it would lose his state nearly $1B in federal dollars for HC over the next decade! Alexander makes out OK in Tennessee but WV would also lose over half a billion & Ohio would really get hammered losing $2.5B. Notice how this map mostly seems to punish those freeloading blue states? Massive outflow from CA/NY/MA & biggest winner is TX. But some swing states also lose big, such as MI, PA, FL, NV & the aforementioned CO/OH. That is all ancillary of course, because people will lose access to healthcare and quite literally have to go without under this plan. Many will die. But hey, anything for a GOP win, right?
  10. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    The Twitter time machine is amazing.
  11. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    Well, I would assume this gets McCain onboard. He's explicitly tied his support for HC legislation to his Governor's approval of a potential bill. His governor signed off on this one this morning. So, I'm going to go ahead an assume that Collins/Murkowski are still No's, because this block grant garbage is far more harmful in terms of premiums and coverage losses than any of the previous bills have been. That leaves... whom to be the third opposition vote? Rand Paul has said he is against this bill, but I don't trust that guy as far as I could throw him. Any serious change he has to toss federal involvement out of healthcare I'd assume he'd take. So who then? Heller is already signed onto the bill. Portman? Capito? There are very few moderate R senators left at this point. We know which way our brave, bold senators from Nebraska will vote. It's looking like these craven jerks may rush to get this thing passed just under the reconciliation deadline under the safety of having no real CBO score to hold them back & under the guise of "normal order." If so, I'm only curious what they will say when the CBO announces this bill will be much more harmful than past iterations. I can only imagine them gleefully saying the CBO is wrong and doesn't know what it's doing.
  12. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    GOP scheduling a HOMELAND SECURITY hearing on their new ACA repeal bill. They're going to try to vote without CBO score on deficit/premiums/coverage: Cassidy coming up with his own numbers: This is all completely normal, right?
  13. Trump's America

    It's nothing short of incredible the amount of @$$-kissing people are suddenly doing at the alter of Spicey simply because Melissa McCarthy did a funny impression of him on SNL. Oh yeah, he hated Dippin' Dots and dressed up as the Easter Bunny once. So quirky. In reality, the dude got paid obscene amounts of money to stand up in front of the nation, on increasingly rare occasions, and lie to our faces to further the pursuits of the most dishonest POTUS our country has ever seen. Now he's casually dropping into the Emmys and he's hooked up with the speaking circuit for even more obscene sums of cash? I guess it's all just a sad reflection of how much we cherish fame and notoriety. A really sad one.
  14. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    In lieu of an actual update on the newest GOP repeal effort, I'll just leave this.
  15. We're the top headline on ESPN.com you guise!