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  1. They are all down to earth once you know them. Like fans of other teams, you hate them until you get to know them.
  2. Get this kid in for a trip and show him Boys Town, tell him that during his time at NU he can speak there over and over to reach out to kids that messed up like he did.
  3. I am not totally sure but if this kid is NOT a US native, I think it helps NU. Those kids will tend to make choices based on what their parents think is best for their future and their parents are usually a HUGE influence.
  4. Really its just that Rivals doesnt know everything. Thats really it. They probably have not talked to the kid yet to update it.
  5. Wow, impressive story!
  6. If you ever saw a short lived tv show called Glory Daze, that one kind of showed frat life in the 80s and didnt make it look all about crazy hazing. It was actually kind of a fun show. You mentioned the philanthropy part and you are right, the greek system does most of that on campus. I always disliked the old "you have to pay for your friends" no you dont, there were guys in my house that I could not stand and honestly never really even knew more then their last names, other guys have become life long friends. It is like a dorm room, you might have 3 roommmates and two of them you never talk to after the first year. Honestly, my frat hazed, it was things like this Drink a shot (Ummm okay!) Clean the bathrooms Stand there facing a wall and get yelled at
  7. Sometimes I wish I would have been in college back in the 80's I had heard stories from friends older brothers about kegs all over, the lack of "fear" from the school over drinking. Man, that must have been sweet! I could only imagine what it must have been like to be sitting on the big deck or in the front yard, with a drink and not worrying about getting "busted". Or having the doors wide open on gameday when alums come in and out of the house and grab a drink or two. I know there are some places that still embrace that, some of the Big 10 schools are still like that and lots of the schools in the south.
  8. I will let you guys know when I know.
  9. Do you have your own champions passes or do you just get them from people? I wish I had my own but I just get them from friends all the time.
  10. Theta Chi. 626 N 16th Street, right next to Kappa Kappa Gamma. They lost their charter, though. It was always a small house, and a few years after my time there it closed down. Phi Mu owns the house now. We had plenty of girls at the house all the time, but not because we were so cool or because of the free beer. It was pretty laid back. I think the girls showed up because it was a pretty safe environment, unlike a lot of houses where the guys were all predators. I mean, we were predators, too. But we were nice predators. Yeah, plus wasnt that house really close to the girls houses? Man, I bet you guys could totally play up the "safe" vibe! I LOVE the nice predators line!!! We had that huge deck at Beta on the top of our house, of course, we could not party up there because UNL decided it hated fun starting in 1995
  11. That is not bad! We are a Catholic School and for years I have wanted CARDINAL FOOTBALL on the front and on the back "SAY YOUR PRAYERS"
  12. Ohhhh, I know that area. I guess I don't remember it being called the North Bottoms when I was there in the mid-late 90's. I guess I always just called it the other side of campus. Its almost all houses there right? I dont remember to many apartments.
  13. I am not in college anymore but when I go down to Husker games and stop in at brothers before or after the game, its just filled with Husker fans wearing Husker stuff. That being said, the dudes working at the bar seem to fall in line with what you said.
  14. What is or where is the North Bottoms? I am either at the bars, Embassy, Bridge or Champions.
  15. It's just your basic "us vs. them" mentality. Humans are wired for this (as are other animals), so just about any arbitrary groups you put together will develop this mentality over time. You can even split the groups, mix the members and make two entirely new groups, and eventually you'll have "us vs. them" again. You see this in sports fandom, in politics, in nationalism, in.... everything. I pledged a really, really down-to-earth fraternity. Great guys, but no different than any guy in a dorm room. Same people, different living arrangements. That's it. Were you at UNL? If so, what frat, if you dont mind saying? I think lots of times people that didnt pledge dislike the easy access to parties that frats have. I mean, you are on the campus, you have the girls houses usually right down the road, you have all this space in a huge house and girls flock to the house parties, not because of the super cool guys in the house but because it is close by and you have free beer.
  16. HAHA, I dont know if that is true or not but that is weird! I have still never understood the pissing match between frats guys and non frat guys. Who cares, just have fun!
  17. Under the I-80 bridge is really big. Also, I would get shots at the Champions Center, its great, you will also see lots of former Huskers walking around partying.
  18. I was thinking that was odd too, I thought it might be grades but he has an offer from Stanford, last I checked that school is kind of known for having lots of smart kids. Could there be some kind of grudge with the high school coach and the Florida schools? I know that is probably not it but its really the only thing I could even kind of think of. Or maybe the kid just made it well known that he wants out of Florida or maybe he has some offers from those schools and it is just not listed.
  19. Just my guess but I would assume he is waiting until after the season, hoping he has a great year and gets an LSU offer. Those kids tend to stay there.
  20. Well just like it says, were you in a frat? I was in Beta Theta Pi at UNL in the 90's. It was right about the time when the school cracked down hard on frats and decided that drinking and partying were no longer "okay" so basically it meant a freshmen year of fun and then after that, well, those frat basement parties that used to be 200 girls and 50 guys, turned into frat room parties with 20 guys and 5 girls. SOOOO LAME
  21. Players can't sell the books back. Well, they are not supposed to! I heard a story of a guy that used to walk into the bookstore, take books, put them in his bag, walk out and then have some of his frat buddies sell them back.
  22. Greek Row at nearly any other university - and especially in the Big Ten - is going to blow ours away. The closest thing we even have to a Greek Row is 16th from Vine to R, or maybe R from 14th to 17th. Neither is all that great. Anyone who's attended a Big Ten university has seen better. (nothing personal to our Greeks) Nebraska as a state has some historical things of significance, but the city of Lincoln doesn't have much I can think of. That's pat's quote, not mine, BTW. Thats true, Illinois is hard core greek!
  23. Historical significance? I would imagine you can go by the frats, greek row can look pretty nice. If you get there at a good time you can see tons of people walking over to the stadium all in red. That is pretty cool. That is on R street. I wonder if mentioning frats will start the "Frat guys are douches" posts
  24. I might be in the minority but Sidetracks is brutal. Brothers is kind of fun because it seems to open early. I tend to stop in Cliffs and if its totally lame we leave, if its rocking we stay. Embassy Suites is pretty fun but you really need to be in the beer garden. The Rail is fun but looks way different then it did in the mid-late 90's! Champions Club really depends, sometimes its a blast and other times its just okay.
  25. Okay, I am starting to narrow down some ideas, if you have anymore keep them coming.
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