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  1. I’m assuming that since you can’t order tickets now that those sales are coming off of the packages?
  2. The media has been a bunch of hacks trying to stir sh#t up when there’s nothing even there to stir up. I saw it Sunday at 6 because the 5:30 showing was sold out and boy was it outstanding. There were several parts where I got a little uneasy and one part where I even chuckled when you weren’t suppose to due to what had just happened. Those of you who have seen it may know what I’m talking about and others that haven’t seen it, well, it involves a lock. The acting, cinematography, story was well done. For a movie based on one of the most notorious villains actually made you feel sorry for him from start to finish and made you in some ways rooting for him. When the movie got over there was a cop patrolling outside in the hallway outside the Joker movie we just saw. Now was is it a coincidence seeing a cop patrolling the hallway due to all of this movie quite possible having a copycat shooting (Dark Knight Rises showing from Colorado) or is it a new policy at the theater to have a cop presence at all times?
  3. No it’s not a necessity. I know season ticket holders get first pick on away games when you pay for your season tickets so that’s how I’ll get mine or request my tickets. No way I’m gonna pay the cheaper $2,999 per person package when I can get everything around that price or a little cheaper.
  4. Got my wife and some friends talked into going to Dublin in 2021 for the game. Boy that weekend is going to be lit AF. Can’t wait 

    1. schriznoeder


      Dublin is one of my top-5 favorite cities. You're going to have a blast!

  5. We have won 4 games against opponents with a combined 6-17 record. Again nobody with a winning record. We have 3 losses against opponents with a combined 15-3 record. Colorado is sitting at 3-3 and OSU and Minny are both 6-0 We are beating the teams that we are suppose to and in some cases got real lucky to and we’re struggling to beat anyone with a winning record. Boy do we have a long way to go
  6. - Out matched and lacked physicality - No signs of emotion or energy. Minnesota had players that showed that they wanted to be there. Nebraska not so much - Matt Farniok shouldn’t be a captain. Calls out the center earlier in the week but can’t even touch/block any defender on the fake punt - No jet sweeps with Washington or JD? Why? Never once tried to burn Minnesota on the edges - No wrinkles on Offense and Frost wanted to keep the offense basic. Why? Vedral has been apart of your offense for 3 years. No fear of failure Frost - Oline needs re-evaluated during the bye week - Chinander and Austin need to be re-evaluated once the season is over. No progress in season 3 kick them loose after season 3 is over - Why did it take 3 quarters for the coaching staff to put Kade Warner in? He had the best production for the WR’s today - We’ll be lucky to win 6 games
  7. Only trophy in the B1G that I care about winning other than the B1G Conference Championship game of course.
  8. So we’re gonna listen to a guy that does sleep overs with recruits...uff da
  9. Probably one of the brightest parts of yesterday’s game. That call gave me chills
  10. Glad to see some more passes being directed at the TE’s but would like to see that type of production bumped up another notch. I think if we get our TE’s more looks that would open up the WR’s a little bit more.
  11. Hulu Live TV does not do this. I tried it last night when I flipped it to the Temple game with 8 something left in the 2nd. Jumped on YTTV and it gave me the option to start from the beginning or watch it live.
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