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    So we confirmed we are not a G5 team. That’s reassuring, I was worried there for a moment.
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    I can live with the patches they aren't that bad.
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    I don't mind the hustle nearly as much if you are honest about it being self promotion. If you're trying to vaguely suggest you're a random person linking some random site you're not connected to, I won't engage based on principle. If you're like, "Hey guys, I run this site and wrote this article you might enjoy, check it out if you'd like" I will probably check it out.
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    I pull up right to the statium and park. Then this truck comes and takes my car to a guarded lot. Its a pretty sweet deal.
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    @Landlord UCF didn't have a schedule to finish in the CFP selection committee's last top ten at the end of the 2017 regular season...
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    I would prefer if we only had the Adidas and B1G patches. The red circle patch is silly too in my opinion even though we used it during successful years. It has no specific meaning. People know about Nebraska, why do we need to tell them on our uniform that we have traditionally won many games? Also, those pads were gigantic so we had a lot more real estate to work with.
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    It's obvious that our definition of a "Nebraska Classic" is very different from BTN's. My number one rule is, if Riley was coaching it was not Nebraska football and definitely not a classic.
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    If he does, I’ll root for him. If he doesn’t, pay him. Pay that man his money.
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    You settle down dude. Where did you get the impression that I got the impression that you were baggin on Nelson. I was just stating the obvious. I didn't even use an exclamation point....dude
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    In photos the helmets looked bad. In the game you could barely see the stitching pattern, and they just looked kinda off-white. The jerseys were though.
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    The funny thing is theres a chance of a thunderstorm the Saturday evening of our first game... good thing the game's at 11
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    There was a clip floating around of Barney Frank blowing off a hearing to reform Freddie and Fannie just before the collapse.
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    For someone to even suggest Purdue's facilities are better than Nebraska's is enough to tell me we're due for a massive upgrade.
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    I have never watched Fox News and nor do I know what white supremacists are thinking. There are some successful and influential people who like what Trump is doing with more than just tax cuts.
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    @hskrfan4life It's 2 hours and 20 minutes of your life that you'll never get back.
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    I just went to gasnsports.com. I saw plenty of takes on sports but almost none on gas.
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    It's not really hard to understand and I see it all the time in youth sports. If the best players are asses during practice and have poor attitudes and effort during practice, the rest of the team will end up having those habits. If the best players are also the hardest workers and pay the most attention to the coaches, the rest of the team will follow.
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    2016 is my #1. 2019 is in top 3, probably with 2015. 2012 is easily the worst.
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