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  1. Lincoln suggestions for a Wisconsin fan

    Dont waste your money to see a blowout.
  2. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    You're the one who said with Smiths pedigree you really cant go wrong. Believe me, as i said anything can go wrong including possibly with Saban. Im just saying at this time and point in CFB Saban is the safest bet, and even he could not work out for whatever reasons.
  3. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    Believe me when i say, Anything can go wrong!! There are no sure bets unless you are hiring Saban imo.
  4. Who should we hire

    Hell no!! First one that needs to go is Eichorst. Eichorst needs to be gone yesterday.
  5. Toughness

    On top of no toughness or nastiness an absolutely huge issue is the fact there seems to be no consequences. If a player is consistently using the wrong technique or not being sharp on assignments he needs to be sat the F down for at least a little while. Put someone else in, bring player to sideline and tell him what he's doing wrong and teach him. I literally hardly ever see this. I barely see any teaching going on during games. That's the best time to teach and for players to learn what you expect from them. There has to be consequences for poor play.
  6. After this weekend i'm starting to believe all this end of the world stuff.

  7. Scott Frost

    Rumor has it a Norfolk Iron jet has landed in Orlando.
  8. we opened as 11 point favorites vs rutgers.

    Its pretty obvious by now that us as favorites is a joke. Take the points and Rutgers.
  9. If you take rumors as fact thats on you. Its good entertainment imo.
  10. The Sock Puppet..

    See rumorville
  11. Tanner Lee

    There is one big thing i havent seen yet from Lee which i think is holding the team back. Fire! Has he played great? No. But when you're getting the s#!t beat out of you and little help from your WRs its hard to even be decent. The guy has to quit worrying about being liked. His body and future are getting destroyed. Step up, have some balls, and get after the line and WRs. Get on their asses. I started a thread about this. I'd rather be disliked and good rather than liked and bad. See Tommy Frazier. The guy was not that well liked by the team, but he was respected and they listened to him.
  12. Toughness

    This is the absolute number one thing our program has been missing for 15-20 years. Our teams, especially current one, are so damn soft. We have to find some guys that can bring the toughness back. Guys who will hold everyone accountable. Guys who will get in others faces and they will be respected. We need some tough SOB leaders. Its embarrassing how soft we have been. Pertaining to football, i'd rather be feared/hated and good than well liked and crappy. Thats what all good teams have in common. They have tough guys on the team that dont give a s#!t, and that team morphs into that. They want to be feared. We are far from being feared at this point.
  13. Who should we hire

  14. The financial implications of a failed football program

    First off, there is no way anyone from Pender has the name Thurston. Second, have you seen Baylor? Even we could beat Baylor. Maybe. I think. Possibly. Right? Anyways, point is NIU is better than Baylor. But that really doesnt mean anything. Thing is neither Gill nor Moglia is the answer. Its time to either get a real proven veteran or a big time up and comer.
  15. Who should we hire

    Two of the biggest rising stars are DJ Durkin and Frost. Young and hungry coaches. Both with plenty of asst coaching experience and now HC experience. Im a big Durkin fan!