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    At what point does society say we can’t live in fear? The sales pitch was hey let’s do our part and social distance to flatten the curve so hospitals don’t get overloaded. When did the narrative change to we need to try to not have anyone get sick? So do you believe every new unknown disease we should shut down the countries and world economies and live a life of fear? Do the 60,000 who die from the flu not concern you? Should we shut down the economy every fall/winter to save those lives? Or are flu deaths ok? My guess is once the election is over the media will stop talking about coronavirus and find something else to lead the masses into hysteria CTE, this is a free country and if players choose as a free person to play knowing the risk then that’s their choice. We will all watch football. Do you propose football should be no more to remove freedom of choice to prevent CTE?
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    Obamagate is the new moronic conspiracy he uses to keep his voters in line. Because if you always have something to be furious about, you never stop to question Trump and potentially realize he’s a fraud.
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    Shot: Chaser - and what a chaser it is! So Georgia has been desperate to get back to "normalcy" and they're effecting that by flat-out lying about the numbers. MAGA!
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    This isn't a political forum so I will try my best to keep it brief. Football is a completely unnecessary luxury. 60k people have died in a single month, with all of the restrictions in place to prevent spread and deaths. People are suffering strange and potentially lifelong complications. This is in no way the flu, or like any disease we have seen in 100 years that has been spread at this scale. Realistically, football can and in my opinion should be the last thing we worry about bringing back. Until we have this under control, it shouldn't even be considered. We are facing an event unlike nearly everyone alive has seen in their lifetime. But an event that does happen with some regularity and reliability. If you look at history, these events tend to happen once a century. If you learn from history, you know that these things we are doing in a time of emergency are completely necessary not only for the lives of our people, but the wellbeing of our nation as a whole. When did we get so impatient? When did we lose our resolve? People have been such big babies about this imo. Nearly 100,000 people have died in America thus far and people literally cry about not being able to go to the nail salon. Its ridiculous. This isn't a hoax or a political hit job, it is a public health crisis unlike any we have seen in a century and it should be treated as such. Lessons from 1918 have not been learned though. You can literally see the exact same pattern playing out. Some areas didn't believe it was a big deal. They wanted to get back to their lives. And those areas were devastated by the second wave both in lives lost and economically. We need to learn from history and do our best to make improvements, but sadly it seems as if we haven't. Edit: and your attitude towards CTE really speaks for itself. If that's how you feel more power to you
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    Wrong again. Flynn WAS NOT a part of the Trump campaign when he began his foriegn dealings. He met with the Russian Ambassador in December of 2015 to discuss US foreign policy regarding Russia as a private citizen. NOT LEGAL! He was being surveilled BEFORE he joined the Trump campaign and Trump was warned, by Obama, about Flynn. So Trump knew FBI was watching Flynn. How is that spying on the Trump campaign in any way? If the shoe was on the other foot we wouldn't even hear about it because there is nothing there. Having your own intelligence surveil a private citizen who is breaking the law is perfectly within the confines of the law. Asking a foreign president to announce an investigation into a political rival or they won't get aid on the other hand....
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    Made his top 5 awhile ago and now we have progressed to make his top 6. Hmm.
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    That's a big deal for environmentalists - and anyone who has common sense to realize it was a bad deal for the US.
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    Did you steal this joke from Ben Sasse???
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    Corruption, all the way down. Pompeo: Corrupt Barr: Corrupt Trump: Corrupt Seriously. Put this party out to pasture until they can do better. They're completely corrupt and self-serving at this point.
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    Ironically, they're guilty of this themselves. Remember when "the caravan" was the central issues for Republicans as they tried to keep control of Congress in 2018? Did you ever hear one more word uttered about it after they got crushed and lost the House? All the Trump family does is lay their own sins on other people.
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    Yeah, you could be right. I mean, if he had the other big 3 rocking (Market, Economy and Unemployment) and if he handled the virus better or like you said, by letting the experts do their job, he is getting another 4 years. I think he took a gamble that he didn't need to take, he wanted to be the Macho President.
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    Axios gives 4-5 different pathways for Biden to win the electoral college. The easiest path is for him to secure Mich, Penn, and Arizona. Or he could win Florida and any one of the other battle ground states. It illustrates that the presidency can be won by concentrating on just a few handful of states. We have pockets of polarization in which we know what states will for sure vote red and which ones will for sure vote blue. https://www.axios.com/doug-sosnik-electoral-realignment-trump-biden-c4efd9cd-ba41-4f75-ac12-412ca2e6f0ba.html
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    Having not seen the graph I just want to say that it is entirely possible that this was a mistake and not intentional. I work with Palantir software at work for data analysis, which I know the CDC has been using for some of their work with COVID. It's extremely powerful and a great tool, however there is one very annoying thing about making a graph or chart. The software automatically makes the chart with a downward trend. You have to know this and manually reset it to sort the data the way you want., or you can look like an absolute fool when you present that data. Coming from Excel it's not something you would expect, and it's very annoying.
