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Immigration Ban

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8 hours ago, The Dude said:

Calling MS-13 animals is an insult to animals.


This is one more notch in a long pattern of Trump using dehumanizing language about foreigners.

Regardless of whether he's technically correct (he is), the bigger picture should be quite clear by now.

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It's almost like we shouldn't listen AT ALL to the ignorant gasbag who's making sh#t up to pander to hateful idiots.


But because the media gave so much coverage to Trump's rhetoric during the campaign, the parameters for this debate have already been set. Millions of people think Trump is just & we're only kicking out the bad ones. You know, the drug dealers & the rapists.

Immigration is one of those subjects where you dig your heels in & refuse to hear what you don't want to hear.

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Although many people agree with Trump's positions on immigration, this betrays what an ugly, awful game he plays demonizing immigrants. 


Thought experiment: Replace Hispanic/potential crimes in this excerpt with Jews/ways they screw people out of money or Blacks/how lazy they are. Is that acceptable discourse?


If this is true, screw this guy and the horse he rode in on. Also, Miller is a weaselly little fascist wannabe and Kushner is a spineless underling just along for the ride.


I can think of many reactions to hearing this type of crap from the President of the United States, but laughing sure as shoot isn't one of them.


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