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    i believe Mitt might be the only republican i can still support. as a lifelong republican this tears me up. to see them all cower when a criminal president arrives in the office has been quite the eye opener for me.
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    I am so sick of people posting this herd immunity bullsh#t. If you have any verifiable proof that people develope immunity after being exposed to Covid please share it. That would be some new, welcome information. If you can't provide some facts regarding herd immunity actually being a thing with Covid, then please quit acting like you know Jack squat about it.
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    I'm not a Republican, but before Trump I had very few ill feeling towards the party. Agree with you on Romney. He is literally the only GOP congress member with big enough cajones to stand up against Trump. And his party tried to tear him apart for it. The Republican Party just makes me sick right now. It's why I'm voting Blue across the board. All those spineless a$$h@!es need to be flushed out along with that big Orange Turd.
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    when was obama ordered to close and pay fines for running a corrupt university? when was obama and his father ordered to stop blocking black renters into their rentals? when was obama ordered to take classes to learn how not to steal funds from his charities for his personal use like the trumps have? who wasn't afraid to show his tax returns? (hint....it's not the current president) who has something like 30 sexual assualt complaints against them? i was not an obama fan....but damn son....compare the actual court records between the 2.
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    would be nice if he had empathy for anyone outside his crime family.
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    It's funny how they always sounds the same. Like there is no original thought.
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    Maybe we can pay Rutgers to leave?
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    The irony is so thick it makes me wonder if people realize how stupid they actually sound. A President who demands a person who hasn't been convicted, tried, or even charged with a crime be "locked up!", but insists on a person found guilty be freed because "he's a nice guy" isn't empathetic. Trump is the person making our justice system political. There is no way to explain this away and people who cheer this "decision" are s#!tty Americans.
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    Man, what are you going to do with all that free time, @teachercd???
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    We'll reach herd immunity by then.
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    In Lincoln as we speak.
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    I made mention of this in a different thread, but with the looming threat of no football this fall, I'd like to start a series of threads where we watch and chat about an older game or two throughout the week. I stumbled upon the 2014 Illinois game and got neck-deep in it for a couple of reasons: - I was at this game, and haven't actually seen the telecast. - The uniforms don't look quite as orange on TV as they did in the stadium. So, if you'd like to participate, let's settle in with the sweet dulcitones of Kevin Kugler and Chuck Long and watch some old football. Share some notations or timestamps for anything you find notable or memorable!
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    When you comment, I listen. Your info is always at least very close to spot on.
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    Well said Mr. Sankey. Sad we have to speak to adults like they're children. A Pandemic is a real problem, that requires a real solution - not "It'll go away soon", and not "its a hoax". Other countries have figured this out, and lo and behold they have sports, they have school, they have flattened the curve. It's not political, there is no reason it should be controversial. It's a real problem, that requires a real solution.
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    Chuck Long: "You're always better in your second year from your first year as a staring quarterback." Adrian Martinez: "Hold my beer, Chuck."
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    It is all so stupid. Just stop bothering people.
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    I predict our next game will be in Ireland sorry to go back on topic.
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    I don't think everyone will get Covid and I have not seen anyone proposing such a thing. But I have seen plenty of people mentioning herd immunity and acting like that is what we should be striving for. I have seen nothing that indicates herd immunity will work with Covid. I have heard of people already having Covid more than once. IMO, those hoping for, relying on and proposing herd immunity are the same science denying delusional people who think if we underreport, quit testing and ignore the problem then it will magically get better. I have several names for these folks, the nicest ones being idiots and Trump supporters. And yes, those are mutually exclusive. And don't PM me again with things that can be discussed in the topic at hand.
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    Herd immunity at 60 to 70% would be a disaster so don't go off thinking I'm saying it's a solution we should be considering. Go vent on somebody else. Are you then in the camp that everyone will get this? If you can't provide some facts that everyone will get this then please quit acting like you know Jack squat about this. Here's some interesting data. It's just information so don't go all ballistic, ok? You never get anywhere with science if you draw conclusions before all the facts are in.
