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  1. Yeah we should just censor any discussions some might be uncomfortable with. Or we could leave a dedicated thread open to it so it's not being brought up in all the other threads!!!!!! Jeez just don't open this thread if you don't want to read about it.
  2. Why? Seen enough micromanagement of our coaches. Let rhule stand or fall on his choices. I do like mickey though.
  3. What is this nonsense? I was promised Urban Meyer with Deion Sanders coaching the dbs. Boo #fireeveryone #killthestreak I understand it's a business but I kinda wish Mickey and the seniors had the weekend to just enjoy their win.
  4. I've learned that fans will demand the sellout streak to end in a desperate hope to feel some kind of control. The team sucks and has sucked for years...you know who hasn't sucked? The fans. Give up the sellout streak? Yeah let's suck too. That'll show em.
  5. Just think of it like waiting for Christmas as a kid...except you're probably getting underwear and a new toothbrush...
  6. I watched up until Thompson got hurt then was in and out as Purdy has been horrible every time I've seen him play. So I may have missed it but did we do anything to try to get the ball into Palmer's hands in space? Jail break screen, quick out, end around?
  7. Hmmm. Maybe I'll buy a ticket to help.
  8. So the rutgers oline is allowed to bearhug now
  9. No Davison, no 97 title. Don't care about anything else. Nothing can ruin that mizzou game memory for me.
  10. Odd. Who agrees to take less to be fired? What is going on?
  11. The refs were bad both ways with just way too many penalties. It felt evenly called, just should have let the kids play a little more.
  12. 200k for winning the big ten. Should have made it a billion dollars.
  13. You're assuming Nebraska gets better and Indiana doesn't. Right now, I imagine we'd be underdogs in that game. We'll see what happens going forward with some actually tackling at practice and on offense that slows down to try to keep the game in reach. Who knows. Currently this team is awful.
  14. Will we actually improve? Cause I bet the rest of our competition will. Iowa may figure out a few things and their oline may overpower our dline. If the team doesn't get better...which could happen with all the turmoil...we lose out. If they improve a little, we can steal a couple of games. Anything can happen in football but man this team is just bad for so many reasons. I don't envy mickey Joseph. Where does he even start?
  15. I see this as a good move toward the future. Sure the team may learn some better skills and we may get better defensively for this year but let's eject as much of this old staff as possible now. If any of these rumors of the old coaches behaviors and attitudes are true, then they will continue to make things worse..yes worse this season. Who knows, maybe chins runs off a potential recruit or a current player by mailing it in the rest of the year. We don't really know what's going on but there's usually more to the story.
  16. The game went as expected. This same team lost to Georgia southern. Now they faced a real defense. What would change in 1 week? Frost's teams have been predictably, consistently bad for the last 2 years. A new coach can't do much in a handful of practices. Tackling should get better as the season goes on now that they are emphasizing it in practice. This will improve the defense. With a new coaching approach, we may be able to sneak out a few wins.
  17. Yeah screw that. If I can't have the broken chair trophy then all other stipulations are null and void. Yeah screw that. If I can't have the broken chair trophy then all other stipulations are null and void. Yeah screw that. If I can't have the broken chair trophy then all other stipulations are null and void. Yeah screw that. If I can't have the broken chair trophy then all other stipulations are null and void. Yeah screw that. If I can't have the broken chair trophy then all other stipulations are null and void.
  18. I have a problem with him getting the job even at 9-0 as the only parameter. I agree we find the most qualified candidate. If it happens to be mickey then great. But his record as a coach of 9 games, shouldn't be the only consideration. And the color of his skin has no factor in this and never should.
  19. My father believes he needed more time. Believes the mess was really bad to clean up and he got a rough hand dealt with the lightning opening and then covid. I would add the transfer portal changed things too. Part of me wants to believe he may have gotten things figured out had he had time to adapt and had a better supporting cast to shoulder more of the responsibility but everytime I saw him on TV he just looked worn out. Sometimes you just need to step back and recover. Hope he does and I wish him the best.
  20. That damn sock was wrong...but that was one of the best threads ever!
  21. This is revisionist history. We were dogs in both big 12 title games and lost those at there very end of the games. He upset Missouri in Martinez freshman year. We just hadn't adapted to big 10 football yet. His defenses were designed to kill the air raid and pass heavy teams. It takes time to rebuild that into a power team. Had eichorst had his back, I believe he could have turned things around. But let's not pretend Bo was a bad coach. He's the best we've had since solich.
  22. I actually think this might be the only thing to save the streak. I mean I was considering not watching any more games this season but now I'm curious to see if this team starts to actually develop. I'm sure lots of fans were settling into the idea that we'd lose out and it would be ugly. Of course I had no expectations to start the season.
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