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  1. This program is a huge dumpster fire
  2. This program sucks. Just allowed Iowa to beat us 5 years in a row. 

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    2. Dewiz


      4 losing seasons in 5 years and no sign of progression. This take is spot on it hurts

    3. ZRod
    4. Dewiz
  3. Yikes that Tesla truck looks hideous....was seriously hoping that Elon was trolling us but nope. Rivian has nothing to worry about. 

  4. Visit went pretty good and spent some good amount of time visiting with Wan’Dale
  5. I purchased the Roku Stick Plus so I can watch YouTube TV, Disney+ and Netflix on a better device rather than on the clunky Android TV UI on my Sony TV. Lately when coming home to watch Netflix when clicking on the app it’ll go to a black screen and it’ll prompt up “No Signal” but when I press the home button on the Roku remote it’ll take me back to the home page where YouTube TV and Disney+ work perfectly. I’ve rebooted the Roku stick, removed Netflix and redownloaded the app and I’m still having these issues. Thinking about taking it back to get the Roku Ultra or another AppleTV 4K. Anyone else have similar issues with Roku and Netflix on their Roku Stick or other Roku devices?
  6. Has Nebraska at the top right now but will visit Arizona this Saturday and make a decision soon. He likes that he can come make an impact and play right away, the new facility expansion, the fan support, Frost and Ruud
  7. I’ve checked out too. Not watching another game year too stressful and embarrassing. I’m currently counting down the days till the 2020 season kicks off if that counts
  8. I hate to say this and type it but at this point in time Riley > Frost....yuck
  9. Lots of tickets listed for $40 on Stubhub for the Wisconsin game. Apathy has shown its ugly face once again

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    2. BigRedBuster


      I'm committed to going because I accepted tickets from a business associate (that I can't back out of).  Then I realized it was opening weekend of deer season. But, I thought at the time...hey...at least it will be a good game to go too.


      Now.....I wish I would be deer hunting.  If it's a late game, I can hunt in the morning before going.  If it's an early game, hey...I could be home in time to not be tired for Sunday morning.

    3. teachercd


      I think they said it will be 11am or 230.

    4. 4skers89


      Deer hunting is a nice distraction.  I remember processing deer while listening to a loss on the radio.  Conversation eventually drowned out the game.

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