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    Agreed. You're saying this as a very absolute black and white sort of premise. It's not. Every single person technically 'abuses the power' of whatever job or place in the world they are in for their own gain. It's a matter of degrees that determine severity. A government official writing off a $20 Applebees meal as a business expense that they shouldn't have isn't the same thing as treason, and there are a lot of degrees of wrongdoing in between them. Source on 'most' 'reasonable' people thinking that? I haven't gotten that sense. It seems like a giant nothingburger, as many of Trump's frequent and exaggerated claims and beliefs are. Are these the same reasonable people who believed there was something fishy about Obama's birth certificate? If the basis of that discretion is based off of his own personal political success in competition with other challengers, no, he does not have that right. That's the actual nuance, also known as context. You're the one making non-nuanced observations, imo.
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    I would say there's a big difference between what mcbride did here and getting up in front of the media after every loss and saying its not you its your untalented players.
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    "If we don't prosecute all the bank robbers we may as well not prosecute THIS bank robber that we have evidence on." Jesus. Think about what you're saying. Stop being in the bag for this political party you're rooting for and start believing in this country. For F's sake.
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    Penn State - 4 year post season ban, loss of 40 Scholarships - Takes 1 year for Bill O'Brien to win 8 games Baylor - Rhule takes over after rape scandal, arrives in December with 1 recruit committed, wins 9 games in year 3. Nebraska - Frost takes over for Riley - 7 YEAR REBUILD IF WERE LUCKY
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    This is very true and we've seen both sides of it this season and last.
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    Since it all starts up front, if you can’t take away a positive from the way our O-line played Saturday against a very stout Wisc defense then our little debate here is a non-starter. Mills running so much better as the season moved on is a positive. See above as a huge positive reason why. Penalties were down. That’s a huuuuge positive Commentators commenting in their comments that we saw many players on defense rotating in, especially up front. Getting game reps is a positive. A tipped pass led to an INT. That’s a tough break. But the fewer turnover problems was a good positive. Despite the fact we have a losing season thus far, our team did NOT mail it in. In fact, after a bye we looked crisp, well prepared, and executed nicely for large portions of the game. The willingness to come in and fight v top 15 team is a positive. Frost in his post game didn’t pull punches. Called out the defense. Said he’s tired of looking for silver linings. Still hates to lose, won’t accept it. Called on reinforcements (recruits) to line up and help/play immediately. I think him not sugar coating and seeing the reality is a positive. So, yeah. I personally see a lot of positives. Along with negatives too but I think looking at the positives and knowing they are there goes a long way to being able to then address team needs and problems in a constructive manner. Anyone can fart at a party and clear the room. But I’d rather bring a keg of Dales Pale Ale and some sick music and keep it alive.
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    I watched OU last night come back down from 25. J Herd stepped up like a boss, (during a 3 TO night) and played like a man possessed. Lincoln Reilly Road him (his legs and arm) to the biggest come from behind victory for OU in history....I say this for 2 reasons. You ride the hot hand. Period. For whatever reason that was Wan’dale until injury (IMHO he and Mills are not inter changeable). And I say this as Mills was running like his a$$ was on fire and his hair was catching. Frost should have let him get more than 5 touches that 2nd half. Yes we were down 2 scores, but that was 30 minutes Mills could’ve run and run and run......
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    We have been heading down hill for 20 years, nothing truly has been right with the program since Coach Osborne left if you want to look at it that way. Solich was my high school idol, Callahan brought something new, and still feel if he hadn't been so loyal, he still might be here. The NFL keeps him around. I had my down years, I despised Pellini, and it made the board miserable for me. I wanted Riley to do better, but alas he didn't and according to most takes the responsibility for where we are at. I don't buy that, these kids have played ball most of their lives. They weren't quitters, or loafers when they were recruited. I think some have better motors than others, but hard to tell from a distance. We only see what we want to see. If we want to see positives we can, if we want to see only the negatives, there have been plenty. But were not seeing everything. Only Coach Frost really knows what is going on. Why he does the things he does, and for what reasons. I never felt this would be a quick turn around, maybe a little better than we are now, but not a lot. Flipping the roster was a major upgrade and set back at the same time. I see Freshman that are making a difference on the field. I see a Juco player that was doing pretty good last week, and a lot of people wanted him gone the week before. Never focus on the negatives, always look for the positives, is what has been ingrained into me along with Semper Fi. We need to calm down and give the coach some time. He knows how it is supposed to work. He needs fan support, not snipers shooting at him from afar.
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    Maybe Mills is playing better because the Oline is? Maybe Wandale got used to much because when a player shows and is a focal point, you use him? Look at Bama QB, every player is one play away from injury. AM did seem off most of the year, no doubt. But look at Lawerence at Clemson, soph slump anyone? And AM still ranks in like top 5 B1G in ypg and total offense. He’s our guy. He’s started what, 15 games in college?? lol. He’ll be fine. Lay off the negativity. Your thoughts on what stinks won’t freshen the room. And those thoughts IMO are really short sighted. I see long term progress being made not doom and gloom. In other words, what IS working in your eyes? Can anyone get you to see positives or is it all negative? Cuz most of your posts are really negative.
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    Go ahead and turn that “they” into a “we”!
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    I think this is a large part of it recently. But I think your over-shot the timeframe. National rank in 3rd down conversions allowed: 2009 - 15 2010 - 4 2011 - 64 2012 - 46 2013 - 6 2014 - 5 2015 - 24 2016 - 40 2017 - 99 2018 - 105 2019 - 85
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    This is pretty cool. And it's good that Yori is welcomed back by the Admin, and that she's good enough with everything that she's willing to come back.
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