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  1. NFL 2018

    What the actual f#&%? That's awful
  2. He's been out there the last couple series tonight. NFL Network if anyone is interested
  3. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    I kinda feel like they might drag it out to give the appearance that they are doing a thorough investigation, then they will come out and say he didn't do anything wrong.
  4. I'm sure they've looked him up. Especially since there is a giant picture of him in their weight room
  5. Couple of good YouTube accounts for weekly highlights from CFB: JustBombsProductions This account does weekly highlights, some team season highlights, individual player season highlights, best-of compilations, etc. They also do some college basketball stuff. Sick EditzHD Weekly highlights, some individual player highlights, some random other sports stuff, but I've really liked the season pump-ups they've made:
  6. Special Teams QC - Zach Crespo: https://twitter.com/CoachZachCrespo Offensive Analyst - Dustin Haines: https://twitter.com/CoachDhaines Defensive QC DB's - Jack Cooper: https://twitter.com/CoachJCooper Director of Performance Nutrition - Dave Ellis: https://twitter.com/fuelingtactics Asst S&C Coach - Jasen Carlson: https://twitter.com/Jasen56