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  1. Hate it. Old one is cool. new one goes into pirate theme park ride territory.
  2. Mickey has been connected to a couple of open head coaching positions at smaller schools. I think now that asu is off the board, once the Tulsa job is also off the table (they seem to be leaning towards Incarnate Word coach GJ Kinne) things will start to be more finalized as to weather Mickey stays. Though I think it would take a salary bump of $50-100k and I don't know if Rhule is going to give Mickey the highest paying contract for a non coordinator position on the staff when he is bringing in so many of his old coaches. And honestly, Trev didn't exactly make it easy to keep Mickey. Nebraska has given Rhule a $7M pool to hire 10 guys. 2 of those guys are going to take a million plus off the top as coordinators. Leaving about $5.5 million for the other 8 assistants. Is Rhule going to give Mickey $800k when the average salary for those 8 guys is going to be around $680k? I don't know. If Trev thought keeping Mickey was a priority that pool would be $7.5 million not $7 million. That extra $500k would have made it easier for Rhule to keep Mickey and not have to think twice about it.
  3. He did get an interview. A two month long 8 game interview. And he did a pretty fantastic job. But this program doesn't have the luxury of taking a chance on a first time head coach right now. Expecially one that hasn't even been a coordinator before. Mickey is a fantastic coach and the hiring of Matt Rhule is kind of perfect for him imo. Rhule is a program builder that doesn't stay in one place too long after he builds it. He probably sticks around longer here than other stops but I doubt he's totally done with the NFL and if he is successful in building the program here and an opportunity in the league comes up he probably will take it. When Rhule took the Baylor job he hired 3 of the top local highscool coaches to help him with local recruiting and help in understanding the culture. Including Texas Tech head coach Joey Mcguire who ended up being Rhule's associate head coach. I fully expect him to do the same here but instead of highscool coaches it's Mickey Joseph, Bill Busch and maybe Applewhite. I wouldn't mind if Becton stayed too but it doesn't seem likely. Mickey can get a few years in as a coordinator and be ready to take the reins of what hopefully will be a significantly better team than the current one when Rhule moves on. He also probably earned himself a few calls from some smaller schools looking for a headcoach and though it would suck to see him go that route also sets up a future head job here when Rhule moves on. I fully expect Mickey Joseph to be the head coach at Nebraska in the future. It just depends on how long and by which route it takes.
  4. We just gave a guy $7 Million to gtfo 2 weeks early. $9M a year isn't a problem if that's what top of market value for the guy is. And if we're not hiring a guy worth top of the market value that's a much bigger issue anyway. Trev doesn't exactly seem too concerned or stressed though. I don't have any inside info on this but I am getting the sense that this has been decided for a couple weeks now. Either way I expect we get an announcement on Nov 26th. Probably right around halftime of the Big Noon game on Fox so it gets a big pop right there and plenty of play during all the games the rest of the day.
  5. Want facts? Ok.I will just restate what I said the last time this silly idea was put out here. Why would Nebraska one of the winningest programs and biggest fanbases in the country switch from Adidas where we are given tier 1 AAA status to go join the rest of the morons who are wearing cheap ugly Nike gear made by poor sweatshop workers? When no matter how big your fanbase is or how much you win and how many titles you have are always going to be second status to an Oregon program that has litterally never done a single legitimately impressive or noteworthy thing in the history of the sport. Expecially when Nebraska has the best contract of anyone nationally not named Oregon. Based on the last articles I can find we have the 2nd best active Adidas contract behind Louisville and the 2nd best deal in the Big Ten behind Ohio States Nike deal. I dont know if those are current but I do know we're near the top of whatever the current numbers are. Because what Nebraska has that makes our deal better than any program in the entire country and why there's not a chance in hell we are walking away from it is that Nebraska has a favored nation's clause with Adidas. Noone else has one. Basically Nebraska can review the deal at certain points and if Adidas doesn't have Nebraska's deal in the same range as its other top deals Nebraska can give Adidas the opportunity to adjust Nebraska's deal to be in that range and they are legally required to make a good faith offer in that range. If they don't or Nebraska just doesn't like the deal Nebraska can simply terminate the deal. Meaning that while other schools are stuck in their contract no matter what deals are made after it is signed for the length of the deal, Nebraska is guaranteed to always be among the top few biggest deals. Guaranteed and this clause can't be revoked even under new contract language as long as Nebraska doesn't sign elsewhere. Nebraska also serves host to the Adidas OL DL pipeline camp where Adidas brings in and hosts the top senior and juco players in the country in Lincoln for Nebraska to evaluate and basically get a free visit for a bunch of top linemen to come see campus, see the facilities and meet the coaches that doesn't count as their official visit to Nebraska. There's no chance at all that Nebraska is giving that deal up. Likely ever. As I said, please stop this nonsense. It gets brought up at least three times a year and it's always going to be the same answer. It only takes one look at what Nebraska's contract has to understand that it's pointless to even think about changing a thing. It's not happening.
