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11 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

Yep you nailed it.  Little kids in FL don’t have books in their classrooms.  And the danger in libraries, man don’t get me started.  It’s like a war zone for the kiddos.   In a seriousness, you had a weird response to a post about a Governor doing something about teacher pay IMO.   You should have just stopped at “Great” 

I'm fine stopping where I want.


Thanks though.


Great.  The Gov is paying teachers more.  At the same time, he's being a pretty pathetic Gov towards education.

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16 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

I respectfully disagree, esp with the DINK scenario.  My daughter currently lives about 10 blocks away from where the World Trade Centers once stood and just off the water in the financial district.  She makes $65k and lives with a friend who makes $60k. 2 bd 1 bath with a doorman, security, W&D etc and they are doing just fine paying rent and having some money to explore the city after expenses.  It’s not a lot left, but 2 teachers in NYC would be making $60k more than those two combined if the numbers you showed were correct.  A family would be tighter I definitely agree, but maybe the city could make allowances or something for housing since that’s the major expense.  

That said, I certainly wouldn’t begrudge teachers getting paid more or anyone for that matter if they can get it.   I just don’t think teacher pay is the issue for failing schools or even a top 5 reason. Just my opinion. 

State level funding with district bonds voted on by the tax payer where I live.  


Your tax dollars already go to support private undergraduate and graduate schools. 

Did your daughter by chance move into that property during covid times?


EDIT:  I ask because rents dropped significantly then as so many left the city.  Routine costs now are below, and an example I worked out for 2 bedroom:  

  • Total cost per year:  $4795 x 12 = $57,540/2 = $28,770 rent per year per person.  
  • Then you have utilities, let's just ballpark (and I think these are low imo, I'm in Boston with similar costs to NYC)  a $100 cell bill, $100 internet/tv, $500 parking/uber/train, $400 food/drink x 12 = $13,200mper person extra costs.
  • So $41,970 per year without movies, vacations etc.  And when you get to more bedrooms obviously that goes up.  
  • Rule of thumb is one should spend about 30% of gross income on rent/mortgage


There are currently active 23,696 listings advertised for rent in New York, NY. New York rentals average $3,195 for a studio rental to $6,756 for a 4-bedroom rental. The median price of all currently available listings is $4,000, or roughly $72 per square feet.
For the apartment units and housing in January 2023, median rents have risen substantially over the last year. Studio rentals prices have increased by $500 (18.87%) year-over-year from $2,650 to $3,195. 1-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $403 (11.53%) year-over-year from $3,497 to $3,945. 2-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $1,267 (30.68%) year-over-year from $4,128 to $4,795. 3-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $1,100 (22.68%) year-over-year from $4,850 to $5,895. 4-bedroom rentals prices have increased by $448 (6.85%) year-over-year from $6,547 to $6,756. Note that this figure includes all active and rented listings throughout the month.
Month-to-month, seasonality might have a bigger impact than overall trend price changes. Studio rents have gone up by 1.24% this month. 1-bedroom rents have gone down by 0.00% this month. 2-bedroom rents have gone up by 0.59% this month. 3-bedroom rents have gone up by 0.40% this month. 4-bedroom rents have gone down by 1.41% this month.
    Current Availabilities   January 2023
Bedrooms     Rent Price / sqft     Whole Month Rent 1 Yr Ago Rent (% Change) 3 Yr Ago Rent (% Change)
Studio   $3,195 $82   $3,150 $2,650 (18.87%) $2,715 (16.02%)
1 BR   $3,945 $74   $3,900 $3,497 (11.53%) $3,315 (17.65%)
2 BR   $4,795 $68   $5,395 $4,128 (30.68%) $4,043 (33.43%)
3 BR   $5,895 $64   $5,950 $4,850 (22.68%) $4,983 (19.41%)
4+ BR   $6,756 $59   $6,995 $6,547 (6.85%) $6,386 (9.54%)
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5 minutes ago, teachercd said:

This is actually a super progressive idea and some districts do a "town hall" type thing when hiring new principals...


But of course this is also a crazy idea.


It's a preposterous idea, because it would never work.

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9 minutes ago, nic said:



Which part of "sex determination is an active area of research that should yield a more sophisticated understanding in years to come" troubles you so?


The willingness to explore something we may not fully understand?


The possibility of a more sophisticated understanding in the future?


Scientific curiosity? 


Textbooks adapting as more information becomes available, as they always have?



Left entirely to God, the animal kingdom is rife with curious inconsistencies involving biological sex. If Nicole and the folks sharing this post have a problem, bring it up with Him. 

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