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  1. What year is it?

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    2. Atbone95


      Can we do a recount on Huskerboard Head Coach? EZ-E is back to take his throne

    3. Dewiz


      So glad EZ-E is back....welcome back man

    4. EZ-E


      I may need avatar help

  2. Bo looks a lot like Lee Harvey Oswald.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Do ya think he would shoot Rob Lowe? 2 birds, one stone......

    2. NUance


      Lee Harvey Oswald used to scream at the refs. Just sayin...

  3. Moonshine in hand, I'm putting my head in the sand.

  4. Well, this will really hurt recruiting. Might force somebody in the AD to make an announcement.

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    2. NUpolo8


      This isn't a new rumor. This poor guy is probably going to have to move

    3. EZ-E


      He just became this fanbase's Steve Bartman.

    4. NUpolo8


      Funny thing is, a lot of people who would "know" have said the same thing verbatim. But why in the blue hell you would do that knowing full well Twitter and places like here would be happy to trample you is beyond me. For the record, I think this is a coin flip.

  5. Frustrating day. And it's only half over.

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Just start drinking. I have. :)

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Look on the bright side. Maybe at least the frustrating part of the day is over.

  6. This place is a circus.

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    2. icedavis


      Did I miss the bear riding the mini-bicycle? That's my favorite.

    3. TAKODA


      "Take me out to the ball game,

      Take me out with the crowd.

      Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,

      I don't care if I never get back,

      Let me root, root, root for the home team,

      If they don't win it's a shame.


      Oh Wait, that was for baseball games!

    4. Stumpy1


      The rancher I worked for in high school said wearing a condom is like wearing a raincoatin the sshower. He was a wise fellow.

  7. MSU's time of possession was somewhere north of 38 minutes. Wow.

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    2. ZRod


      I thought we did fine tempo wise, we used no huddle and had a 4 minute 80 yard TD drive I believe.

    3. True2tRA


      ZRod, we may have had a food drive in there somewhere. Good for us. We put a good drive together. I'm baking some cookies for the team and getting pats on the back lined up for everyone.

    4. huKSer


      Most of the time we no huddle - no sub and wait to 10 to 5 seconds to center the ball. Just keeping the D from making subs

  8. Really unfortunate. To be completely honest though, I thought we won the LOS on both sides of the football and our guys didn't back down. Its really hard to swallow now, but we wont see an OL or a DL that good the rest of the year and in bowl season we should be closer to full strength.

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    2. TheSker


      Maybe our next coach will have that authority....if we can get him to leave his current job at Colorado.

    3. NUpolo8


      Yes. That was my point. Spot on.

    4. NUance


      Valentine was a force in the middle. Can't wait to see the guy develop.

  9. Here's another Pelini "blowout." It comes at the hands of this board's golden boy as well.

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    2. NUpolo8


      Talking about blowouts again. And turnovers.



      That was far from a blowout.

    4. NUpolo8
  10. This is considered a blowout now right??? Hahahaha.

    1. Husker_x


      Scoreboard don't lie.

    2. Nobody


      wtf??? stop trolling. We lost.

  11. A healthy offense and TMart wins us this game. Tommy showed he's a freshman today.

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    2. NUpolo8


      They lost because this coaching staff produces mentally weak players who wilt in the spotlight.

    3. EZ-E



    4. EbylHusker


      Holy sh#t, NUpolo just went full derp.

  12. Fire Bo right? LoL

    1. EbylHusker


      Damn right, Bo was out there and caused them 5 turnovers. I seen it. Hurrrr.

    2. OH HSKR FAN


      Seat is still hot though.

    3. NUpolo8


      I bow down and thank God everyday that I'm alucky enough to watch a football team that commits five turnovers on national television and looks undisciplined and scared in doing so.

