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  1. Dewiz

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    Figured he would’ve went with Iowa with their current success with TE’s but can’t fault the kid for wanting to play in Frost offense. Is this guy immediately eligible or does he have to sit out a year?
  2. Nebraska’s back and we’re here to stay
  3. “Dobby” is trending on Twitter...the video it strange, creepy and funny all at the same time.

  4. Dewiz

    Baseball Coach Search

    Don’t take anything Eric from Scottsdale seriously
  5. Dewiz

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Here’s what I could see panning out. California places Mo on probation and with the added drag paraphernalia citation they judge could more than likely extend Mo’s probation from let’s say 6 months to 12-18 months. I think he’ll face a 1 game suspension Pretty stupid on what he did but former players and coaches have done a lot worse
  6. Milwaukee or DeWalt? Which brand do you prefer?

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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      Do yourself a favor, get Makita. My Dad sold tools as his livelihood, thats what he sold and used. Now I use them. Great tools and an actual company with great customer service.

    3. 4skers89


      I use Milwaukee and Ryobi.  I had a bad Ryobi battery that only took one charge.  Home Depot replaced it with a bigger battery which killed the trimmer. Repairmen said it probably overheated because the bigger battery allowed the trimmer to be ran longer.  No parts available so they shipped me a new trimmer.  The repairmen told me what Toe said as far as manufacturing.  Not much trouble with the Milwaukee tools.

    4. HuskerInLostWages


      Ryobi user here as well.  Never had an issue and the batteries work with the older stuff as well as long as the voltage is the same.

  7. Dewiz

    Erstad gone

    Erstad won 1 Conference Championship due to both Minnesota and Michigan losing and Nebraska beating a very bad Penn State team. It’s not like Nebraska caked walked through the conference to win it they needed a lot of help to win the Conference. In 8 years at Nebraska resume in such a “tough” baseball conference 1 Conference Championship 2-8 in Regionals 0-3 in B1G Tourney Championships 12-13 in B1G Tournament Missed the B1G Tourney in 18’ Never made it to a Super Regional Team batting average has went down every year after Bolt left I believe (2015-Present) The ONLY reason people are upset about Erstad resigning is because he played Football and Baseball at Nebraska. Had he been some Joe Schmoe that had no connection with Nebraska, Husker baseball fans would be calling for him to be fired with his career resume at Nebraska
  8. Dewiz

    Erstad gone

    Hopefully Moos can pull of a hat trick Honestly I like Erstad as a person and a player but he just wasn’t a very good coach. Career wise Erstad was no different than Miles
  9. Blew a 5-0 lead to Okie State last night and get pissed pounded 16-1 but hey we won 1 regional game Erstad better reevaluate his assistant coaches and straighten this program up...soon.
  10. Lol they shouldn’t get upset his damn record speaks for itself
  11. Season ended last night. Today’s results don’t surprise me at all
  12. That last inning best describes the Erstad Nebraska Era
  13. Dumbest rule I’ve ever heard of Whats the purpose of seeds than? You reward the teams that performed well in conference play as the home team.
  14. Can anyone explain how the lower seed team gets home field? Why do we even seed teams if the higher seed team isn’t the home team in the championship game?
  15. Erstad is now 0-3 in Tourney Championship games...bravo