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    I'm going to predict at least 10 wins and 8+ draft picks. Then if the season goes south and the huskers struggles I'm gonna criticize any fan who is critical of how the team is playing and accuse them of having unrealistic expectations.
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    Jesus couldn’t have said it any better. The previous twenty yrs are a heavy lift to overcome. On top of that he essentially 70-80% of MR last class and his first. Anyone that thought he’d mirror UCF level turnaround here wasn’t paying attention to the details and going all on emotion. Turnaround will come but it will be more gradual I think. I don’t see that as defeatism, I see at as being realistic and understanding what frost is working to fix as he himself is only in yr 4 as a HC.
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    I'm not sure why I bother to use words. Both posts went out of their way to explain that Bo could not and would not return to Nebraska given the mutual bridge burning. Merely saying that a coach with Bo Pelini's resume might look like a big name upgrade from Chinander if we lived in a magical place that erased select memories. It's a semi-relevant discussion, given that a lot of Husker fans would like to replace Chinander, and the candidate pool would likely include young up and comers as well as Pelinesque options -- veteran coaches returning to their comfort zone.
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    Can only have some many coaches and we are full!
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    I expect for 2020 I'll have to abandon LSU as one of my favorite Non-Husker teams now that demonically possessed spitting mad Bo is there.
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    I think being named second team all big ten and having decent draft stock puts the burden of proof on those calling him average at best. Those things would indicate he's probably better than average.
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    :) Hope you found alot of recipes you like:) thanks for putting a big smile on my face:)
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    Well..the way it looks like..noone here is really interested in Go Big Red Recipes. I thought it was a good idea..but..maybe not. I may have to rethink this idea I had if noone is interested. Thx for the reply Husker37
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    Husker37 you always crack me up with all of your post
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    I was wondering what bug spray had to do with the Ks/Mo war....And I'm not sure I want to know what or who they were riding so hard... I thought the mascot thing was a little way off, too..but then I remember how scary Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" was when I 1st saw it. Jayhawk (urbandictionary) The Ole'Miss thing? I imagine it's like most of us..Sometimes we have to put up with bad situations in pursuit of our long term goals. I've never been SE of Missouri unless you count the two months I lived in Austin, TX. So I don't really know much about their culture. I'd guess ~80% of the people (all races) in the surrounding area would be poor enough to need to go to college close to home (so their folks can watch them play)..really..I can't imagine not wanting your parents to be able to see you play. But what other colleges are in the area that could get you that much exposure if you want to go on to the NFL? Yeah, probably right. But they call themselves the rebels, have a confederate looking dude as the mascot, and until recently, they all waved cofnederate battle flags at the games. I don't care what flags people use, I am all for free specch, but if I am black and my fans think I am inspired by that, well, hmmmm
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    Jeez Jayhawk...you can't even give Iowans credit during the freaking Civil War? Iowa divisions fought all over Missouri...even the old Graybeard Division fought there. Sure..Jayhawks fought in the war but they had a "reputation" among the units from more civilized states as in "Never trust a Jayhawk..." Apparently they were regarded as a bunch of thieves. There's a story from the siege of Vickburg that a soldier in an Iowa unit died of some disease or other so his comrades went to the cemetary, dug a grave and then went back to hold a funeral service before the burying....as the funeral was going on, a unit of Kansans happened by the cemetary and, seeing the hole, dumped one of their own casualties in it and buried him. When the Iowa unit got back to the cemetary and saw the grave had been taken one of them yelled..."It had to have been one of them damn Jayhawks...them Jayhawks would steal anything...including a man's grave!" Husker37 needs to make a side trip to Nebraska City. They have all sorts of historical information on John Brown there. Apparently he even has a cave...my old man took the family there when I was real little and all I remember about it was it was sadistically boring....
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    dont do it husker37, he's a stalker! just messin
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    husker37 i was jsut curious what your nephews name was and where he is from.
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