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Nebrasketball Game #29: Northwestern - Sunday, March 1 3:15pm - BTN

What will the game result be?  

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Pretty sad that the game would have been won if the team only could have shot 33% from the line

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Next year is going to be a lot more fun than this dreadful season. I pray we get one more win just so the players can enjoy it. One thing about next year is we are going to finisher stronger at the paint and hopefully be an improved free throw shooting team. 


We are also 5 schollys short of players this year so depth is going to be huge in the coming years.

3 sit outs

1 left

1 hurt


Year 1 does not mean anything and year 2 will be a vast improvement.


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Went to every game supported every player no matter  how they played, but that's over.  


Should be no place on this team going forward  for any player that can't hit at least 40% of their free throws.



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Record breaking season.  Sadly none of the records are “good” ones.  lol.  

Its really hard to understand how a college player at even the lesser divisions can be so awful in shooting free throws.  Everybody can have a bad night or two but entire team for entire season?

And these are mostly supposedly distance shooters etc.  Amazing.  Has to be lack of focus or effort or simply not caring.  

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