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  1. If you like reality baking, but also like to watch people fail miserably, check out Nailed It! on Netflix. The premise is that they have 3 amateur bakers come in to recreate cake masterpieces. The host is pretty hilarious too
  2. What are you reading right now?

    I seem to be gaining some steam here. Finished Wizard and Glass which had a pretty sad ending. I tore through The Wind Through the Keyhole (Dark Tower #4.5) which was really bittersweet. Starting Wolves of the Calla today.
  3. Here's what's coming to (and leaving from) Hulu in July
  4. I just picked some that I thought were most interesting... The 2018 CFB preseason schedule superlatives Most scenic schedule: Navy Many people join the Navy for the opportunity to travel the world. Navy's football team isn't globetrotting this fall -- or taking a boat from port to port, although that would be fun -- but its schedule away from Annapolis is extremely inviting. The Mids open at Hawaii, as coach Ken Niumatalolo returns to his home state to face his alma mater. Navy also heads out to the Rockies to face Air Force and, on Oct. 27, plays annual rival Notre Dame in San Diego, a huge military town with idyllic weather almost year-round. Music lovers will love a Nov. 24 trip to play Tulane in New Orleans, and an Nov. 10 trip to UCF could include a Disney World detour. The delayed home-opener schedule: North Carolina One advantage of being a Power 5 team is fattening up the home schedule, especially early in the season. Iowa doesn't leave Kinnick Stadium until Oct. 6. Oregon and Oklahoma State don't hit the road until Sept. 29. And then there's North Carolina, which opens the season with a cross-country trip to Cal, before making a much shorter trek (110 miles) to East Carolina. The Tar Heels are the only Power 5 team to open with two true road games. Including last year's finale at NC State, North Carolina will go 302 days between games at Kenan Stadium, as it hosts UCF on Sept. 15. Toughest road schedule for new coach: Nebraska's Scott Frost Frost could become governor of his home state before even coaching a game for his alma mater. Nebraska's home slate is fairly manageable for its new leading man. The road schedule, meanwhile, is merciless. Nebraska must visit defending Big Ten champ Ohio State, defending division champ Wisconsin, a talent-stocked Michigan team, a Northwestern team that won 10 games last year and an Iowa team that has beaten the Huskers by a combined score of 96-24 in the teams' last two meetings. Frost likely won't get much sympathy from first-year Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith, whose team visits Ohio State, Washington and Stanford, among others. Most lopsided schedules: Wake Forest and Iowa After opening the season Aug. 30 at Tulane, the Demon Deacons can settle in to their home surroundings. Their next road trip doesn't come until Oct. 20 as they play five consecutive home games, including two ACC Atlantic opponents (Boston College, Clemson) and Notre Dame. The flip side is after mid-October, Wake Forest plays just two home contests and has trips to Florida State and Louisville in consecutive weeks. Iowa doesn't leave Kinnick Stadium until Oct. 6, playing its first four at home. But then the Hawkeyes play four of five on the road in a span of just 29 days. Least adventurous road schedule: Florida This shouldn't be a huge surprise. Florida practically invented this award by almost never venturing outside the state for non-league games. This fall, the Gators will play all 12 of their regular-season games in three states: Florida (nine games), Tennessee (two games) and Mississippi (one game). The Florida portion includes a road trip to Florida State and the traditional neutral-site contest with Georgia in Jacksonville. Most Texas-centric opening schedule: TCU Unlike some Power 5 teams, TCU will venture away from its campus a few times early in the season. Just not very far. The Horned Frogs play only one true home game in the first three weeks but won't leave the Metroplex as they visit SMU in Week 2 and play Ohio State at AT&T Stadium, just 18 miles east of campus. TCU then hits the road for its Big 12 opener at Texas before returning home for three straight home contests. It means Gary Patterson's team won't make its first trip outside the state until Oct. 27, when the Frogs visit Kansas. Most road-avoidant schedule: Ole Miss Matt Luke begins his first season as Ole Miss' permanent coach with a game against Texas Tech in Houston. The Rebels' next game away from Oxford takes place Oct. 13 at Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium, which Arkansas still considers a home venue even though it plays there once a year. The Arkansas and Ole Miss campuses are about equidistant from Little Rock, so you could argue Ole Miss will play only one true road game (Sept. 29 at LSU) before visiting Texas A&M on Nov. 10.
  5. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    This reply mentions waiting until after the bowl game to award Blackshirts? I hope Sam didn't really suggest that
  6. Is this the entire segment that will be aired tonight?
  7. Finally dumped my Xfinity cable. Kept the internet though since my other options are kinda butt. Also saw that DirecTV Now has a DVR... :D

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      For those who cut comcast, and kept internet -- what was the cost savings?  And did they make it damned near impossible to do it?

    3. GSG


      @Dilly Dilly My last bill was $300 but we also had all the movie channels, sports packages, etc. Plus the last time I redid my bundle they basically made me add the home phone service (which we never used) to lower the price. I still have the top level internet and it's right at $100. I might drop it down though. Guy tried to sell me home security and mobile phone service too :rolleyes:

    4. BlitzFirst


      With comcast cable and internet, I paid 275 USD.  After, I pay 140 for cable and internet.


      I have YoutubeTV and previously had Playstation Vue...but YoutubeTV is much better in my opinion.

  8. 2018 World Cup

    Sorta off-topic, but I see that the US, Canada, and Mexico won the bid for the 2026 World Cup! That's pretty neat, right?
  9. Healthcare Reform

    One of the replies with a real-world example: Measles! f#&%ing measles! And not too long ago there was a small mumps outbreak in the NHL due to some of the foreign players not getting vaccinated! s#!t like this makes me insane.
  10. Holy s#!t https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1006356377877532672.html
  11. This is a big reason why I don't like MLB. They suck all the fun out of it by getting pissy over stupid s#!t like a bat flip. All the "unwritten rules" stuff is horse apples. It's a sport! Let the guys have fun!
  12. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    I don't understand that analogy. I NEVER hand out my M&Ms. You chumps can get your own!
  13. True Here’s What’s Coming and Going From Netflix in June 2018