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The 2020 Presidential Election - Convention & General Election

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9 hours ago, knapplc said:


I should run in 2024. My platform will be:


You have ten days to campaign for any office. The rest of the time you shut up and do your job. Your work speaks for itself.

Abolish Daylight Savings Time. 

A chicken in every pot. 

I was totally going to vote for you. But then you put chicken in my pot. I want my pot to be vegan!

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5 minutes ago, knapplc said:

These people just don't care about Americans. 


It would be swell if Americans would, you know, realize that and stop voting for them.



:facepalm: As long as the VP and the Pres, who happen to have the best medical care in the world, are safe, it doesn't matter what happens to the rest of us.  Kind of like those freezing seniors left at the airport in Nebraska after the tRump campaign event.

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