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  1. I don't consider the interior offensive line a problem. We have no tackles and haven't had any for years. We've been putting all conference guards or centers outside to get blown up. Tackles are a special breed. Even if we need to recruit poor offensive tackles, we'd be much better off then sticking good interior linemen outside. That also would allow the line coach to develop the tackle spot. Now i'll get back to the thread. I will be betting under 7.5. 6.5 wins at sportsbook; I'm not betting!
  2. To be fair, i think the job is his unless something really goes south. Too many right moves to dismiss him. Experienced coaches that someone may want will ask why MJ wasn't given the job.
  3. Bienemy is exactly where he needs to be and stay there! Great coach who hasn't the ability to do all the things needed to lead a program!
  4. Davidson was as much the problem as Frost and Moos was a disaster!
  5. I'm a 6 win guy. 4 he's out. 5; i don't know but i'm cheering for him regardless of his record!
  6. I'm glad you asked! I've had this theory for quite sometime. The most under recruited position in college football is fullback; even thou these are very versatile athlete's. recruit the best 5 fullbacks every year. Analyze them. the can play multiple positions and make the best special team players. If they catch the ball well, you can always make them a tight end or Hback. they have the size and talent to play quite a few positions. you start winning special teams and the fullback is an extra lineman blocking on pass routes. It has to help the offense. Usually they don't move around to different colleges, so all the sudden you have 5th year seniors that have developed. thanks for listening!
  7. I'm tossing my support behind Mickey until he proves he's fit for the job or isn't! He's in a tuff spot and I'm rooting for him!
  8. Davison's hire was probably a worse hire then sf! Never hire someone's buddy to be his boss!
  9. scott walked into a great situation here but he chased off all the good players and brought his joke of a coaching staff with him! Then was arrogant enuff to tell the BIG that they would have to adjust to him!
  10. The first team def-line should play ok; the backups is what i need to see. linemen cannot go full bore for many plays in a row and be super effective!
  11. Bo's coaching ability didn't lose him the job!
  12. I think i'll bet NW and the points. everyone forgets first game for a LOT of new unproven husker players and COACHES!
  13. the ship has sailed concerning sf! disappointment is his middler name!
  14. I could and you could but fred already has enuff money to float a battleship!
  15. trot fred out with minimum wage assistants and support people. make it hard enuff to make him quit!
  16. lines on both sides of the ball, both look weak in both players and coach's. maybe were are moving to a 7on7 league!
  17. Maybe sf wouldn't have came; but allowing him to bring an unqualified coaching staff was a major screw up!
  18. Raiola has the biggest question mark. Will see after this season if it was a good or bad hire! We'll learn a lot about Chinander this year.
  19. OL coach is the weakest hire, from being on the outside looking in! sf brought more bad coaches to this staff then good ones. Development has almost been non-excistant!
  20. I do believe he means the big 10 has much tougher defenses then the big 12. I'd put the B12 on the same level as the Pac 12. B10 on same level as SEC.
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