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  1. Remember when fans lamented for the success of Pat Fitzgerald? Our fan base is easily distracted by the new shiny toy every year.
  2. Flowers on a NU football board seems oddly symbolic right now.
  3. That was mentioned on the other board. Bummer.
  4. It’s almost kind of funny at this point. There listerally is no place left to go but up. Right?
  5. He will get things going! Did I say he wouldn’t? I just don’t expect it this year. Those dreams died in Boulder. Again. You dont know what’s going to happen so quit acting like it. PS...I have been flying in from PHX for every home game for over 18 years. So, not only do I have hope, I put a LOT of money into it as well.
  6. We beat NW on a 19 yard field goal that if you watch the replay was BARELY there. Like it was extra point distance and it took an act of God to get it over the line. We also missed field goal in Boulder and lost. I am saying we can’t RELY on a field goal to win. I don’t get how other teams play is a predictor of ours? I have seen nothing from this team at all that tells me we can hang with the better teams this year. OSU destroyed us out of the gate. NW hung with them for a half at least. Minnesota had their way with us. We aren’t beating Wiscy and Iowa. Michigan looked awful all year and then hung with Penn St. Do you really think this team could go into Happy Valley on a Sat night and lose by 7? We dont need to beat Wiscy and Iowa this year. We just need to beat Indiana, Purdue and Maryland. I think at best we win 2. All three would be a big accomplishment for this team. I would be ecstatic with that.
  7. Oh yeah other teams can be a 30 point dog and win. But that hasn’t been our jam in the past decade. Just sayin. Remind me how Illinois won? On a field goal? Ouch. We can’t do that either.
  8. We will not beat Wiscy or Iowa. No way, no how. Not even close. 50/50 that we will go 2 of 3 against Indiana, Purdoo, Maryland.
  9. 10 years from the Bo firing...if "back" means winning 9 games or more.
  10. Except CU! Why oh why did it have to be CU.
  11. I can’t see us finishing 8-4 this year. 7-5 would be a BIG surprise given how banged up we are and how we can’t string 4 quarters of fundamental football together. Yes, we all want to beat Iowa.
  12. Yes, just like this game last year---must win for a bowl.
  13. People overreact to blowouts. Yes, they happen to everyone.
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