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  1. After i kill a mole, should i dig it up to get rid of it or just let it rot in the ground?

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    2. teachercd


      Pretty sure we are not supposed to talk politics in these status updates.  #ColdWarJokes

    3. huKSer


      Spies should rot in the ground

    4. NUance


      Sure it's not a vole?  It could be a whole different problem. 

  2. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Get me a business proposal and if it will be able to work with kids in all states. I wouldn't mind being in on ground floor for this with money. I really don't want to do the work, but would be willing to invest if things add up!! Seems like there should already be something like this in place if it's not illegal.
  3. Jordan Larson Question

    Yes she is divorced. She and I are currently dating and bumping beauties. J/k, i have no idea.
  4. I hear it ALOT!!! People dog the football program for having all this money but never helping out the academic side of things. People dont understand alot of the cash is used to prop up most of the other sports, and also i believe some of the money cannot be used for academic things due to earmarking and tax issues. But the program does help the academic side and this is a HUGE help.
  5. Ya, football doesnt help the academic side of the school. Where are those people now?
  6. Baron Miles Inducted into CFL Hall of Fame

    Is being Enducted better or worse than Inducted???
  7. Tyjon Lindsey

    WTH? We must be really losing money at the University, we can only afford to give people half of a letter jacket now??!!
  8. Anybody heard anything about Joe Burrow possibly joining team? Seems may be looking to transfer depending on how tOSU spring goes. Also, sounds like he may graduate soon, so that would play into being able to transfer without having to sit out. Some smoke out there from things I'm hearing.

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    2. theknife


      I can't see this as a possibility unless we come out of Spring concerned we don't have a viable option at QB. 

    3. VectorVictor



      I can't see this as a possibility unless we come out of Spring concerned we don't have a viable option at QB. 


      Depends on how 'viable' that option at QB is. Do you take a fresh-off-the-boat Freshman or an experienced signal caller with two years available that's run a system similar to yours and is one of the better known quantities at QB in all of CFB?



    4. jaws


      Here is a link to what Urban said about the QB situation at OSU after the first practice. There are multiple questions about the QB position.



  9. 2018 NFL Combine

    This is straight line speed. Not too much correlation imo. Footwork and lateral movement more important imo.
  10. Well, i think our chance to make the dance just went bye bye with Penn St probably just taking our spot if we even had one.

  11. 2018 NFL Combine

    Ya, but you come from a naturally strong family.
  12. Concrete Mixers!! Culvers ya'll.

    1. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      best in the game 

    2. suh_fan93


      I enjoy those.  I also love a good strawberry smoothie from Baskin Robbins.

  13. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22597042/defensive-end-randy-gregory-eligible-apply-reinstatement-nfl-dallas-cowboys-expecting-in-2018
  14. I had a 2008 Chevy Silverado that had heated windshield fluid. It was awesome!! But they had recall on them due to fires starting so had to get it unhooked. Im surprised they havent figured out a way to do it again without the fire hazard. It was great watching people scrape while my windshield steamed and the ice melted away.