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  1. Yup pretty disappointed to say the least. Haven’t been too impressed with Walters and developing guys.
  2. FWIW according to Sean Callahan, Joseph isn’t coming
  3. The targeting call was the right call but that fumble was indeed a fumble

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    2. man eating mastodon
    3. Dewiz


      @hskrfan4life cause the defender came in lowering his head making contact with the crown of his helmet to the opposing players helmet. Pretty easy call to make IMO

    4. HuskermanMike


      If they had called it incomplete on the field I could see it standing. However, I did not see enough to overturn the call in that situation. It was too close and should have ended with the call stands and a touchdown awarded to Ohio State. 

  4. Are there any experts here on home theater subwoofers?

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    2. Dewiz


      My room size is 30’x16’ w/ 8’ ceilings. Have dual SVS PB-2000 that are not cutting it. It’s shakes but don’t get that thump in my chest. Looking at Rythmik FV25HP, JTR Cap 2400ULF or PSA V3612. Any other suggestions I’m open too. Looking for that “HOLY SH#T” factor

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @ZRod but that's it's nickname...Subwoofer.

    4. Toe


      @Dewiz Hmm, I couldn't really help ya there. I always start from raw drivers, like show me the T/S params and I'll tell ya which one to get.

  5. Schaefer with a Colorado CB Wilfong with a cloudy/undecided CB
  6. Also Frost does have a private jet and Minneapolis isn’t that far away. Pretty easy to do both I would think
  7. Not sure but Greg Smith just updated his Big Red Recon for today’s date and mentioned that in his is write up
  8. According to Greg Smith from Hail Varsity, Kaden told Greg on Monday that Frost will be doing an in home visit tomorrow (Saturday)
  9. This program is a huge dumpster fire
  10. This program sucks. Just allowed Iowa to beat us 5 years in a row. 

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    2. Dewiz


      4 losing seasons in 5 years and no sign of progression. This take is spot on it hurts

    3. ZRod
    4. Dewiz
  11. Yikes that Tesla truck looks hideous....was seriously hoping that Elon was trolling us but nope. Rivian has nothing to worry about. 

  12. Visit went pretty good and spent some good amount of time visiting with Wan’Dale
  13. I purchased the Roku Stick Plus so I can watch YouTube TV, Disney+ and Netflix on a better device rather than on the clunky Android TV UI on my Sony TV. Lately when coming home to watch Netflix when clicking on the app it’ll go to a black screen and it’ll prompt up “No Signal” but when I press the home button on the Roku remote it’ll take me back to the home page where YouTube TV and Disney+ work perfectly. I’ve rebooted the Roku stick, removed Netflix and redownloaded the app and I’m still having these issues. Thinking about taking it back to get the Roku Ultra or another AppleTV 4K. Anyone else have similar issues with Roku and Netflix on their Roku Stick or other Roku devices?
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