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    A lot of people talking about extended mediocrity since 2001 or 2003 depending on how you look at it, don't seem to understand the definition of mediocrity. 2006, 2008-2014, and 2016 were not mediocre. Maybe compared to your expectations they were, but not compared to actual results.
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    I'm sure Colorado got enough of a look at it last year. I'm not worried about the Colorado game this year. Last year, we were the better team on the field for about 55 minutes of the game, and it wasn't particularly close. But boy, did we ever stink up the place in those other five minutes...
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    I have a nitpick with NASA on their plans for going to the moon, even though I think the intention is good. They say they will send a woman to the moon within 5 years. But when you announce something like that there is something unspoken implied, which is that you are going to send a woman even if she's not one of the most qualified X people available for the mission, because that's what you said you would do. The first moon landing had 3 people, and currently 12 of the 38 astronauts at NASA are women. It stands to reason that 1 of the 12 women likely would have been sent to the moon based merely on her qualifications. But now it's going to look to some people like she went to the moon because NASA decided to send a woman to the moon ahead of time. The best way to go about this if they wanted to talk about sending a woman to the moon was to say there are many capable female astronauts in the program right now, so there is a high probability that at least 1 woman will go on the next mission to the moon due to being one of the top choices for the available spots. There was an NYT article a few days ago which I haven't read but I know the topic, which was about how no women went on the early missions. But the root problem back then wasn't that they didn't pick any women to go to the moon, it was that NASA didn't hire female astronauts. They didn't pick women because they didn't hire any in the first place. They've fixed that since then, hiring the first female astronauts in 1981, so picking a woman for the next moon mission likely would have happened anyway, without making it sound like we're doing it that way just to send a woman there.
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    Riley had the system for a s#!tty NFL team and the personality for a Pop Warner league team.
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    The major problem with any best case scenario involving Callahan is he simply didn’t want to be here. He never embraced much of anything of the college experience and I have little reason to believe, had he been successful, that he’d have stayed around. Now, if we played make believe and pretend Riley wasn’t in completely over his head......
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    He also battled injuries and, imo, the offensive play calling did him few favors.
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    If I had to choose, I'd take Callahan over Riley. Maybe the second time around, he could pick a halfway-decent DC. But of course, if I were actually the AD...
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    Ya, cuz nobody in colorado smokes
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    Expert Roundtable: Redshirt freshmen ready to break out
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    Correct. It was also a miracle that Scott Frost was 1. Available and 2. Actually wanted to come take on what had become of the team. Or was it just a....
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    I assume we're talking about the new season of Stranger Things?
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    Pretty sure it is a fake tweet, but I thought it was fitting
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    For those of you worried about LB depth, here you go...
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    Pederson made it small...like his brain.
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    I'm not saying it was Pederson, but it was Pederson.
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    YouTube TV. Haven't missed a game and you can gift it to up to five other people.
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    The craziest by far was the hiring of Mike Riley...beyond bizarre!
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    How have we not mentioned county scholarships yet?
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    Look how he towers over that same football now. He is a literal giant.
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    I am going to let you all in on a secret. All you have heard is true. Both sides. There are players that hate her and think she is crazy and...wait for it...there are players that love her and owe her everything. Just like with every single coach, teacher, parent, boss, mentor, friend, brother, sister and so on.
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    Thanks. You are indeed the first. However, outside of the QB run sentence, you just described about any modern one back offense (few won’t use a tight end or h-back). The only other sentence that would disqualify Frost’s offense would be the under center comment. When I see people commenting on a “pro style” offense, what they usually mean is the QB is mostly under center. The NFL, also known as the pros, is rapidly moving towards more and more plays from Shotgun. The one sentence I would take exception of is the first. While it is true most of the NFL is from either the Bill Parcells or Bill Walsh coaching trees, Bill Walsh himself used almost exclusively two back sets. His use of split backs was so common, that was the set in the old days that got labeled the “pro set”.
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