  6. We are NEVER walking away from our apparel contract with Adidas. EVER. Anyone suggesting we should or would has never looked at it. Please stop.
  7. Every coach we have hired since Osborne left recruited in the top 25. Frost did it every year and he was too drunk to show up for skype calls with recruits. Hell Bill Callahan recruited a top 5 class and he absolutely despised recruiting. Pelini was a jacka$$ and recruited elite talent... our Offensive line is abysmal because we can't find anyone to play tackle despite having multiple guys who everyone in the country was trying to get at the position. It's a coaching issue and an evaluation issue not a recruiting issue. We had a pretty damn good D last year, but you don't get a good defense when your defensive coordinator is hanging out in the steam room and not doing game prep. Special teams went from a complete tire fire to a unit that has been incredibly effective at making big plays. And we can actually kick so that's nice. This offense is pretty damn good except we have no offensive line because we have an entire room full of guys who are too tall, have bad feet and no hips. But we have a couple WR's that are as good as anyone and a good runningback group. We have good linebackers too if they can stay healty... the one question mark is the DLine. That unit is terrible and shouldn't be. They look slow and weak and there's no excuse for it. I don't care who you are, you aren't going to win much if you have a bad oline and dline. Especially in this league.
  8. I hope they put that on solid footings so that they can dig under it in a few years to put in underground parking. Unless they want to do what a lot of other places are looking at and put parking under the stadium itself. You could probably put most of the gameday parking under there and open up a lot of parking space for other use around campus for other usage. But the next project after this and the stadium really really needs to be renovating the coliseum into the Cornhusker Hall of Fame and Meusem. Get everything out of North Stadium and get more stuff out of storage and on display and maybe add a small theater that shows film that is in the archives on loops and the like. Go look at the baseball hall of fame and the Boystown Meusem for inspiration. Theres a lot you could do with it in that space. Then since you no longer need the facilities inside North Stadium, expand the facilities you do need and then turn the rest into an NIL operation zone where kids can sell their own merch and current and former Huskers can make some money.
  9. Offense. It's far far easier to replace a defensive coordinator and keep things going with a new one than an offensive one.
  10. It depends on a few things: who else wants it ? If you have a top tier coach on the line ie. Meyer, Mickey would need at minimum 8. If not he needs to get to 6. Unless he pulls off a win against the Sooners and starts to get some serious recruiting traction. Then it's 1. (If he does this he will win a lot more than 1 but you don't wait to hire him. Let him get his staff and recruiting momentum in motion. )
  11. Red pants and red uniforms are awful together. And if there's anything this team doesn't need it's more frills. Just get back to work and do your best to do your best. With no extra bs. And since when is a game what decides who is NU? NW has a hell of a lot of space to fill in the trophy case before that's a rivalry worth even a bad trophy that never gets a spot on the shelf let alone being something that anyone modifies tradition for. This week expecially shows the position you have to reach to be a real rivalry around here. We don't have one in the Big Ten. We had one building with Penn State and then they changed the division's. It could end up with it being USC eventually which would be ironic considering the history there. But the Big Ten isn't done expanding so who knows.
  12. Looks like you can't read. Did it look like Frost stayed in a ceo role? No? Then what exactly did I say that was incorrect?
