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  1. I haven’t missed a home game in 18 years and I have lived in AZ for 27 years. I don’t even want to know what I have spent doing that.
  2. I hope the Big loses their bowls games except for Michigan.
  3. Uh....no. What about I.M. Hipp, Jarvis Redwine? Look forward good fans of NU. That is the first step. Quit looking to the past.
  4. I hope they spend the off season watching other BIG teams play on film. Like, the coaches need to understand their competition before they can coach against it. UCF football isn’t working here.
  5. It will eventually go. Just a matter of time.
  6. Remember when fans lamented for the success of Pat Fitzgerald? Our fan base is easily distracted by the new shiny toy every year.
  7. Flowers on a NU football board seems oddly symbolic right now.
  8. That was mentioned on the other board. Bummer.
  9. It’s almost kind of funny at this point. There listerally is no place left to go but up. Right?
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