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1 minute ago, BigRedBuster said:

That was my thought when I see this. Russia has already proven they can do cyber attacks here.  


Which, to me, means we shouldn't worry about doing it to them in this situation. Everyone has been poking and prodding at everyone else's cyber defenses since the 70s. 


No reason to stop now. 

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6 minutes ago, knapplc said:


Which, to me, means we shouldn't worry about doing it to them in this situation. Everyone has been poking and prodding at everyone else's cyber defenses since the 70s. 


No reason to stop now. 

I agree.


One unspoken thing about Cyberwarfare is that the United States has some of the most potent cyber-weapons available. We just don't brag to the world about it. 

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42 minutes ago, Danny Bateman said:

I too am curious to know what the president should have done better here or how this response has been weak or incorrect. Seems to me we took the rational, level-headed approach and exhausted every approach short of sending boots on the ground to prevent this outcome... while preparing contingencies because of course no one trusted Putin or believed he truly wanted diplomacy.


Now they're getting ready to swing the biggest hammer we can while not directly sending our forces to join the fighting. 


Bear in mind, sheparding the entirety of the Western order against this isn't some easy task. But it is the correct approach. Putin's plans buckle when there is unity of opposition. 


Should we have sent troops? I'd argue most people would say no. The b!^@hing would have been monumental. Bush tried that and we got Afhanistan and Iraq. We just finally got out of one of those after 20 years. 


Should he direct some mean tweets Putin's way? Trump's bluster wouldn't have fixed this. Hell he might have very well rolled over and let it happen in spite of his post how claims otherwise. 


We really should re-examine what we view as "strong" in our society. Sometimes the quiet, thoughtful, cooperative response is best rather than the impulsive show of force shooting from the hip... alone.


You mean like he did to our allies, the Kurds??? 



I mean, holy crap talk about weak, Putin got him to betray our allies leave military equipment, bases, and intelligence behind. but oh yea, Trump was sooo tough on Russia. Trump was Putin's lapdog and gave Putin everything he wanted, from casting doubt on US intelligence agencies, to bailing on the Kurds gifting Russia all it wanted there, to weakening NATO and the UN. Putin wouldn't be where he is now, if not for Trump. If you can't see that you need to take off those Rosy Red glasses - Hold on are those Republican or Soviet Red?  


Not aimed at you Danny*. But others who have Putin's back here. 


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14 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


This is a good post and I respect you. I would simply point out that I also quietly research in my search for the truth, as do many other posters here. While you may consider the supporting links to come from biased sources, most of the facts are pretty well vetted. 


If you are pulled into politics through your religious faith, that will certainly give you added perspective, as with the Ukrainian Orthodox issue. I do remember that making the news (briefly) back in 2019. But if that's the limit of your interest, it's not a very well-rounded position for claiming a "huge role" in the current situation.  


To read into my post as that one point being the limit of my interest is rather assumptive, yes? As for "not a very well-rounded position for claiming "huge role"" I would contend that religion and religious views has and continues to play a "huge role" in virtually every aspect of life and radicalized religion always leads to destruction. That said, I've read many of the reasons. Putin and his ego. Biden and his ego. Hunter Biden and his less then open business dealings. Germany's dependence on Russian oil and the Ukrainian levy's (most are illegal) reducing Russia's profits. Europe's shortages of both industrial petroleum and grains. Water shortages. Expansionists agenda's and the likes. There also exists many conspiracy theories out there from open borders in Europe and the US because of the coming doom from a binary star passing through sometime before 2030 and decimating the northern hemisphere. (send the deplorable's north to their doom)


Wars are usually about expansion, greed, religion and very rarely about saving a people or preventing ethnic culling. Nothing good ever comes from war.


We call Russia a tyrant state while never questioning our countries past tyranny. Virtually every war since WW2 has been started by the US of A.. Millions of lives both domestic and abroad have been lost as a result of the actions of a Military Industrial Complex that justifies their actions in the name of creating more destructive weapons in preparation of the ultimate end. The old clique of "The best defense is the strongest offense" is a never ending cycle. That is, until the weapons are fully released and the inevitable end is reached.


Greed, Envy, Desire, Jealousy, Radical Religion, Lies & Deceit.. these are the drum beats of war and they exists on both sides.

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