  13. The over/under on that MLB was just broken!!! :)

  14. Dear Lord. I don't know what's more facepalm worthy. Our turnovers, or the hypocrisy of this board.

  15. Given the circumstances, if we leave the field tomorrow victorious, is it a "signature" win for us???

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    2. NUance


      I'm way ahead of ya buddy. LOL

    3. EZ-E


      I have had enough chew, whiskey, and shine to go around. You know what you do?!? Wake up tomorrow and you do it again!!!



      No, for Tommy I think it would be a great confidence booster. Bo's signature win would have to be against OSU if we make it there. Gotta get through MSU, PSU, and Iowa first.

  16. I've got Dirk to tweet me back a good number of times. This must mean I've made it right? That such a quality journalist would take time out of his day to respond to my questions.

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    2. EZ-E


      No. I take Dirk with a grain of salt and that is how he should be taken. I just think that it's funny when you ask some of these guys to elaborate on the claims they make that they really have no response.

    3. NUance


      "He's a real person, you know?" Uh, no. Dirk is a myth. Sort of like a journalistic unicorn.

    4. Ed Helms
  17. I hate Dirk Chatelain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. NUance


      / sorry Dirk. I was drunk when I wrote that. lol

    3. da skers

      da skers

      He blocked when I asked him if he'd like me to point out how bad of a writer he was on a daily basis.

    4. Chaddyboxer
  18. Chuck Long said on BTN that we have a better chance of being shut out than AA getting 100 yards. Well Chuck, we are going to have more rushing yards on one series than MSU is giving up on average to B1G opponents in whole games.

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    2. It'sNotAFakeID


      The Michigan game mattered. Every game last year after the Ohio State game mattered.

    3. ADS


      Chuck Long played at Iowa, so of course he doesn't like Nebraska. It's science.

    4. TAKODA


      Mr. Accountability, the same thing was being said when we played Florida in the Bowl game? Back then, it was the Florida offense that was supposed to bury us with its speed!

  19. Jeep got broken into the other night. I had my iPad, two credit cards, my checkbook, and my Mark Ecko cufflinks all in there. The only thing missing was my goofy cowboy hat I bought in Texas. I must have drastically underestimated the value of that cowboy hat.

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    2. Hoosker


      You left all that stuff in there over night? That seems a little careless, EZ.

    3. EZ-E


      Hahaha. No not my cuff links and a cowboy hat at the same time!! I drunkenly bought the hat when I was down at South by Southwest one year and I loved wearing French Cuffs when I needed to for work.

    4. EZ-E




      I am way too trusting of a guy.

  20. Looking back at the Michigan game, there wasnt a drive on offense that we went 3 and out on offense to my knowledge. We've just gotta make the catches to extend drives.

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    2. QMany


      The second drive of the second quarter was also a three and out, barely. That is when we were pinned on our own 3.

    3. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Q-I blame that on the punt returner for not fielding the damn punt at the 30 and lettin it roll to the 2. We had Newby back there, JUST LIKE EVERYONE WANTED. LOL.

    4. whateveritis1224


      They went over that, Newby was preparing for a 40 yard punt, but the guy kicked a mortor shot. Coaches told him if anything went over his head just get away. Just a spectacular punt.

  21. Richie Incognito is available. Can he play guard this weekend? We need him.

  22. MSU is only giving up 31.6 yards per B1G contest on the ground. What are the chances we have that on one run Saturday??

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    2. Husker_x


      Ameer Abdullah still plays for us, right?

    3. EZ-E


      If we can't get 32 rushing yards on one series we are in big time trouble.

    4. Chaddyboxer


      If we can't get 32 yards in one series, then considerz meez Miles Davis!

  23. Are we the most talented offense that MSU will see all year?

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    2. EZ-E


      LandLord, you mean Indiana? Or really Illinois??

    3. tschu


      Indiana, also Ohio State in the title game potentially. Our offense is injury-depleted though, don't forget

    4. It'sNotAFakeID


      We would've been if we were healthier. Either way, we still have the talent to get the job done.

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