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  1. FYI if you're going to order the 19’ sideline practice climalite shirt, order a size bigger. My XL came in today and it fits like a med/large

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    2. Dewiz


      Lol it’s not that I swear. Ordered 2 XL shirts and the one fit perfect but the other one was way to small and short, you could see my belly button if I raised my arms. My wife thought that they sent me a youth size it’s so bad

    3. Decoy73


      I had the same issue with the Adidas Creator Tee XL size.  Lift up my arms and my gut is showing.  I'm planning on doing a lot of high-fives after touchdowns this season so this is an issue.

    4. Dewiz


      @Decoy73 ya I’m returning this shirt and debating whether to get the 2XL or get my money back. 

  2. Dewiz

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    Boy did Iowa fans get all butt hurt when they found out that Nebraska is ranked 24th
  3. Dewiz


  4. I think Sam is referring the “academically” unqualified part due to the SEC having some rule where JUCO players can’t take online courses at said JUCO school or for another school while still enrolled at said JUCO, something like that. Mike’l Severe and Sam were talking about this yesterday on The Bottom Line. Stupid rule but it’s the SEC’s loss haha
  5. If Steve Irwin was still a live that would be my pick
  6. Patiently awaiting for Adidas to drop the 19’ Husker sideline gear whenever that’ll happen. Got some money to spend

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    2. Dewiz


      @The Maudfather weird that the official Husker store doesn’t have these up for sale. Browsing through the Adidas polyester t-shirts it feels like not everything has been released yet. Those sideline practice climacool shirts look plain but the scripted Husker polo looks sharp.

    3. The Maudfather

      The Maudfather

      That's actually exactly what I ordered. I have a thousand block N polos, so I mixed it up this year with the red and white script Huskers. I imagine they'll continue to drop a few new items in the next week or two. 

    4. Dewiz


      Ya that’s what I’m thinking and hoping for

  7. Are these two teams Rivals? Yes.......to Iowa fans, I would know cause I live in Iowa and the Iowa fans up here are annoying, obnoxious and are obsessed with Nebraska Exhibit A
  8. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind - Neil Armstrong. Happy 50th Anniversary Apollo 11

    1. Toe


      *For a man


      According to Armstrong himself, at least. If you listen closely, other little parts of his words sound a bit cut off, too. I mean, it was the first live broadcast from the surface of the moon and all.



    2. HuskersNC949597


      Armstrong may also have been experiencing a most extreme case of jet lag and misspoke.  "A man" makes more sense grammatically, of course.

  9. I would rather have a heat index of 114 than cold weather of some ice and snow. Actually mowed in the weather...love it

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      You can simply wear more layers in the winter.  The only ways to escape the oppressive heat is hide indoors or swim.

    3. 4skers89


      I was back home quite a few years ago when it was 116 air temp, not sure what the heat index was.  I did a few hours of manual labor outside just to see if it was possible.  Really have to be careful in that kind of weather.

    4. Dewiz


      @JJ Husker yes I am lol. I love the heat


  10. Can’t believe CNN aired this...they got pwned
  11. Antifa attacks a Washington ICE detention center because of Cortez’s concentration camps rhetoric. Why won’t the Dems condemn Antifa? .