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  1. Well, the weird part of my day was Jon Gruden walking shirtless down the side of the road, right past my office window. How was yours?

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Not nearly as weird as that :lol:

  2. No picks thread this week thanks to Ian. Should be back at it next week.

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    2. admo


      On behalf of all of HB,  we wishing you to be safe, dry and out of harm's way. 


      PS. Those Crab legs coming in gotta be huge right now :horns2 


      Go Huskers!

    3. Saunders


      Got power back yesterday morning, and was able to watch last nights win!

    4. admo


      @Saunders that sounded like a good day!



  3. The Big Ten under Kevin Warren is more incompetent than the Big 12 was under Dan Beebe. #changemymind

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    2. admo


      He is in over his head for sure.  But he will never cater to the way of Texas.  Ohio State and Michigan?  Maayyybe a little.

    3. BigRedBuster


      Both are/were totally screwed up for different reasons.

    4. swmohusker


      disagree.  Wrong or Right, Warren is at least consistently bad for all teams involved.  Favoritism is unbearable for those not being favored.  

  4. Who could have seen the poorly planned Big Ten season crashing? Oh, right.

  5. The "Expert Picks" thread is back: 


  6. Guys, I'm really enjoying the Big Ten schadenfreude this week. Going through a whole lot of popcorn while I'm smugly enjoying Nebraska being right.

    1. Loebarth


      Did you just say never has being wrong felt so right? If so, thumbs up :movegoalpost:

  7. If the Big Ten is adjusting future schedules... can they go ahead and fix the Black Friday series with Nebraska/Iowa? It makes no sense to do Nebraska/ Minnesota & Iowa/Wisconsin on Black Friday for just 1 season.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      You have to answer one question first.

      How would this positively benefit tOSU and Wisconsin?


      If you have an answer, I'm sure they would consider looking into it. :lol: ....sorta serious.

  8. Last Chance U drops in 2 weeks: https://youtu.be/6wXRJL52ZD8

  9. 100 days to kickoff... I hope.

    1. suh_fan93


      Even if it's without fans I really hope so too.

  10. FBS conferences & networks announce that June 1 deadline to announce start times of games in first 3 weeks will be delayed.



    1. BigRedBuster


      I think this decision should be delayed as long as possible.  And...hopefully, if they decide to announce something soon, it can be adjusted, to a certain extent, in the fall to acknowledge reality at the time either way.

  11. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1-2 remaster coming 9/4/20... I'm stoked. 


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    2. MLB 51
    3. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      According to Wikipedia, Travis Barker has been the drummer for Goldfinger since 2016. I did not know that.


      This zombie status update keeps on giving!

    4. GSG
  12. After 45 days without internet at the house... I'm back, lol!

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    2. Saunders


      When we moved into our new house last summer, we were the only ones on our street, and we struggled to get internet installed. We resorted to a hotspot in the meantime, and it bit the dust earlier this year, so it's been a pain to get online. Couple that with being stuck at home most of the last 30 days, and it's been rough. We got CenturyLink Fiber installed (finally), so I'll be around more now. 

    3. NUance


      Of all the times not to have Internet.  lol 

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      Um, gulp, you're aware of the whole virus thing, right?

  13. Offseason's over, it's preview time!

    1. Redux


      Huskers go 7-5, lose 2 ugly and 3 close ones due to injury.  Go to bowl, win bowl game.  Hot take preview over.

    2. ZRod


      My expectations are the same as they are every year; Natty or bust, with extreme alcoholism a very real possibility.

  14. The hardest part of watching games is consoling my 9 year old after all these losses. I'm pretty sure I'm trying to convince myself just as much as him that one day we'll be good again.

    1. swmohusker


      Haha.  My 12 year old walked in last week during the game and said, "Hey dad, its closer than it usually is."The sad state of the program.  Then my wife listens to me vent about all the dumb stuff that happened during the game.  


      At least the HS team is 10-0 and playing really well.  

    2. Apathy


      For me it’s hard to tell my son why he should be a Husker fan at the age of 7 when all of his friends are Hawkeye fans while Iowa has thumped on Nebraska for 4 straight years. My son hasn’t seen Nebraska beat Iowa yet which is sad and pathetic. 

  15. Looks like we'll be seeing the alternates soon... 


    1. RedSavage


      I was excited for them...now not so much...would pretty embarrassing if we're wearing them and the defense doesn't show up... 

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Hopefully they're more concerned with actually playing defense than wearing any certain uniform. Guess we'll find out.

    3. Stone Cold
  16. Minnesota is a night game. 6:30CT kickoff on FS1 or BTN.


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    2. 4skers89


      Watching the Minny-Purdue replay.  Yikes.

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Minnesota will probably be 6-0

    4. sho


      Very excited for this.   Catch the Huskers Saturday Night, then watch Ameer and Nate play Sunday afternoon, then head home.   It'll be a great football weekend for me.

  17. The Iowa band is making stuff up again... 


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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well, that is what they do. Like the time all the NU fans flipped off the kids in the Children's Hospital and kicked their 3 legged dogs. Psycho band chick strikes again.

    3. suh_fan93



      Just one more reason to despise Iowa.  Just play your damn trombone and shut the hell up.  <_<

    4. husker98


      can't even despise or hate a school with a band comprised of compulsive liars. but pity, yea sure maybe

  18. Friggin' hurricanes.

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Just don’t flee into bear territory again this time.:lol:

    3. RedSavage


      I hear nukes work well to get rid of them

    4. Saunders


      @JJ Husker Nah, we just moved into the new house. I'm getting a case of redneck beer and riding this thing out.

  19. IT'S GAME WEEK!!!!!!

    1. HuskerInLostWages


      Since you brought it up, I now challenge you, my dear friend, @Saunders to start the official look a like thread, for this is your right DUTY as the first poster to bring up GAME WEEK!!! 

  20. There's football this month!

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    2. Cdog923


      I kind of thought he'd go The Athletic route. 


      @Xmas32 Completely agree, but I sadly can see it going that way. 

    3. Xmas32




      Yeah, it makes too much sense for them not to put it behind a paywall.  I was super bummed to hear he was leaving when I learned about it on the last Podcast Ain't Played Nobody.  I was hoping for The Athletic since I was planning on subscribing to it.  I'll be anxiously looking forward to where ever he lands and hope he fires up a new podcast although it won't be as good as the product he and Godfrey had.

    4. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      And he’s already drinking the $EC koolaid based on 


  21. First kickoffs announced...

    Aug. 31 S Alabama 11 a.m. ESPN
    Sept. 7 at Colorado 2:30 p.m. FOX
    Sept. 14 N Illinois 7 p.m. FS1
    Oct. 5 Northwestern 2:30/3 TBA
    Nov.29 Iowa 1:30 BTN

    1. teachercd


      Glad the Iowa game is not 11am.

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Good news so far. I've never been to a home night game. May have to do N. Illnois.

  22. Guys... Guys... Guys....100 Days to kickoff!!! 

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Can't wait. Picked up 2 season tickets for the first time ever since student tix. Probably only make it back to Lincoln for 3 or 4 games but that's 2 or 3 more than usual. Plus we got the CU game out here this year.

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