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  1. Oregon has sure turned things around this year.

    1. Redux


      Utah borrowed their mojo, then promptly gave it right back.

    2. Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Strangelove

      Oregon had a few injuries that cost them in the middle of the season. That and Adams Jr. got better each week.

  2. Oh look, another blatant promotion by someone trying to get us to view their content. Shouldn't HB start charging advertising fees for posts like these?
  3. This Iowa team reminds me of '13 Notre Dame. Benefited from a really weak schedule and then got blown out when they played a top tier program. We obviously aren't a top tier team this year, but I don't think we should be intimidated by them at all. Iowa St, Pitt, Minnesota and Indiana all hung close with them, and we should be able to too. We have the mental edge in this series, nothing to lose, and have arguably the most athletic roster they've seen all year. Let's do this.

    1. swmohusker


      This Iowa team reminds me of last years Iowa team, but just a smidge better. Beathard's development has been the difference in close wins and close losses.

    2. Touchdown Tommie

      Touchdown Tommie

      They are better than last year! It is amazing how confidence in the system and buy in can play a huge role. This Iowa team is proof of that! Watch the videos of a book they read and how their leadership from within the team has made a difference.

      I am really hoping for a good game. Their confidence is high and I believe the Huskers' confidence is at the highest point of the year. Stopping the running game and containing their QB is gonna be key...hopefully the defense will n...

  4. Anyone ever figure out who our silent commit is?

    1. Scratchtown


      The entire Mizzou class.

    2. NUance
  5. Alright, guys - let's beat Iowa.

    1. Huskerzoo


      Yup. Glad we have some time to get some guys healthy.

    2. NUance


      I'm rooting for them to beat the Gophers. So they'll be undefeated when we beat them.

  6. We can't afford to lose Tommy. That would be disastrous.
  7. Really wish we could play Michigan State every year. There is so much potential for a really fun rivalry between us.

    1. VectorVictor


      Frankly, if the West doesn't step it up, I could see a reshuffle and MSU being put in the West in exchange for an Illinois or Purdue.

    2. Redux


      It would be fine if we could move Purdue to the East and add OU and KU.

    3. VectorVictor


      Probably would need to happen that way to keep competitive balance if OU/KU join.


      And since it appears that the Big XII isn't going to add anyone that Oklahoma likes...

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  8. That pick in the red zone cost us this game. Don't understand why we didn't run Cross in that goal line situation.

    1. ZRod


      Because Tommy is Eli.

  9. Right now the playoff committee has Alabama ahead of the following undefeated teams: TCU, Michigan State and Baylor...

    1. Igetbored216


      LSU won't be in the Four if they don't win the conference championship unless all the other teams lose a lot.

    2. huKSer
    3. Waldo


      Michigan state isn't a top 4 team

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  10. Look, sunshine pumper Brandon Cavanaugh wrote another article... Yawn...
    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      It's a trap game for them.

    2. commando


      a wounded bear? and in the comments 1 guy talking about they have to run the ball to beat us. guess he hasn't seen our pass defense.

    3. Redux


      Total trap game. They should come in and handily put the nail in the coffin of this season. I could easily see them tripping up like they did in 2011.

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  11. CBS Sports posted a video on Facebook where they asked Big Ten players what the perfect costume would be for for their Head Coach. Gerry said Riley should dress up as Barney. Not Barney Fyfe - Barney the dinosaur...

    1. Redux


      Either would work

    2. GSG



    3. NUance


      Same coaching style as Barney:

  12. Why should we have any faith in Riley at all? Has there ever been a solid HC that inherited a 9 win team, had a losing season their first year, and then won a conference championship later on with that same team? Can anyone find one example remotely close to this?

    1. BigRedN


      True ... True. See what I did there? :-)

    2. NUance


      On the mark, BakerMark. Ditto.

    3. True2tRA


      BakerMark said it well.

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  13. That happens when you have this type of record. Most programs wouldn't even be able to fill their stadium.
  14. Alright Eich, if we were "ready to win now", why did you pick a coach that intended to drastically change our offensive and defensive schemes?!?! Weren't there other coaches who could have built from what we already had? Oh... You only bothered to interview one candidate... I see...

    1. lilred


      I like this take... I'm a fan.

    2. BigRedN


      This is a great point. I agree.

  15. No bowl game for us.

  16. I'm not sure if it's hilarious or pathetic that Bo lives rent free in your mind. Good to see something occupy the space. Didn't 408's team get blasted yesterday, and only scored 8 points....... and yet the Huskers won and you are sad ): Yeah, and they didn't even have Zach Zenner and his 21 carries for 202 yards. But they obviously remember Pelini. They ran the ball 46 times. The Youngstown fans are getting to know Pelini too. This is from the YSUPenguins forum "In-game embarrassment thread." http://ysupenguins.com/forum/index.php/topic,12130.30.html How soon do you thi
  17. In his presser, Riley said Terrell Newby is hurt, be he doesn't know the full extent of his injury.

    1. Redux
    2. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Well of course he is. Have a good game, wind up hurt. Status quo for this season.

    3. 4skers89


      I wish Wilbon would get it together.

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