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14 minutes ago, Moiraine said:

This is probably what happens when you see your comrades castrated for helping wounded soldiers, refusing to fight, trying to run, questioning orders, etc.

there is also video online of a wagner prisoner who was returned in a prisoner exchange.   wagner executed him by bashing his brains out with a sledgehammer for surrendering.  it's been awhile so not sure if it got banned yet or not but it was out there.

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15 hours ago, Moiraine said:

This is probably what happens when you see your comrades castrated for helping wounded soldiers, refusing to fight, trying to run, questioning orders, etc.

Like Enemy at the Gate. If you turn back, we shoot you.

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1 hour ago, BigRedBuster said:



After he bragged so heavily about allowing them to use the system.





Perhaps he was made aware that he could be on the Russian assassination list. :dunno




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“We know they are coming,” Lymarenko said amid the pop of practice rifle fire. “We don’t know where.”

As Moscow struggles to turn the tide of a war that so far has largely failed, Ukrainians are bracing for a Kremlin do-over. But just where Russia will seek to land its blow remains a mystery, forcing Kyiv to ready its troops along a varied and forbidding front stretching from Belarus to the Black Sea.

From boggy northern wetlands to raging street fighting in the east to the treeless southern steppe, each range of terrain presents its own set of challenges and openings for Russian invaders and the Ukrainians intent on expelling them.




The most obvious place for Russia to point the spear tip of a new attack is a few dozen miles to the north of where Andrii is stationed, in the center of the historically Russian-speaking Donbas, according to Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine’s head of military intelligence.

Moscow is pouring much of its swelling force — which Budanov estimates has topped 326,000 soldiers — into parts of the region Russia has controlled through proxy authorities for nearly a decade.

Many of those troops have headed into the raging battle for Bahkmut, a city on the path to Putin’s longtime goal of conquering Donbas, which comprises Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

“Their whole task right now is to get to the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” Budanov said in an interview with The Post.

The Russians could also direct their attack at other lands they illegally claimed to have annexed last year in the southern Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, parts of which help form Putin’s much-coveted “land bridge” between mainland Russia and Crimea, which Russia invaded and illegally annexed in 2014.

Even a major thrust into the western region of Rivne, which would allow Moscow to block the flow of Western weapons rolling in from Poland, is a scenario that strategists are examining.

Ukrainian commanders are watching everywhere, eager to decipher whether signs of a surge out of Belarus to the north or across coastal Kherson in the south are head fakes or a genuine assault, requiring a quick diversion of defenders from other parts of the front.



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I didn't watch the actual video but there was a post on Reddit this morning of a wagner group runaway or traitor. The first frame was all I needed to see; it was the runaway tied up and seated with bricks next to his head that were protruding from a wall and a guy standing behind him with a sledge hammer. I think you know where it went from there.  Absolutely f#&%ed up... These guys are on the level of ISIS now. 

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