  13. Pelini was a j@ckwagon and proved he learned nothing from his firing here as he did exactly the same things at Youngstown State costing his team wins and throwing tantrums so bad the refs asked for a police escort out of the stadium. But he and his staff were excellent at finding guys who were way better than their star rankings, elite juco players and they left Riley a plethora of talent. Riley and his staff however did none of those things. By the time Riley and his guys were ousted they had gone from a roster full of talent that needed a good GameDay coach (remarkably Riley and co was actually worse than the guys they replaced at that too.) And by the time they were gone they had left behind the least talented, least developed and least mentally and physically prepared roster Nebraska has seen since WW2. Frost messed up a lot of things and was way too loyal to guys that were much better friends than football coaches, players who he had no idea about and guys that could make the same mistakes over and over again with no consequences. But with the exception of the first class which didn't really get going until after new years, he has improved the talent and work ethic of the roster incredibly well. He has made all the right moves in the off season to fix the issues that were plaguing this team, if he gets back to the role that he went undefeated with , letting his coaches do their jobs and just stays in the ceo role, then he will win a lot of games because he hired the right assistants that can handle the rest just fine. If not he will be looking for a new job in the off-season. But let's not be insane and prop up a massively awful and wrong narrative that Frost inherited anything but a tire fire. Expecially at QB
  14. I know this isn't really an option in Frosts system but I wish they would have a package, even if it's just a goaline package where Yant would come in at Fullback.
  15. Not really. What you are describing is a pass heavy offense. A pass first offense is an offensive mindset where you use the passing game to spread the field and open the run game up to face more 6 man sets. The opposite is the run first approach which means you are using the run game to crowd the box, getting the defense to commit an 8th man to the run defense and drawing the safeties in then using the pass to exploit the space that creates downfield. Not quite the same thing.
  16. The best thing you can say from that scrimmage is that unless/until Ohio State makes the BigTen title game there's not a team on our schedule with better pass rushers than us. So these offensive linemen will have plenty of practice against players better than they will see on Saturdays. I am also a little confused. I am hearing all about how good the running backs did but also that the dline was fantastic against the run. Those seem to contradict each other.
  17. Yeah, the old system was not great against the run. It didn't help that Tuioti was an absolutely terrible recruiter and we weren't exactly deep in the middle. We have some dudes that now that can hold the line and eat space. We also have some good options on the edge. The biggest challenge is if you have to keep Mathis off the field because he's terrible against the run', how much do you use him? If he's only going to be effective on 3rd and long it's a problem.
  18. Yeah it's indoor tailgating with a bunch of tvs and one of the only places to serve alchohol on campus. You won't be able to take any of it outside though so no take-out. It does offer a very near to the stadium parking if that's a thing you need to worry about. As for more general tailgating experience right to the west past the Champions Club is the 10th street overpass. That's probably the prime tailgating area that is packed but just start talking to people and make sure you are clearly a fan of the visiting team and you will get offered all the food and drinks you could want. The other tailgating spot is the big concourse and parking lot right out by East Stadium. Right in the middle of that lot on the southern sidewalk you will see a tower, keep going and you will get to the mammoth statue outside the History Meusem. If you pass the statue, his name is Archie and it's suposedly good luck to tap his extended foot. So don't do that. :•} Otherwise if you are more to the west of the stadium, you will see the Basketball Arena beyond the overpass, just to it's south is the Historic Haymarket area filled with lots of restaurants, bars and shops. It's one of the more popular areas in the area with some good breweries. Just stay north of N. There's not much for tourists down that way, just steelworks and other industrial buildings. But canopy street is nice enough, the market is at the far south of Canopy and of course the Railyard is at the far north of Canopy, basically across the street from the Basketball Arena. It's a courtyard surrounded by bars and food shops that you order from and eat and drink in the courtyard. it's open carry drinks in the courtyard and a popular hangout spot, its also the home of the Cube. Basically a massive 14 foot by 40 foot on the Railyard courtyard side and 14 feet by 14 feet on the canopy side big screen tv that wraps around the corner of it's building. Bourbon street is also nice. Good places to stop in and grab some food. If you are more South straight outside the East Stadium entrance is a path, the 2nd building on your right is the Sheldon Meuseum of Art. Go about 6 blocks south and then a little to the east and you will hit the state capital building. As well as more shopping and restaurants. And of course when at the stadium, make sure you head to the North Entrance and go inside the Osborne Complex. It's right behind the statue of Tom Osborne and one of the best backup Quarterbacks in college football history, Brook Berringer. Berringer stepped in when Tommie Frazier was out with a blood. Clot. He was a perfect 7-0, saving the team from falling out of the National championship run in 1994. He then finished his final season as a backup once again, playing in mop up duty, and finished his career at Nebraska scoring the final touchdown of the Fiesta Bowl after the team dominated the Florida Gators, winning the second of the back to back National Championships as a part of the greatest team in college football history. Brook Berringer was, besides being a quarterback a licenced pilot.rook died while flying a plane that had engine trouble 2 days before the NFL Draft. The complex itself is where the players locker and training areas are but the front entrance is accessible to the public and is the showroom for the Bowl game trophies. National championship trophies and other memorabilia. As well as an "experience room" which also holds the Heisman trophies. As well as some nice features and artwork. There is typically a kids fun zone on the track right next to the practice facility, but they tore the track out and are moving track and field to a new spot by volleyball facility the that will be a championship level facility. Where the track used to be they are building a massive $150 million dollar training facility. Because of the construction I can't say if or where some of the stuff usually happening around the stadium itself is going to be. You didn't say how old your Daughter was or how much time you will be here before and after the game, so I put some of everything. I'm sure we can offer more specific info if you are looking for some specific things that you might enjoy or want to see.
