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  1. Frost chooses to not have a dedicated special teams coach. All 3 losses have special teams disasters....
  2. See when I drink, I buy stupid stuff on ebay for no good reason.
  3. I'd actually be okay firing frost mid-season just to find out how much of a negative impact he's having on the offense. That drive to take the lead was beautiful. Maybe chinander could cure the false starts of he were allowed to get in there. I don't know. This team just consistently gives games away.
  4. The defense has turned the corner and has become a championship caliber defense. Unfortunately the special teams are pee wee and the offense is afraid to fail.
  5. Oh no way we should have left time to have to punt again but you can try a deep toss...then again...we did just witness another collapse to give away a win.
  6. They should punt. We'll probably fumble it. That's their best bet.
  7. Imif it goes to ot, we need to go 4 downs. I will lose my mind if we lose trading field goals
  8. That's why we should have been trying to score last drive.
  9. Ok fine...burn clock or score...but do one! Snapping it with 13 seconds is unacceptable....well damn
  10. 6 minute drive ending in a connor culp 28 yard field goal to ice it...wait no it would get blocked and returned....let's just do a 7 minute drive and keep them out there past the end of the clock just to be safe.
  11. I have confidence in the defense. They haven't given up a first this half!
  12. I'll take a one minute quick strike and trust the defense.
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