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    I feel for him for sure but not cuz we pulled the offer.. I feel for him for the idiot fans that talk sh!t to recruits on Twitter when they don’t know what’s actually going on.. makes us look bad. Chubby Penguin needs to STFU
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    Aren’t we his only P5 offer? Maybe he would rather retire than play LB in a Chinander defense.
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    Maybe you don't know the difference between campus police and city of Lincoln law enforcement... Maybe you don't realize that she still shouldn't be blamed because they raped her... Seriously, there's no winning for you in this conversation. The fact that you felt you had to try and defend why she's to blame is sickening. Just stop.
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    Yeah. It sounds like they have such a special relationship.
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    I'm just giddy Alabama isn't there and that's enough to elevate my enjoyment tenfold.
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    He was late to the party in year 1, so getting quality was tougher. And year 2 he was holding back for redshirting.
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    not sure if i should laugh or cry because it's the truth
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    Another Republican helping numb people to Russia's inevitable invasion of Ukraine. I can see it already. "Well, they both meddled in our elections so who are we to take sides?"
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    I usually skim it at best because you usually don't know what you're talking about.
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    I know one thing...I was very very very jealous of the line play I saw in those games yesterday...LSU had that 350 lb NG with an o lineman in each hand ... O how i really miss the days when it was Nebraska that had those lines everyone envied.... Ill watch for entertainment and pull for ANYONE playing an SEC team....including tOSU
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    What the university released to the public on weights and conditioning, the team improved across the board at speed, strength, weight, vert, quickness, and stamina. You could see it on the field. I personally believe we are just a “winning mentality” away from going 9-3/10-2 instead of 5-7. To me it’s mental, not physical
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