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  1. Big Ten Basketball is going to be Wisky and OSU...then MSU...after that it is a mess

  2. God, I wish they would piss off the wrong groups...So we could get rid of these f'ers...please please please piss off a few Russian underground extremists...or just the Russian military! Let me preface this by saying that I was told about this from a history teacher and HUGE history buff...not sure if it is 100% true. About...30 years ago...some ISIS "off-shoots" kidnapped a pretty high ranking Russian ambassador. They called and demanded money, the Russian government basically said, "sure, hold on, we will deliver it" About two days later the delivery was made...it was one of the higher ranking members of this off-shoot "ISIS" group...in a box...with his c$%k cut off and put placed ever so gently into his mouth. Needless to say...that group left the Russians alone. This was a smaller click of the group but still...it was an interesting way to deal with it! ha
  3. The Husker loss to the Jays is looking worse

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    2. sd'sker


      lol @ teach.

    3. tschu


      We lost to Incarnate Word and you're worried about how bad our Creighton loss is?

    4. teachercd


      No, I am not worried about it. I did not think the Huskers would make the dance this year.

  4. One thing here, I have been coaching for a long long time...and trust me when I say this...coaches rip on other schools, AD's, principals, coaches and parents...ALL THE TIME. Most of it is actually really funny!
  5. Man, this is a weird game. I loved Cincy getting 4.5 but the stats tell a different story. I would be a bit surprised if either team gets past 65 points.
  6. As someone who hires and fires people, have done previous employer calls and asked people how they liked their previous job, I recommend you do not do what teach is saying. Why would you bad mouth your former job during an interview?
  7. If the team shows up for its first road game and they don't have a hotel to stay in...then I will worry about these worker bees that have been hired. As for Jamrog...no...there is nothing concrete against him...some people dislike him cause he cracked on BC a few times...some dislike him because he looks like a goofball and some dislike him because he is always on the sidelines and stuff like that. But, there is no real reason to dislike the guy. I don't care if he stays or goes
  8. I was tired of Bo and I am not sure of what to make of Riley (I am not all RILED up just yet) but I do feel a bit more pumped about the Skers...

    1. beanman


      Welcome to the dark side.

  9. Oh baby jesus...can this day end? I need some HH drinks!

  10. Petteway could play in the league but what he does is a dime a dozen in the NBA...it will all depend if a team wants to keep him instead of another clone on their bench.
  11. This is great but I hate that I watched it and thought "Gosh, some people are going to complain about his jokes" Like Frankie Said: RELAX

  12. Could be many things. KY is closer to home. Doesn't think he can compete with the others. Doesn't get along with the other guys. Had already decided to go before Bo got the axe In terms of linebacker play, I don't think that the LB's have been developed very well since Ekeler left. Last year, they get a pass for youth and inexperience, but not this year. I think that lack of development of O line, LB's and QB's is the main reasons that Bo is gone D line depth seems to have been addressed. If Love has decided that his bread is better buttered in KY, he would be foolish to stay here to see what MR is like. He needs to not miss spring ball in his destination school. Good luck to him. Hope he finds what he is looking for. According to the Omaha World Herald: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/pair-of-huskers-opt-to-transfer-headed-to-kentucky/article_52dcda9e-8168-11e4-8a3a-4f42f4c27a15.html What..a parent that did not think his son got a fair shot?? News story at 10! Ha! If he really felt that, if he really felt that was true...why not stay through spring and see, right? With that being said, I am all four students leaving...You only get one chance for your time in college...unless you are in the movie Old School... And with that being said...I totally wish Old School would become a series on Spike or NetFlix
  13. Okay...back to me sweet topic... Just like every coach that gets hired at a new school always says "It is an honor to be at school X...the greatest school ever" (BS) I think it is totally okay for them, afterwards when they get canned to do some badmouthing...I think it is normal...I think it is human.
  14. Thunderdome, one of the biggest movie letdowns for me... I agree! Mad Max is amazing...the story telling is super simple but I think that is what makes it so great. This scene...almost no talking by the "hero" but yet, so much is accomplished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2x8RhadlpA
  15. Creating and "anti-hero" type of character is very difficult to do...I wonder if Mad Max Fury Road can pull it off because I have a feeling that there might be a lot more talking in this one...which is what kind of made Thunderdome a bit weak.
  16. Wasn't OSU one of the most flagged teams in the nation last year?
  17. The Road Warrior and Mad Max are in my top 10 all time favorite movies!
  18. It is a bit odd...but...what if he goes to the bowl game...has a great game and decides he wants to stay? I don't know, the whole thing is weird
  19. Sometimes leaving is not about a coach, old or new, it is just about wanting to leave.
  20. it's not about whether they are saying good things, it's about whether they are saying bad things. and in my case, i would be saying zero bad things because I, like these coaches - have a non disparagement agreement. Boy those are tough to prove and even tougher to enforce, I would imagine.
  21. Right by Memorial Stadium there is a big practice field (not sure if it is actually used for that or not) but what happens to that on gameday? Can you tailgate there or go on it at all?

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    2. beanman


      teachercd is hitting the sauce again.

    3. ZRod


      Actually they switch it around this year Knap. Ed is closed to the public and the turf practice field hosted the gameday experience.

    4. NUpolo8
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