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    That's a difficult thing to answer. I've seen CFRs of 5% but with some antibody tests indicating a much higher number of infections dropping the CFR all the way down to 0.05% which is normal flu territory. Some areas of New york may have 68% infected so herd immunity may be achieved so perhaps fewer more deaths in Ny, NJ and Massachusetts which account for 43% of the country's deaths. It's summer which tends to reduce the spread of the virus and therefore reduce the initial viral load which will lower deaths. Same logic with masks which are now being touted. HCQ+ Zn has shown to reduce deaths by half and if used earlier should reduce deaths even more. FDA needs to issue EUA for HCQ, again. Remdesivir is also showing promise by reducing deaths 68% for more seriously ill patients. Pfizer has a vaccine that shows promise and could be available by end of year. Pandemics do what pandemics do but we now have some tools to help. So short answer, I'd be surprised if we have another 30K deaths.
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    Be as flippant as you want, we both know that's not what you meant.
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    You were wrong. That’s it. There really was no need to reply. Juneteenth is something people, including Obama, knew about. Instead of trying to save face, you could just admit you’ve learned something about black history over the last month or so. It would be a much better look. But if you insist on playing the character...
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    I would be happy if Trump could restore free speech on campuses without being threatened of dismissal or firing unless you follow the left mantra. Meanwhile in Ny, DeBlasio is preventing all protests except BLM protests.
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    the saudis pay me millions....i have no business with the saudis
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    liberty university also?
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    Are you seriously blame bad orange man for the riots? These are woke leftists communists throwing a temper tantrum which are being allowed by Democrats. How is Trump benefiting? Dude isn't even taking a salary. Trump isn't flying his son to China to pick up a $1.5B check.
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    Eh, you're making a lot of assumptions about what they would be doing if they aren't playing football. Well, I'm glad you have the clairvoyance to read my mind. Can you pass along lottery numbers while you're at it? You may keep reiterating it, but that doesn't make it true. You obviously have not been paying any attention to what the protocols are. Again, you're making a lot of assumptions. But at least you have a good view from the ivory tower.
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    In shedding light on struggles last season, Martinez seems to show growth Aw s#!t, Pelini must've got to him!
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    This thread should go to politics section somewhere.
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    If only the mortality rate were that low. And even if it were, people really need to stop thinking of this as some black and white thing, where either you die or you're perfectly fine, or that it's something that only affects old people. Unless you think it's totally normal and OK for 30-somethings who were never hospitalized to be having strokes, or 20-somethings with Kawasaki disease-like symptoms.
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    I am not trolling anyone. It is a perfect pictorial analogy. And I did respond to the person who asked the question. If I hit the wrong button, my apologies, but I included the quote that asked the question "thoughts?" Did you mean respond with text? Ok, square peg in a round hole to your plan. Or you are attempting to put a conventional wisdom idea into a totally different view. You are using typical hope and potential delusion into a totally different problem with too many different variables. Is this satisfactory?
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    Which is jack s#!t other than tear our country apart and make us the laughing stock of the developed world. And....doing it all while constantly lying to the American people and doing everything he can to benefit himself.
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    I just realized I should have moved that discussion to another thread. Sorry everybody! I used to work on long-endurance electric aircraft design (think months in flight) and have been following the industry closely ever since.
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    First, this is not something that happens regularly: traffic cop randomly pulls over bank robbers fleeing scene. Second, the unarmed transportation employee (UTE) could still run the vehicle's plates through the system, and then call in the police if there's a warrant or suspicion it's a bank robber or something. Third, if the city makes it well-known that the UTE will check their plates and call in the police only if there's something in the system, then the bank robbers will know that they're going to be given a ticket and let go if the UTE approaches the car, so the motivation for them to shoot the UTE is low. Look, this may not work, but it seems like a reasonable enough thing to try. The police don't have to do everything that involves dealing with people on the off-chance they might be gun-wielding maniacs.