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    If he loses he’ll try to get them to keep him in power. He’ll probably try to use Barr and the Supreme Court to try to do so as well. He’ll likely also say the media is lying about the results.
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    Its a law and it is not unenforceable. What Flynn did is in fact illegal and the FBI had every right to investigate him. Was Flynn the political enemy they were spying on? Because he was being looked at before becoming a part of Trumps team and Trump was made aware he was under investigation. I ask again, how exactly can you spy on someone if you tell that person exactly what you are doing and for what reason? I don't expect you to respond to this in good faith so I'll just say right now this is the last I have to say about it to you. Flynn broke the law, was being investigated for that and there's nothing more to it.
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    He was actually initially being investigated for taking money from Turkey without approval. The Logan act makes it illegal for unauthorized citizens to negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the US.
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    Its called the Logan Act, look it up. And again, they were surveilling Flynn before he was part of the Trump administration and Trump was warned of this. How is it spying when Trump knew about it?
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    Both parties are s#!t but I wouldn't say they are comparable. One party is far s#!ttier at this point in time
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    the republican party has become the conspiracy party. throw whatever conspiracy you like out there as long as it helps you get votes. and with the help of the propaganda networks it works.
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    Trump's lines of attack against Biden aren't going to work. Shot: Chaser: If serious, apolitical journalists like Tapper are willing to call this what it is - unmitigated bulls#!t - perhaps the media has learned some lessons from 2016. That a lot of them take time treating Obamagate like a real thing and the amount of "explainer" pieces I've seen are worrying, though. If the media keeps treating Trump's bad-faith BS like legitimate news they have to cover honestly they're doing the country a disservice.
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    I knew it, I knew it. I knew Trump had to have a financial interest in the drug. He was pushing it like candy at a birthday party. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-taking-hydroxychloroquine-coronavirus-vaccine-medicine-a9521151.html What a idiot we have as a president. His family investment in the drug will fall pretty quick if he dies from it. OR HE IS LYING ABOUT TAKING IT IN A EFFORT TO DRIVE UP SALES AND THE VALUE OF HIS INVESTMENT WHAT IS MORE LIKELY???
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    Everyone's OK with "No shirt, no shoes, no service" signs, but you wear a mask and some nitwit calls you sheeple? OK.
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    UHHHHH... This is apparently a parody website making fun of something Joe Biden said. Is this one of the 20 "lines of attack" they polled and found unuseful?
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    Yeah he will be getting the grades he needs... Everyone will be getting the grades they need during the summer of covid.
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    This will sell well with Trump's fact-averse supporters. They're just going to make crap up and, because it's on the internet, people will have something to point to. Kelly-Anne's "alternative facts" as a website.
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    My tastes have changed quite a bit since my mid 20s which is when I first got introduced to Irish Whiskey, specifically lots of shots of Jameson. I didn't really dig it at all as I preferred drinking vodka. Gradually I learned to accept and now love the Irish creature but prefer to drink it on the rocks or with ginger ale if I want a fun cocktail. On the bourbon side, an old bar manager of mine was really, really into scotch but I couldn't really find anything I liked (it's just been too peaty for me) so he turned me onto to some bourbons and my palate has grown from there. I'll mix it up between neat, single big ice cube or even the occasional Manhattan served 'up'. I've got the usual stuff in my freezer with whiskey stones and a couple of silicon molds for both the big ice spheres and bigger cubes. I usually don't try and drink the higher proof stuff neat because it can be seriously rough although I do like drinking Bookers neat for some reason. I try to keep a variety of ryes, small batch bourbons and more commercial stuff on hand although I've been drinking mostly Michter's brands and E.H. Taylor Rye recently.
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    Why am I thankful? Because guys like you are so manly and fearless that you're willing take one for the team. Please post video of your manliness. Go volunteer in an IC unit and huff on a near cadaver. Breath in the froth coming out of a victim's lungs. Then post how you're doing two weeks later. Maybe you'll live but what about your long term health? Probably never thought about that while wanting to subject young men and everyone associated to this virus just so you can get your willies off by watching a game. Never mind. You're bluffing. We'll never see the video.
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    Lol there is more money for lobbyists in that bill than for normal people. The bill is a crock of s#!t and Im glad most of the progressives votes against it. Oh and Tim Ryan still sucks... Pass a clean bill with UBI, rent freeze, medicaid expansion and hazard pay for essential workers and maybe a little something extra for healthcare workers and then this rant would mean something and actually make the republican party look like a bunch of dicks politically.
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    I didn't see a better thread, so I'll just put this here:
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    Whether the weather plays a role I don’t know. It looks like it could rain. Which would be a drain.
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    So what happens if the game is postponed/cancelled?
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    If you're correct, we may not win another game.
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