  19. The thing is they had a pretty strong defense last year and we tore it apart with over 450 yards in the airand just over 100 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. We had 2 recievers over 100 yards. Austin Allen was 7 shy of 150 and we had at least half a dozen guys average 10+ a catch. The problem was that even though they only held the ball for 26 and change, held them 15 1st downs and 49 plays (we ran 70) we let them average 8 yards per carry and Braelon Allen run for 228 and 3 scores. And as usual our QB and special teams were awful in the big moments as Martinez threw 2 picks and we gave up a kick return for another touchdown. We should be pretty good against the run and hopefully the special teams QB turnover issue is fixed.
  20. Close isn't good enough. It's winning time.
  21. I'll be shocked if Graham Mertz even ends the year with 94 points.
  22. You're correct. No wonder I didn't know this or remember it. The biography I got that from was talking about the supplemental draft and didn't curate itself very well. Sorry. I completely blanked about Young, I was too busy trying to figure out how I forgot Rozier was drafted in the NFL. I should have realized something about it was wrong when it said he was Drafted after Young who didn't need a Runningback because of Craig, and ahead of Reggie White. My fault not double checking and assuming that a bio of the man was correct and I was just an idiot who couldn't remember it. Thanks for noticing.
  23. Craig was the starting running back for the first 3 years going for 1,030 yards and 6 touchdowns on only 143 carries averageing 4.6 yards per carry in '81 He got banged up in 82 and Rosier ended up being so great that Craig moved to Fullback. San Francisco started him at Fullback for 4 years where he was basically guaranteed to have 800 yards on the ground, 500 in the air and just shy of 20 tds. He moved to Running Back when the 49ers drafted the best Fullback of all time, and another Husker Legend Tom Rathman. Craig ended his career in the NFL hall of fame with over 8 thousand yards on the ground in just 2000 carries. He also had 5 thousand receiving yards on 566 catches. He averaged 12.1 yards per carry and 29.8 yards per catch. In the NFL. And he moved to Fullback because Rozier was just superhuman. I also misspoke earlier. I didn't know this, Rozier ws drafted #2 in the NFL draft as well as #1 in the USFL. The only reason he wasn't #1 is San Francisco had Roger Craig and took Steve Young instead. I thought he was just bought out of the USFL as a free agent. It's to bad his best years were in a dead league. He was a 2x pro bowler in the NFL but he was nearing the end of his career when he went to the NFL and he only ended up with around 5 thousand yards and only hit 1,000 in one of the 6 years in the league.
  24. Phillips was the best RB in Husker history and would have been the #1 pick and ahall of fame great if he wasn't fighting so many demons. And was a lock for virtually every publications Heisman winner until his suspension. Mike Rozier would have been the top pick in the NFL except the team picking #1 was the 49ers and they already had their future running back . A name further down, Roger Craig so they took Steve Young and Rozier went #2. But he was the #1 pick of the USFL so he signed there. And he did win the Heisman. Roger Craig was a Heisman candidate running back, he also was the first in NFL history to run and catch for 1000 yards apiece in the same season. He moved to Fullback at Nebraska because of Rozier . Then Green. Dude is just the definition of a workhorse everydown back. But just a step below elite superstar player. And if you can count Roger Craig and Johnny Rodger's who both played Runningback but are known for a different position. Green just is out of the top 5
  25. Not worried at all about Northwestern. Looking at Penn State. It doesn't matter how many playoff spots there are. Unless a team from the West goes Undefeated and wins by significant margins, The East will have 2-3 teams in before the West is even considered.
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