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I don't know about you but I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Trump out and Adults are now in charge.  While I'm sure there will be policies I won't agree with, that is secondary to having

Getting it started right. This should've been done long ago. Finally we have a leader taking this seriously so we can get back to normal.    

Your post isn't coherent. Dr. Seuss's estate manager decided not to sell 6 of his books. It's perfectly fine for a business to stop selling a book, and this is a good enough reason to do it, not

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4 minutes ago, teachercd said:

So after watching "Murder, she wrote" I decided to hope on the cbs website to submit my fanfare episode where Angela commits suicide and therefore, no one can write about it.


Then I stumbled on this




In a nutshell, early March is when this should pass.  Thanks Joe!!!  Cha-Ching (maybe)





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2 hours ago, Archy1221 said:


There it is.  "Free babysitters"


That is the shot I was waiting for one of these people to fire.  It is what no parents want to admit (because we are heros and stuff, and we get thanked all the time for the job we do) but this is a big one to pull out.


If you read the comments you can see people are mad at teachers.  I think they are mad because they have lost their "free" babysitter and because they now have to spend more time with their kids, doing s#!t.


I also think teachers unions are exploiting this (really, I don't blame them, I would as well.  Now is their time to push).  


I also think schools should be open but I can understand why some teachers are worried, it makes sense.  I am glad we are in school.




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