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  1. Dewiz

    tOSU Gametime

    Is it too early to drink my 100 proof stock Captain Morgan?
  2. Awe....life is good again GBR!!!

  3. You know who really loved this trophy? Sam Foltz! They really need to bring this bad boy back. This is by far the best trophy Nebraska plays for in the B1G. If and when Nebraska beats Wisconsin and Iowa, we’ll take home the W and they can keep those sh#tty trophies.
  4. Dewiz

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    Those helmets are our punishment for going 0-6.....looks like a jockstrap
  5. This team just doesn’t get it. Penalties galore, hold a receiver twice and still get beat, wack the QB in the head. This team is just so dumb

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    2. Husker Richard

      Husker Richard

      @ScottyIce ya they called roughing the passer. 

    3. ScottyIce


      You said wack to the head.. I didn’t see that, I saw a bull f#&%ing s#!t call.

    4. Husker Richard

      Husker Richard

      He made contact with the QB's helmet with his hand. They're gonna call that every time. 

  6. Look at Iowa’s non-conference schedule for the next 5 years, it’s pathetic. Only P-5 team they play is Iowa State and then they play 2-3 FCS teams as well. I’m sorry but nobody outside of the state of Iowa gives a damn about that game. Move on Iowa and play tougher opponents. Nebraska has played Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and/or Michigan State, 4 of those 5 teams, in some cases all 5 in more seasons than Iowa has since Nebraska joined the B1G. Nebraska goes out of their way to schedule tougher opponents while Iowa skates by untested.
  7. From 2000 to present both the Big 12 and B1G have won the same amount of Nattys but the Big 12 played in more Big 12 OU - 2000 won , 2008 lost Texas - 2005 won, 2009 lost Nebraska - 2001 lost B1G Ohio State - 2003 won with a DPI gift Ohio State - 2008 lost Ohio State - 2015 won
  8. Dewiz

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    I never victim shamed or pegged her as a liar from the start. I like to gather as much information as possible before coming to a conclusion. As I gathered more information I realized that there were so many holes in her story and she couldn't answer some basic simple answers. She lied about having a fear of flying as so many friends and ex-boyfriends have pointed out. Not to mention the timing of this accusation and the way the democrates sat on this story since July, her lawyer is a known outspoken resistance affiliate and now she's not going to pursue any future sexual misconduct allegations is all I needed to know. I connected the dots, maybe you should do the same. Had the allegations actually been true than I would've been 110% behind removing Kavanaugh and replacing him with another more suitable nominee. Its crazy how many members on this board pegged Kavanaugh quilty off the bat with very little substantiated evidence but here you are wagging your finger at me....but I'm not surprised. Maybe stop taking everything so serious, especially about the #BeersForBrett, cause I wasn't the one making a big deal about Kavanaugh's college drinking days. OMG Kavanaugh was drinking at a bar and you'll never guess what happened, he threw ice at someone before a fight broke out. He's unfit to be a Supreme Judge.....lol. Maybe that hashtag was a way of the world mocking the Democrates on how hard they were trying to find anything such as a silly bar fiasco to bring him down and/or delay the vote till after midterms. Calm down StPaul and drink a beer I'm an outspoken conservative who refused to take the high road on what? I'm sorry but I started this thread to congratulate Justice Kavanaugh and of course the mob had to show up and start bitching and moaning. What I've learned within the past 2 years is that liberals will cry, bitch, moan and protest over E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Here's a helpful tip. Maybe next time, you and your posses stay out of these threads and take the high road too. I stay out of those other threads cause all they are are toxic bitch fest. Sure I voted for Trump even after that audio tape and you know who else did? Women. I didn't agree with what Trump said but men and women talk like that more than you would think, its also known as locker room talk. I voted for Trump because I wanted someone outside of cess pool to fix crap and you know what, he's doing just that.......have you seen the numbers? They are marvelous.
  9. Dewiz

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Lol whatever helps you guys sleep better at night....cheers
  10. Dewiz

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    You do understand that the ‘victim’ and I’m throwing that out there loosely couldn’t even remember when it happened, where, what time, how she got to the party and left, her ex boyfriend came out and said that she never explained such of an event and her witnesses that she named even said that the incident never happened. You think you would remember such invites that tragically ‘scarred’ your for life. If you’re going to claim such accusations you better answer the easy answers (where, how, when, etc) and evidence to prove your case. My wife was a victim of an assault where her ex boyfriend picked her up and did a back suplex breaking her arm. That happened almost 10 years ago and she can answer the easy questions and prove proof and witnesses to back her claims. This was the first thing she brought up when we first started dating. Maybe take off the blinders dude
  11. Google Pixel 3 announcement tomorrow...can’t wait

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I have the Pixel 2 and love it. Best phone I’ve had yet. My daughter really likes her Pixel as well. I’ve always been an Android guy and will probably never consider an iPhone. I haven’t seen what’s new with the Pixel 3 but I should be good for at least a couple years with my P2.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Why do you need a Nest? I use the Google assistant on my phone and I can voice command my sprinkler controller and now our thermostat and neither are a Nest. I’m not the most tech savvy person but it’s pretty cool and really handy. Is there some other “Nest” device I’m missing?

    4. Dewiz


      I just like the look of the Nest that’s all. I’m sure there are other/better options but my sister in law has one and I really like the functionality

  12. Dewiz

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Hey look everyone.....the mob made its way in here
  13. Dewiz

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    No sh*t Dealing with false accusations with no collaboration and evidence to support such claims, death threats to him AND his family and his reputation and character being shoved down in the mud and people wonder why he acted the way he did. Hell if I was in his shoes I would’ve done the same thing.
  14. Dewiz

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Ya because Kavanaugh and his family never received death threats either...