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  1. In the last two years, the Huskers have lost 8 games by 7 points or fewer.

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    2. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      So we have been 4-9 in games decided by 7 or fewer. Need to flip those numbers around and we are in better shape 

    3. BigRedN


      @BIG ERN ... that a boy!


    4. ColoradoHusk


      @BIG ERN by pure regression to the mean, I would expect the win-loss record in close games to improve.

  2. All team activities suspended in the B1G

  3. No fans allowed at the Nebraska Boys State Basketball Tournament

    1. Red Five

      Red Five

      Immediate family allowed, but not general public.

    2. commando


      what about classmates?

    3. Mavric
  4. Per Twitter, today - 02022020 - is the first format-agnostic palindrome day in 909 years (since 11111111)

    1. Moiraine



      I think the next one, but just in the American format, is 12022021. But those probably aren't rare. In fact I just thought of one; 11022011.

  5. When songs from when you were in high school are on the “Classic Hits” channel...

    1. CheeseHusker


      I heard Adele on the "classic hits" channel recently. Adele!


    2. commando


      all of them

    3. Toe


      I love how they have to call it "classics" these days instead of just calling it "oldies" like they used to. People like Mavric don't like being reminded that they're old. ;)

  6. Only took halfway through the first quarter for ESPN to push the "it means more for Michigan than Alabama" narrative.  

    I thought it always meant more in the $EC.

    1. Waldo


      It kind of does though. 

  7. According to my Twitter, "University of LSU" is trending.  I hear they have a great Department of Redundancy Department.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Well, the state University of Louisiana at the University of LSU is one of the better Universities in Louisiana state.

  8. Only a couple more days to get your Donkey Bowl picks in.  Contest in the Shed

  9. Kids school christmas program tonight.  My son is excited because the baritone part he plays in Jingle Bells is a harmony part that he says sounds a lot like Bohemian Rhapsody. #winning

    1. TonyStalloni
    2. NUance


      I think I know who turned him onto Bohemian Rhapsody.  

  10. 1750 miles of driving in the past 59 hours.  That's enough.

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      That's a bit of a hike.

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      They have these things called airplanes that make traveling more convenient. :D

    4. Mavric


      Unfortunately you have to live near those things call airports to take advantage of said airplanes.  :D


      It would have been a three hour drive to the airport, get there two hours early, two hour flight, an hour or better getting out of the airport and getting the rental car and another hour drive to Waco.  So that's at least 9 hours of travel time to fly vs about 12 hours to drive.  And it was a bit cheaper on the ground.

  11. Huskers > Duke

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      That was a pretty good game.

    2. NUance


      But the Ramblin' Wreck game, not so much.  :(

  12. Alabama and Auburn must not care about unspecial teams.

  13. Refs trying to hand it to Alabama.  Auburn takes it 100 yards the other way.

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Losing on an illegal substitution penalty. :laughpound I love it.

  14. Better resume: Alabama or Minnesota?

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    2. Waldo


      Go looks at Minnesota’s first 8 games. Great win yesterday, but I’ll wait to see what they do these next 3 weeks. 

    3. Mavric


      @Waldo have you looked at Alabama's first 8 games?

    4. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Minnesota, but Alabama would beat them by 30-40.

  15. Watching Joe Burrow on one screen and Max Duggan on the other....

    1. TonyStalloni


      I was surprised to see Max Duggan starting for TCU

  16. Since losing to Nebraska by 25 last year, Minnesota is 13-2

    1. NUance


      After seeing them take down #4 Penn State I feel slightly less bad about our loss.  Slightly.  

  17. Illinois with the chance to knock off Wisconsin...

  18. San Francisco might be worse at kicking field goals than Nebraska....

    1. teachercd


      I thought the Browns were supposed to be amazing this year...guess not.

  19. Nate Gerry INT in the end zone!!!

  20. Happy 103rd birthday, @GSG!

    1. GSG


      Thanks Mav! 

    2. ZRod


      What was the great depression like?

  21. Still time to get your predictions submitted in the Crib.  Could win a gift card.

  22. The last minute of this MNF game is completely nuts

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      What an ending. Kind wanted Texans to win so that saints fans would be even saltier about losing again by penalty haha

    3. whateveritis1224


      Biggest whiners as a fan-base. Lost whatever respect I had for them (very little) when they filed a lawsuit about the missed PI call. Bitch about it all you want like all the other fanbases whom got screwed over by missed calls., but that crossed a line.

    4. Red Five

      Red Five

      Whew...  Had the Texans in my loser pool (aka reverse survivor pool)

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