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    Ummm....No. It's interesting when people don't like what he's saying and they accuse him of this. But....at the same time, every infectious disease specialists in the world is saying the same thing.
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    Except as @RedDenver pointed out "liberal" groups have been banned, and sued and lost over these issue as well. Are you going to sue a newspaper because they won't print your oped? No. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all fall under the same principles.They are not government companies and do not have to protect your right to use their service, this is America. If you really want accountability and truth then choose to vote for candidates who actually make that a priority, then make those virtues a priority in your life. From your post history here it would seem like you don't actually value those virtues; so I'm not sure why this issue with Facebook concerns you other than the fact that it's in opposition to "your team", which is sad and unamerican. *Edit* Furthermore, you are fully capable (and within your rights) to create your own platform by which to express your opinions. You may even ban people as you see fit. There are a plethora of conservative friendly forums; radio shows, news networks and other TV programs, subreddits, internet forum, etc. So, it's not like these people are being muzzled. Also, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have conservative views all over the spectrum that participate in these public social media forums, and they somehow avoid being banned. Maybe those who are banned are just terrible people and we're better off not hearing from them.
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    Yes, Doctors have learned about this virus in the past few months. All I have been saying is that by extending the timeline, they have the opportunity to develop treatments which can result in a net drop in loss of life. To me this is important if we don't have a vaccine for a few years. At this time, there is still not definitive evidence that herd immunity is going to be meaningful for this particular virus. https://www.ibtimes.com/coronavirus-treatment-drug-banned-sports-found-effective-fighting-covid-19-3006779 https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/07/why-covid-death-rate-down/613945/ Also, the herd immunity approach doesn't mean the economy just keeps chugging along: https://theweek.com/speedreads/924238/sweden-literally-gained-nothing-from-staying-open-during-covid19-including-no-economic-gains https://www.marketwatch.com/story/sweden-didnt-impose-a-lockdown-its-economy-is-just-as-bad-as-its-neighbors-who-did-2020-06-25 I agree - it sucks what has happened to the economy. A lot of people are going to be evicted over the next month or so, simply because their job evaporated due to the lockdown. Small businesses will be lost. College towns are going to have severe impacts this fall due to the lack of home football games. However, there is a compromise between complete lockdown and completely being opened. Its called masks and social distancing. Does it solely resolve the problem? No. But it is an important contributing factor to allow us to work through two competing interests. 1) Keep economy chugging along 2) Protect citizens Using masks and social distancing buys time for doctors to find a way to at least improve survival rates of those hospitalized - which evidence indicates they are having measurable success at. At the same time, masks and social distancing, while still being an imposition, are certainly less impactful on the economy than a complete shutdown. Why do you feel the only solution is absolutely no restrictions? At this point, herd immunity has not shown much promise. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-17/sweden-proves-surprisingly-slow-in-achieving-herd-immunity Granted we are still learning about immunity to this new disease, but at this point the evidence is indicative of no herd immunity until the vaccine is available. This is possibly due to the fact that this is a new virus, and our body doesn't know what to do with the antibodies. Even worse, natural antibodies may actually worsen the impact: https://www.newsweek.com/coronavirus-antibodies-body-brain-damage-1516828 Granted, many of these studies are in the early stages. The point is doctors need time to figure this out. Stretching things via masks/social distancing is about the only method we have that still allows us to keep an operational economy.
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    Your understanding of healthcare amazes me. I don’t mean that as a compliment.
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    Guy, I enjoy the debates we have on HB - lots more time to do so being furloughed still. lol. I often concur in part and dissent in part. I come to learn by the Socratic method I guess, by asking questions or answering back. Like so many Americans, I worry about things beyond my control. Husker sports is my “go-to” for respite from life’s big challenges. Now even that is in jeopardy. Huskers Forever!
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